(WIP) The Fate of the Empire [UPDATED: 29/8/21]

Remember, steam engines are still bad

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From a pause between questions, there are many questions without any impact. In addition to overloading the author, it causes “spam” in the comments.


Bruh yall are asking way too many questions. Let @RedEmperor breath without tryna overwhelm them. Yo author you really dont have to be so exacting in your story, yes its awesome to have all these complexities, terms, and things that make sense. However youll just end up with way too much fluff and hurt the ENJOYABILITY of the game. Remember that it is a game to be consumed and enjoyed, that it has to keep the audience’s attention. With all of these questions people bombarded you with it would seem like theyre tryna make you create a historical fiction novel. Thats different from an Interactive Fiction game. Please dont think you owe us anything. Your mental and physical health matters more. Your personal time matters more.

Also finally: Many of these questions arent really helping the author. It seems more like nitpicking and trying to get spoilers where you could just wait for an update and be answered there.

Hope to see more in the future author, have good luck into your studies and come out on top!


A lot of these questions should be answered in the story. You can’t expect the author to give you detailed information about the world, the plot and characters. Wait to find out in the story, for heaven’s sake, lol. That’s the whole point of a story. :slight_smile:


I’m back! (sort of)
My exams are done halfway through as my city has gone into a total lock down due to delta variant which means the other half of my exams are postponed indefinitely so, I finally got the time to polish the 1st chapter!

If you think something was lacking or missing, something you would like to see then please do mention it.
For now this is my editing plan

  • Improve the dialogue and its tags

  • Improved the formatting of the text

  • Fix the flow of the sentences

  • Add more conversation choices

  • Improve the combat scene

  • Implement stats

  • Add background information to the stats screen

  • Add a scene with the Emperor where you would make your career choice

Hopefully, I would be able to finally start writing the 2nd chapter by September or sooner.
Thanks for your support! :sparkles:


Hey mate i have a question about your code, why are you typing line breaks it doesnt have to be like that? Anyways about the map… im not sure that kind of river is possible on such a large scale, there is also too litle green if its due to technical issues i understand try to ask someone here, im sure theyle be happy to help, also id recommend that you use every scene ex. when you can call guard by his name to change the MCs personality traits

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I didn’t know you could break a paragraph by simply using blank lines when I was coding, I thought that *line_break had to be used. You can imagine my frustration when I found out that all the time that I had used to type line_break was completely useless.:laughing:

The map is a mess. I think I am going to remove the long river because it is making geopolitics and war very difficult to imagine.
If you know a map making resources then let me know.

Yeah, I’m going to do that. Right now only one choice influences personality stats by a negligible amount.


I want a little more scene about politics and court life.
If possible, I also want a scene related to reforms and legal courts.

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Would you be adding names by any chance? between male, female and gender-neutral.

(Personally I like Asher but that just me.)

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@RedEmperor May I ask what famous or renowned regiments are there in the Empire besides the Imperial guards? And what kind of warfare will there be? Napoleonic? Oh and eh, what’s the colours of the uniforms? Green with red facings or the other way around?

And eh, may have found something: Barons and Baroness for Viscounties?

Lastly, hopefully your not bothered by my babbling, would there be a chance that the MC will have to lead the entire army to war?


There are two military units which are widely known throughout the world.


The first is the regiment of the Crimson Cuirassiers. They are one of the finest shock cavalry of the Empire, on par with the Imperial Cuirassiers. They are renowned for their ferocity and brutality, hence the name Crimson Cuirassiers.

During the war, they attacked two disorganised Maeman brigades (1400-1600 men). The charge was unsurprisingly, devastating. The wounded were killed and all the corpses were beheaded after the charge, later to be fixed on top of pikes. (remember Terror Belli, Decus Pacis)

The other unit is the brigade of the Thunder Light Infantry.
They are a skirmishing unit, recruited from the island of Manora exclusively, which is famous for its thunderstorms, hence the name.
The Manorans are traditionally hunters, which means a lot of the male population has experience with rifled muskets.

The best marksmen of the island are selected and trained to be the best skirmishing unit of the world.

In one instance during the war, a thunder rifleman shot and killed three officers at a range of some 400 to 500 m (1312 to 1640 ft).

(these two units and other specialized units are independent and aren’t under the command of any corps)

Another recently famous unit is the Augistian battalion. (formerly known as the 4th battalion)

They held a fort against a entire Maeman infantry brigade (800 men). The battalion was reduced to just 43 fighting men but it held on long enough for the reinforcements to arrive. The Maemans suffered some 300-350 deaths, the number of wounded is unknown but it is estimated to be around 100-200.

They are called Augistian battalion because just like him, they fought against overwhelming odds and won.

The warfare is napoleonic. The uniforms are green with red and gold highlights like this

Thanks for spotting that! And yes, you will lead armies!


I use a great program called Wonderdraft. There is a onetime lifetime purchase fee, and you can use it commercially as long as you you are the only one working on that map. If not, and another person uses the program to help you, you have to purchase another copy of Wonderdraft. Other than that the map is yours, it can be sold or used commercially, and it is super easy and comfortable to use. Hope you see some videos about it man!

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@RedEmperor thanks dude, oh eh, would there be a list in the future regarding the number of regiments? (cuirassiers, Lifeguards, Dragoons, infantry etc) also if you don’t mind me asking, which nations are based on which?

A typical regiment of cavalry during peacetime has 200 Cuirassiers, 200 dragoons and 600 lancers while a brigade has 200 light infantry, 600 line infantry and 200 grenadiers. I’ll make a list of specialized units in the near future.

Riyasan is based on Napoleonic France, Pakistan and my imagination.

Maemana empire is a mixture of Tsarist Russia, Achaemenid empire, India (Indo-Pak rivalry is going to provide ample inspiration!) and again my imagination!

Sambron is like renaissance Italy, Sweden and Spain (plus my imagination)

Angesans are based on England.
Forli and Fez are mostly made up except for the name Forli.
Fez is somewhat similar to the newly formed Arab states after WW1.

@FatedFlame Thanks for mentioning it! I’ll check it out.


chaperone line 680: It is illegal to fall out of a choice statement; you must goto or finish before the end of the indented block

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Can’t wait to try out the army compositions. Shock infantry paired with flanking and reargaurd heavy cavalry with a sprinkling of cuirassiers/dragoons …oooh brutal.

Tell me about it! Hehe! I hope the fights will be as aggresive as we both countries get on the cricket field. :wink::beers:

Keep up the good work

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What type of architecture does Riyasanian Empire have does it look like Napoleonic era or maybe like ancient Rome


By the way, what kind of reforms and policies does this game have? Please tell me again.




You made a grammatical error on your feedback no.2

When you said:

It should’ve been “Your blond hair is


@stsword are you using an old save? I checked the code and played it but the error didn’t come up.

Oh they will!


One could still see the ancient buildings standing in Riyasan while some new buildings have been made in the image of the Lakin style. Common everyday buildings are usually made in the napoleonic style.

Abolition of the Shura, addition of the house of commoners, adding commoners without making a new house.
Opening of the judicial position to private citizens, introducing a jury system.
Women’s right, minorities’ right, universal suffrage.
Formation of a central bank, popularizing paper money.
Canned food for the armed forces, applying new technologies to the battlefield.
And some more.