(WIP) The Fate of the Empire [UPDATED: 29/8/21]

What is the population composition of the empire? (Population divided by gender, age, social class, etc.)
Does the empire have censuses, parish registries, conscription lists, tax ledgers, civil registries, etc.?


Considering the army has around 470 000 service men and navy has some 20 000. Yes.

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No naval forces hire privateers. This however, isn’t because of some honour code or goodness of heart but due to the current economic and political environment.

Sambron and Angesa are heavily reliant on trade. Anything that disturbs the stability of maritime trading will hurt their economy. As such, both of the states patrol the waves and effectively hunt down anyone who is idiotic enough to be a pirate.

Only Maemana Empire has press gangs to fill its ships.
The prestige and high pay of Sambronian and Angesan navies attracts a lot of volunteers which satisfies their needs.
Riyasan suffered a shortage of sailors after the defeat in the war but instead of using press gangs, the MC’s grandfather simply increased the pay and improved the living conditions. MC’s father kept this policy in place.

The rebuilding of the navy is already in progress. It started 3 years ago. (this and the higher pay are putting a heavy burden on the treasury)

Build it like the Vasa and it will sink like the Vasa :ocean:

Yup! The President of Forli (f) will be an RO.

The Imperial Army is 350,000 strong (see post 41 for more details) while the Imperial Navy has some 100,000 personnel. (this figure also includes the Imperial Marines)

Both are all-volunteer forces

48% of the adults are males and 52% are females while the average age of the Empire is 21.
Most people are commoners, the nobility is composed of 175,400.

A census is held every 6 years. All the information regarding the subjects is recorded by the government so parish registry don’t exist.

Floods and heavy rain falls are quite common. Outbreaks of infectious disease happen sometimes while earthquake are rare.


What kinds of natural disasters does the empire deal with on a regular basis?

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What weapons does the military use? What is the content of the final examination for civil servants? How do I become a lawyer in the empire?


Standard weaponry of the French army in 1800’s. For an overview, see this and for a detailed reading see this.

It depends upon which department the candidate wishes to join.
For example, if someone wants to be a part of the Dept. of Foreign Affairs then their examination will be related to foreign languages, cultures, general knowledge and history of the world.

In theory, you don’t need to do anything to be a lawyer as long as you can find clients to represent. A bumpkin can call themselves a lawyer as anyone can provide legal representation in Riyasan.
However, without proper education and training you will most likely be a very unsuccessful lawyer unless the adverse party is also being represented by a bumpkin.

Assuming that one has ambitions of having a fruitful career, it would be advisable to either study law at an university or be self-taught and then, become an apprentice to a respected lawyer for a period of six months or a year.


How is diplomacy in the world of this game usually done? (For example, the rank of a diplomat, is the diplomat privileged? What is the normal protocol, is gunship diplomacy common, what kind of person will be a diplomat, control the diplomat Who is it? What methods are used for diplomatic negotiations? Are diplomatic exchanges, treaties and agreements open to the public, or is secret diplomacy common?)

How is the idea of ​​nationalism treated in the world of this game? And how common is it? Is there a national anthem in the empire?

What about the distribution and printing of books? Is there a censorship system, and if so, what is it? Do newspapers exist, and if so, what newspapers are published and how often?

Do photos exist in the world of this game? What kind of content and style of art exists and which is the most popular?


Most of the time, it is just a bunch of diplomats engaged in long negotiations.

Gunship diplomacy doesn’t work in this world as all nations have strong navies. (except Maemana but their defence treaty with Angesa makes up for it)

It depends where the diplomat will be appointed to. For example, nobility is rarely appointed as diplomats to Forli and Sambron while commoner officers are never appointed as diplomats to the Kingdom of Fez.
Generally speaking, the religion of the states is also taken into consideration, so it is more likely that a Solarin would be appointed as an ambassador to Maemana.

The methods are diverse, from attending balls to threatening war. If something can achieve the desired results then it is used.

Most of the time, the government discloses some truth about foreign affairs, but never the whole truth.

All states are nation states except for Sambron which is a loose federal state of semi autonomous cities. (a bit like Spain)

There is a national anthem! You will probably see it in Chapter 3.

Books are wide spread all over the world and in Riyasan. There is a library in the Imperial Palace with which you can interact in chapter 1 when I remake/polish some parts.

There are many newspapers focusing on various aspects of the Empire. The frequency of publishing depends on the writer of the newspaper.

There is no “official” censorship system but generally speaking, any information deemed to be against national security is censored.

Photography doesn’t exist. The most common and popular paintings are of the style of late baroque and early neo-classical period.


Do Riyasan and Maemana share cultural roots? similar to how France and Germany both possess common roots within the empire of charlemagne.:crown:

Also is anti-Maeman sentiment common in Riyasan and vice versa?:newspaper_roll::newspaper:


Is there a conscription system in the Imperial Army? What kind of faculties does the university have?

Pretty sure he said the army and navy are both all volunteer, though i doubt Risayani manpower reserves would last long in a war with Maemana, so i think in theory its an all volunteer, in reality the imperial army will have to sell its dignity to replace its loses in a prolonged war

Hes refering to the fact that current spanish provinces are all autonomos, spain is a really decentralised country, and he aint refering to the commune

Just like the ministry of foreign affairs would be linked with the ministry of financee to see how trade deals would affect the economy, and linked to the army to deliever a sufficent threat, i see no reason why the Imperial inteligence wouldnt be linked to the imperial guard


The current Spain with the Basques and Catalans or the attempt of anarchist communes in Aragon and Catalonia in the 1930s?

Is the empire’s intelligence service also linked in some way with the royal guard in trying to search for internal threats in the empire?

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Whenever conscription is needed, a quota is sent to the sub-divisions of the Empire, where the eligible men are conscripted.

A lot of faculties.

  • Faculty of Classics
  • Faculty of Language and Literature
  • Faculty of History
  • Faculty of Biological Sciences
  • Faculty of Chemical Sciences
  • Faculty of Physical Sciences
  • Faculty of Ancient Languages
  • Faculty of Music
  • Faculty of Social Studies
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Faculty of Theology and Religion
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Pure and Applied Mathematics

Quite true, by the last stages of the three year long Riyo-Maeman war, half of the army was made up of hastily trained conscripts.

No, they have their own secret police force to deal with issues so they don’t need the Imperial Guard, not to mention the fact that the Imperial Guard is only trained for war, not investigations. @Jovan87 is right about Spain too.

Both are influenced heavily by the ancient Urda and Lakin civilizations (I’m very creative at naming things) which is comparable to France and Germany, but both lands have never been united under a single state.

To say that there is negative sentiments between the two empires is an understatement.

Before the war, Maemana always hated the treatment of Solarins in Riyasan as both, the Charudians and Eamanvallas would make the Solarins a scapegoat and blame them for all sorts of problems, sometimes even the government would join in on this.
Same happened with the minority of Eamanvallas of Maemana as a form of revenge.

After the war broke out, atrocities started to happen left and right by both sides but one incident stands out. The plundering of Savena.
Savena was a city of 100,000 souls that was utterly destroyed and its population were put to the sword by the Riyasani army. MC’s grandfather, Karl Sinnah was a firm believer in the “Terror Belli” part of the army’s motto.

In short, Riyasanis and the Maemans hate each other very much, indeed.


Even though Riyasan technically “won” the Riyo-Maeman war, did the conflict leave them on debt and bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy?:moneybag:

Also during the Maeman civil war did Riyasan support Forli and Fez with medical supplies, weapons, ammunition, logistics, military advisers and troop movement?

(Just for a chance to undermine their imperial rival.)

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Is there a bourgeoisie in the empire? If so, how many people are there and how much influence do they have? Also, can mc enter a university or do academic research on his own? What about empire commerce? (What kind of business is there, what kind of products and services are handled, what kind of business customs exist, what is the content of the commercial law, etc.)

What is the content of the Civil Code? How is a civil trial conducted? Do you have ship registration, corporate registration, commercial registration, real estate registration, etc.? What kind of legal entity does it exist?

What kind of law exists in the empire? What taxes do the empire have? Is it possible to introduce universal suffrage in the empire? How will the structure of the nation change if the empire changes to a republic? (Presidential election method, term of office, authority, parliamentary election method, authority, etc.)

Is there an academy of science or other academic societies in the empire? Is there a graduate school in the empire? Is there a master’s or doctoral degree in the empire? How to get it if it exists?

Are there any rules in the world of this game that regulate war, such as the law of war and chivalry? Is there an international relief organization like the Red Cross in the real world? What is the procedure for declaring war, ultimatum, and ending the war?

How can I become an Imperial Army officer? Is there a list of Imperial Army ranks? And what about the staff’s organization and work?

What is the history of the world of this game? And how much do people know about history? How scientific is history research? (For example, is there positivism, application of philology, criticism of historical materials, emphasis on primary sources, etc.? How well is history elucidated and how neutral is it?)

What kind of scriptures exist in each religion? Is it widely read? Is the content considered absolute truth or is it subject to scholarly verification?

Is there a sale or purchase of official positions or titles in the empire? Is there a political entrepreneur in the empire? Do aristocrats and the imperial family borrow from merchants? If so, are the aristocrats and the imperial family paying off their debts properly?

How are government bonds issued in the empire? What is the interest rate? What is the size of the empire’s economy and budget? Is there a clear separation between court property and national treasury? Do I need Congressional consent for taxation and budgeting?

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Um lad, i think we all apreciate it if you dont ask so many questions, most of which are going to have no impact on the story or are easy to answer for yourself if you use your head.

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Or it serve as a lore like in infinity series.


It did put a great burden on the treasury during the war but after it ended, things started to be better again.

The reasons for this were, the war reparations and the selling of the newly annexed land to Riyasani citizens. (pervious inhabitants were evicted, if not dead.)

The defeat of the Imperial Fleet at Cauric islands, although unfortunate, had practically reduced the naval spending by half. (No need to spend money on food and pay for sailors that aren’t alive, similarly no maintaince and repairs for the suken ships)

After the Maemana civil war ended, all states (Maemana, Forli, Fez) began the process of rebuilding which required manpower, materials and food that had to be exported from Riyasan which gave the economy a boost for a long time.


Officially speaking, Riyasan just gave a statement that the Imperial Crown hopes to see that an end to the civil war will be achieved in the future and it will not involve itself within the internal matters of a sovereign state.

In reality, the Dept. of Intelligence had a field day!
Passing information, detailed maps, supplying wagons, letting the rebels cross the Riyasani border to “attack” a “heavily guard” supply depot full of muskets, power, shot, provisions, boots, undyed uniforms etc.
It was the finest moment of the Intelligence Department.


Yes, there are, but their influence is limited only to their respective trades and businesses.


Yes, it possible to introduce universal suffrage.
The structure of a republic would depend on your choices.



The declaration of war is completely ceremonial at this point. Ambassadors only declare war when the knowledge of a military engagement becomes widespread. At that point everyone knows there is a war.

The matter of ending a war and ultimatums are handled between diplomats.


Attend a military school instead of a university and pass your exams.

Standard military ranks with the Sovereign being the supreme commander.


Charudians have Charudanama, Eamanvallas have Muqadas. Solarins don’t have a scripture.
All are widely read by the religious.

It depends on which sect or sub-sect of the religions you are asking.

I didn’t answer all the questions because of various reasons

  • I don’t have much right now to tell about it

  • Too spoilery

  • It would require a lot of words (I am bad at summarizing)

  • I really need to study instead of procrastinating on the forum (which I am currently failing to do)

I won’t be here for some two weeks, I will be busy studying (hopefully) as my exams are now dangerously close.

Wish me luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Good luck on the exams RedEmperor.:four_leaf_clover:

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What type naval ships are there steam ships or sailing ships of the napoleon era