(WIP) The Fate of the Empire [UPDATED: 29/8/21]

Ah sorry, a mistake by me with the traductor

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Since this is set in Napoleonic times so it draws inspiration from Napoleon Bonaparte, other than him, the only major influence is Muhammad Ali Jinnah (or as we, Pakistanis call him, Quaid-e-Azam, meaning the great leader)

There are more figures which have influenced this story like Katerina Sforza, Otto von Bismarck, Charles Maurice de Tallyrand, Maximilien Robespierre, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Gaius Augustus Caesar and many others.


Is Riyasan know for the arts, like literature, plays, orchestra, paintings, sculptures, architecture, murals, etc.?

Can you become a promoter of the arts? :performing_arts: :art:

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Riyasan’s kingdom of Filera is famous for its music, opera, literature and plays while Riyasan proper is famous for its architecture and statues.

You can be a patron of the arts and philosophy (or write some work of art, yourself) , and you will have deal with the influence these works of art have on Riyasani society, and romance a composer if you like him.


I’ve been following the thread for some time now. I’ve been seeing how people are curious and have questions regarding the army, beuracracy, ministry, religion, foreign powers,etc in this cyoa, and how you’ve answered them, I wanted to ask what is set endpoint of this book - till the heir becomes the emperor/empress ?
And, is this going to be a standalone book ?

Also, the scope is huge(including the humongous amount of lore) and already discusions on the thread have covered topics from religion to army to war chants to the very minute intricacies of beuracracy (just to name a few broad topics). So I was wondering if you have an estimated word count for the story or if it’s mostly just in the planning phase?

These are some questions that popped up in my mind simply out of curiousity, sorry if they feel like weird Q’s lol.

Sorry if these questions were asked and answered before. I couldnt find anything regarding my doubts.

Keep up the good work :beers:


Thanks for following it!

The endpoint isn’t MC becoming Sovereign, as it will happen in Chapter 3. For now, the endpoint of the book is set at getting Riyasan through the dire straits and the changing times in the period of MC’s life. (I realize how vague it is)

I had thought about splitting it into two books as replaying one massive book is a headache without checkpoints, but now it is possible to add chapter checkpoints without doing much coding thanks to Softly :floppy_disk: by @cup_half_empty (check out the tool here), so for the time being, it will be a standalone

The scope seems huge but it will not be in a single playthrough. A good example of this will be Chapter 2. If you were to be a minister then you will read a lot about bureaucrats and their world but nothing about the army and vice versa if you chose to be a military officer. In this way, choices would limit the lore and scope. (writing all the material will take a lot of time though)

As for estimated word count, I don’t know since what I have are ideas and concepts. Once I start writing, it will become more clearer.

And don’t worry! Your question were very nice and even if they were weird, they would still be very nice. After all, weird questions force us to think in weird non-conventional ways :smiley:


What kind of organization is the Riyasan armed forces? (Details of the class system, is there a conscription system, what kind of equipment is used, what is the logistics organization, where is the headquarters, who are the commanders-in-chief and senior commanders? What kind of food do military personnel eat, what kind of culture does the military have, etc.)

Is it possible to reform the armed forces?

Also, is there any system in the world of this game that regulates war, such as chivalry and international law of war? If so, what is it?


Für den Kaiser! Vive l’Empire! Vive l’Empire et vive l’Empereur! Gott mit uns, God Save the Emperor and few others that i have forgotten. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I saw the thread about softly. Pretty neat app, will help out a lot I’m sure.

Yeah that’d divide it into the paths and focus it on a single path and keep things manageable.

Good luck! Wish you all the very best :beers:

True true. :blush:


For organization, you can see post 39.

There is no class system in the armed forces of Riyasan, if one has merit then one is commissioned, as such it is full of commoners and nobility alike.

The equipment is the same as a 1800 French army.

Logistics are handled by staff officers, who are also responsible for the issuing of orders and commands.

The headquarters of the Imperial Army are situated in Fort Rawal which is near Karcia, the navy’s headquarters are in Filera.

The highest rank in the Imperial Army is of lieutenant General (some generals are also awarded the honourary title of Marshal of the Empire) and the supreme commander is the Sovereign themselves. They can chose to lead a campaign on their own or appoint a Lieutenant General to take command.

The food supplied to the army depends where they are stationed and what is cheap, although bread, soup and vegetables are staple diet.
Army is supplied by supply wagons whenever it is possible do so. If it is not possible (which happens often on campaigns) then the army lives off the land.

The culture of the armed forces can be described by their motto, “Terror Belli, Decus Pacis”, Terror in war, Ornament in peace.


Thanks for answering my previous ask RedEmperor.

Do they have notable landmarks? Besides the imperial palace, like a grand cathedral, university, castles, towers, marketplace, ports, arenas, etc.

Also newspaper something like the Karcia Gazette maybe.

Can you engage in new infrastructure projects? :building_construction:


I haven’t thought about all of them so for now there are three landmarks.

  1. Imperial Palace
  2. Opera House of Filera
  3. Rawal Fort

There are a lot of newspapers but I haven’t decided their names yet.

And you can make new infrastructure (planning and funding).


What are the details of the aristocratic system? (Legal authority for each title, requirements for raising the title, when the title may be lost or demoted, etc.)

Is it possible to reform or abolish the aristocratic system?

What medals, pensions and other national rewards does riyasan have?


Aristocrats are a bit like ministers. They decide policy which is implemented by the bureaucracy, so a noble may decide to build a school or hospital on his land which would then be handled by the officials.

One of the foremost duties of the aristocracy is to collect taxes for the Imperial Crown, failing to do so is considered treason. All taxes are sent to Karcia where budgets are allocated for all kingdoms (which in turn allot budgets to their sub-divisions)

The titles can be removed (and head) from a noble (not their family) for treason only.

The Sovereign can raise anyone to nobility as long as the Shura does not object (which they do, a lot)

The only reform right now for aristocracy would be the taxation of their private incomes as they are currently exempt from taxation.
You can abolished the aristocracy (good luck doing that legally!)

Right now there are only two medals for the military (I will add some more, for civilians also)

  1. Grand Star of Bravery
  2. Star of Bravery

There are also honours which are given by the Imperial government (more will be added)

  1. Knighthoods
  2. Marshal of the Empire
  3. Hero of the Empire (anyone with a medal is considered a hero)
  4. Martyr of the Empire (anyone who has died for the Empire is a martyr)

Is there something like a political party or political salon in riyasan? What kind of political ideas and interest groups do you have? How do politicians and bureaucrats work?

What kind of laws and systems does the royal family have and what kind of culture does it have? (For example, succession order, food culture, court culture, whether laws different from those of ordinary people and aristocrats apply, clothes including formal wear, positions in the court, relationship between the court and the government, etc.)


Are there narcotics or illegal substances in this world?



Political parties don’t exist in Riyasan however, salons where political theorists and philosophy discuss matters are present throughout the Empire, but an element of secrecy surrounds these meetings as the Dept. of Intelligence doesn’t like them.
Political theorists have ideas and opinions on all sorts of things.

If by royal family you mean Imperial, then the Imperial family only consists of

  1. Previous Sovereign and their spouse (if they are alive)
  2. Current Sovereign and their spouse.
  3. The Heir(s) of the Empire.

Anyone else no matter how close they are (be that emotionally or biological) are not a part of the Imperial family.
The children of the Sovereign which are not heirs have to give up the Imperial name of “Sinnah” and take up the surname of the closest non Imperial ancestor.

The Sovereign can choose anyone to be their heir at any time, even if they are not biologically related (hasn’t happened yet)

I haven’t thought about food as I don’t know much about food :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Clothing of the Imperial Court

On casual occasions the Sovereign dresses in a garment commonly called “Imperial long shirt” or “Imperial long coat” (it is gender neutral)

It is similar to this (minus the hat, Sovereigns never cover their heads as a sign of humility)

(This is M. A. Jinnah)

While on ceremonial occasions, this is worn (minus the wig)

(This is Medinacelli)

The Empress can also wear this on causal occasions


While on ceremonial occasions

download (1)
(This is Josephine Bonaparte)

The everyday well off commoners usually wear this

(This is Brummell Dighton)

As non-binary Sovereign, you can wear whatever you like.

The nobility usually wears frock coats on top of waist coats with tricorne hats.

The court of the Sovereign is purely advisory in nature and unofficial as such, those who are considered to be in this court do not have any specific title or position.
The officials don’t like anyone who gives advice to the Sovereign, they believe that the bureaucracy ought to have a monopoly on advice.
The Nobility usually wears frock coats on top of waistcoat with tricorne hats.


There is opium and its derivatives, and tobacco but not much else.
It is legal to trade and consume everywhere (except Sambron)

Riyasan is the largest exporter of opium while Angesa is the largest export of tobacco.

Republic of Forli is currently consuming large amounts of opium which is leading to sociopolitical tention within the young Republic.


Do they celebrate holidays in this world? like Christmas or Thanksgiving for example.:christmas_tree::turkey::tada::confetti_ball:

Also is there a calendar? And does everyone use the same calendar or are they different ones depending on the nation or religion?:spiral_calendar:

I noticed there is no marquees/marchioness titles is there a reason for that? Could you potentiality make the title during your reign?


What is the bureaucracy? (For example, what departments do each ministry have and what are the criteria for hiring and promoting officials?)

And what kind of medical care and education are provided to members of the imperial family? And what is the daily life of the members of the imperial family?


Does the MC have any siblings or are they the only child?