[WIP] The Catalyst (31k words, updated July/5/2024)

This does bother me from some time so might as well ask it to author, of course Author can answer it or not if this might be too revealing.

While it’s not MC the one who will draw the fabled sword Radiance. It is not MC who recover the golden armor of Heptra. It is not MC that will pierce the heart of the Dark Champion, do MC can get/do cool stuff/power later?

Apparently our Companion is pretty powerful, one is the Chosen one, another is capable Renegade mage, another have otherworldly charm and allure seems like master of illusion, it’s hard to imagine MC is just ordinary.


Spoilers: Two out of three main routes you will get some powers, and they will become quite strong if you decide to nurture them. The last one is… tricky, and the thing you get may not be considered a proper power under the conventional definition.

But actually the companions are not that strong (except T, that one is blessed by their god). If you play DnD, T is like a level 5 fighter, but C is akin to a level 3 wizard with a once per day dispel ability and Z is a level 2 swashbuckler rogue with 1 level into sorcerer lol


Well if I am going to explain it with DnD spreadsheet, MC is like fighter/tactician depend on how player play it it could be fighter 3, fighter 2/ tactician 1, fighter 1/tactician 2, tactician 3.

Strong attribute either charisma or strength or combination of both with small intelligence boost, so one reason MC could get killed probably low dex/wisdom saving throw. :rofl:

But good to know MC can have ability as well. Thank you.


Loved the update!

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It was stupid, but T seems the kind of person who won’t believe a thing until they see it, poke it and get punched in the jaw by it.

And it’s not a good idea to let them get used to just blindly following someone as cynical as C’s ideas, either. Only way to get some kind of worthwhile resolution to T killing the priest (in my mind, anyway,) is to let them see just why people are turning away from the church and running instead. They’ve got the understanding of a small, particularly dim, puggle.


So basically the MC will get a promotion and has skills better a average swordsman. I’m glad since we’re meant to be a sidekick to help the world or not. The last chapter will serve as a reason for everyone to improve themselves,

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Well the taking over my own fate story probably would make MC the hero on the story instead of sidekick, I mean Tidus technically Yuna’s sidekick but that doesn’t mean He is not the main Hero of the story🤣 wielding legendary caladbolg and experiencing limit break.


Yeah but fighting it might make it happen anyway inadvertently which makes so difficult.

In a way u could MC a hero in that route but just depends on your perspective since some people might not accept it for not following the prophecy.

Then again there’s not much specific details on our role. Some assume death to boost Chosen one through their bond but the role could just mean assisting chosen one by simply being at their side in the whole ordeal. Even the DC wasn’t sure about it 100%


Well that’s up to author to decide how the story of the original prophecy is, I guess we’ll just need to wait what is author have in store for reader.

I just hid the whole thing bc it's basically all a spoiler at this point?

I’m honestly excited about the “inevitable” death; it really stirs the desire to replay differently (which is great for a game, just design-wise).

Am I gonna have a self-sacrificing do-gooder who is absolutely like “welp, guys, it’s been fun,” and just dies? You bet. In fact that particular dork is probably just going to lose all survival instinct, confuse and concern the hell out of T, and p much try to die every time they go into combat bc “well, maybe this’ll fix the world, byyyyeeee.” And then when they don’t die after every fight, just not be able to explain their terrifying behavior to their friends?? The drama!

Am I gonna have an angry mfer who is basically like “if the gods want someone to die, they can do it” and does everything possible to defy their fate (and maybe dies anyway)? 100%

I just think it’s a fun concept. And knowing what we (as players) know about the DC just honestly makes it better for me bc there’s the strong possibility that by trying to avoid it, we make it happen. Idk, I’m just into it. Death to my side kick protagonist (or not, who knows)!


“Hero will sacrifice anything even people they love for the world but Villain? they’re different they will burn the world for someone they love.”


MC is not ordinarily they’re basically the sacrificial lamb to power up the Hero in the last boss fight.


Would DC look like a 50 years old? After all 20 years have past already


I understand that, but what else is MC beside sacrifice? Can they wield magic, do they have other special role, can they have unique power? Etc.

I am asking this because in MC party MC is described as mundane character, hey have no magic, they can use charm, wits or straight brawn, their presentation is less flashy unlike other companion.

That’s the aim of that statement.


Yep the line between good and evil is thin.


DC is… Well, not quite human right now. But they might not be in the future, depending on your choices.


They are the most interesting RO. This is because I don’t see any other way for DC to loved the mc more than their first loved. Especially since if the mc romance DC they are basically rallying behind what essential is a revenge of DC to the world because of the death of their first loved. Which if you imagined, would kind of be a shitty situation of the mc if they really love DC since they have to compete against the dead since they seem to really still loved their dead spouse which would make opening up new romance hard.

So I really wanna see how you handle this romance since their not only enemies but the mc also has to compete for DC’s love to their dead lover for a place in their heart.


Now this got me reminded of a game where you could romance an NPC, and they seemed to reciprocate, but at the end they’d always betray you because they struck a deal with the bad guy or something like that and I think their goal had something to do with their dead spouse? Revenge or resurrection, I don’t remember anymore. They basically told you smth like “I’m sorry, I tried to love you, but in the end I can’t forget and move on.”
So I guess depending on your path (and relationship strength?) it could be a story of healing, letting go and moving on, or a complete disaster.


Author said the MC will get “powers”. 1 of 3 powers in total I think she said. 2 being powers and another being a “power” lol. Don’t know how to describe it.


I should probably put a disclaimer that DC’s route is not for the faint-hearted. You are right that there will definitely be lots of comparing and angst- then, maybe, a little bit of hope. I won’t spoil further, just be warned that this route is not all sunshine and flowers, and if the MC is not careful, they’ll end up with a broken heart too.