[WiP] The Exile (Updated 04/13/2021)

This is really good and I love it.

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I have a sort of nagging feeling with the flirt options. So I continued to pick the romance for Vethna, up to the point where the second RO came along.

From there on it became apparent to me that there are no…what would I say, uh, reprecussions with flirting with different RO’s?

I think I got to the point where there’s a subtle attraction on Vethna’s end, and with the fact that she kinda shrugged it kinda irked me for some reason. (there’s a line where you could ask her what she thinks about, well, Amilia. There are no hints of displeasure in the lines. I would’ve attached an image but, well, I couldn’t somehow)

Nonetheless, I really appreciate your work. This is one of the only few that I’ve played that has an authentic feel to the way characters mingle with each other, and has fresh takes on the perspective (a perfect balance between being bombarded with other characters takes and being overdosed with just the mc as the center of intrigue). So yeah, I think that’s my only complaint. (I didn’t delved in to the other choices, so just disregard what I rambled if you see nothing really wrong - I’m a picky eater, more so with these games. So yeah.)

Sorry if there’s some typo, made this on the phone. And, well, I hope you continue more of this!


I’m glad that the characters seem authentic! I love mismatched character groups because there’s so much room for different dynamics and I’m definitely hoping to keep that as a strong point as the game goes on.

As for flirting with multiple RO’s-- it definitely depends on when/where/how MC brings up stuff since some characters might not care in certain settings when they would in others, and not all of the characters are jealous or willing to reveal they’re jealous. For ex. if you’re romancing Nikke and flirt with someone in front of him, he literally will not care, vs. if you’re having a moment with Nikke and then bring someone up he’ll get upset. Syfyn, on the other hand, is very jealous and will get mad if MC flirts with others, even if MC has only flirted with her a few times.

However, in that particular scene-- I did consider having Vethna be more jealous and be visibly annoyed/salty about MC bringing up Amilia. However, I decided that Vethna would take MC expressing interest about Amilia with them as either an attempt to make them jealous or a clear flag of disinterest (basically MC telling Vethna they understood things wrong). So Vethna being disinterested is either meant to prevent them from looking like a fool or as a counter-attack to a MC trying to make them jealous.

I’ll def go back now and add a sentence or two that implies frustration on Vethna’s end during that little exchange, though.

(Though if you flirt with them and bring up Amilia in the middle of it, Vethna’s mood visibly dampens. (Which happens if Amilia asks if you and Vethna are dating and you use that as an opportunity to flirt with Amilia and then go and tell Vethna about it.))

Thank you so much for the feedback!


Hey, i don’t know if I already wrote this but I wanted to compliment the pov changes. They are really good. I enjoyed them and it really helped with the world building outside of the mcs pov which at times seems a little unreliable (which is a good thing because it makes it more realistic in my opinion)
The foreshadowing is real btw I am really looking forward to learning more about the plot points you hinted at :slight_smile:

Also I am really feeling all the feelings and it is sooooo good!:blush: I love the angst btw

And sidenote: why are you so cruel. The ROs are wonderful. How will I ever be able to make a choice :sob:


Finally got around to reading the update, and I really enjoyed it! I generally only play as a woman romancing men (because that’s how I am irl lol), so the ROs I’ve paid the most attention to are Nikke and Sabir, and I love them both. Nikke’s the special brand of asshole that I enjoy, and the memories with Sabir + the yearning for him hit me right in the feels.

There’s a pronoun issue here (this is after the dreams when the ethereal being or whatever appears). I chose “him” so I think the second to last choice should be “he” instead of “she”

Also, you might want to change the date in your title to when you updated so people perusing the forum are aware there’s something new to read here (if you want to have more readers and such).

Nothing bad’s going to happen no hit squad no Angry best relationships are going to try to kill you everything’s going right

Oh? Do the option to ask Vethna what they think about Amilia is explicitly romantic??? I thought it was in a friendly way like “do you think she seem like a cool person to have along with us” Will we have another choice to ask Vethna that kind of questions as a replacement if we romance them? (assuming that the current one is romantic)


btw, Vethna is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns!

And I just went to check because in my playthrough there is a scene when Vethna is somewhat displeased when you bring up Amelia to them. During the conversation with Amelia in the woods when she asks if MC and Vethna are a couple, you can ask her why she’s asking and she’ll flirt with MC. MC can bring that up later in the bonfire convo with Vethna and they’re clearly a bit disappointed/annoyed. Although realistically they’ve only known each other for a month (I think?) and personality-wise Vethna doesn’t seem like the type to get very jealous over someone they’ve known for so little time. But I dunno.

I forgot to take a photo but I’ll add it whenever I can replay the game again.


I’m so excited for this! I adore the premise and can’t wait to get stuck in!

Ok, but how I didn’t discover this wip game earlier? (tumblr is my friend )
The premise and setting is so intriguing and writing is excellent.:ok_hand:
I love how much we can customise our MC from thir appearance to how they feel and their worldview.
Not to mention being a mythosi themselves and we get to pick from a variety defining our character and their strengths and weaknesses, loving it!
Don’t let me start with the ROs; Nikke is a love at first sight (fight) for me and him being a mythosi wanting to kill my MC (the ust is real here), serving the enemies-to-lovers excellence, just chef’s kiss:ok_hand::relieved:.
But then we have our mystery RO who is so intriguing already and want to see more of him(for me) already. :eyes::flushed:
But then you just have to make me fall in love with all of them looks at Sabir and Vethna.
Also, can I say how much in love getting glimpses of the story the ROs povs; it adds so much flavour and insight of their character and their backstory. I hope we’ll keep on viewing their povs through the story.
Customising our MC through the ROs eyes was an excellent addition.
Seriously I can’t praise enough this story and its world building; it’s already so addicting and can’t wait to see what’s coming up next. :blush:


@Isi_Talks Thank you so much! POV changes are gonna be pretty continuous in game so I’m glad that you’re enjoying them :). And MC is definitely a bit too unhinged to always be a reliable narrator sometimes…Thanks for reading!

@bric I’m glad Nikke and Sabir are both working well in their roles of being ROs lol. Nikke is definitely a thorn in the side in the best of ways! And the pronoun issue’s been fixed in the code-- I’ll update it on dashingdon in the next patch! I unfortunately can’t edit the post (I had to have it changed to a wiki just to edit the body) presumably due to my trust level and I don’t always want to ask a mod, but I’ll look into it!

@Asterya1 It’s not automatically romantic if you ask Vethna what they think about Amilia! If you’ve never flirted with Vethna or flirted very little, it’s just a friendly conversation. It only becomes a romantic jealously thing if you’ve flirted with Vethna a lot and then pick the option to call Amilia cute. Otherwise it’s just that-- MC trying to gauge where Vethna’s at with Amilia and whether or not they should bring her.

@kitkat Thank you so much!!! I love hearing people’s thoughts on the ROs (especially when multiple ones are all competing for MC’s affection lol). And indeed…tumblr is how I find a lot of WIPs too lol. Thank you for the feedback! :D.

@ghostobi Also that’s pretty accurate tbh. I can’t reveal too much but a lot of things in Vethna’s mind are power struggles as opposed to jealousy things, especially so early into knowing MC (and you’re correct! MC and Vethna have known each other for only about a month and a week by Chapter 2).


If you would like and have no problem, I have the trust level to change the date of the update.
Just let me know if you would like to.

That’d be great actually! The date of the update’s are under the update log :).


Apparently I can change the main text but no the title (I’m sooorryy :disappointed_relieved:).:clown_face:
I guess it at the moment requires the help of one of the mods.

I updated it for you, hope that’s ok! :blush:

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Love this. Can’t wait to see what happens next

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