[WIP] The Catalyst (31k words, updated July/5/2024)

The Catalyst


Another age of strife. Another war, another prophecy.

Another Chosen One.

But you are not them. No, it is not you who will draw the fabled sword named Radiance. It is not you who shall recover the golden armor of Heptra. It is not you who will pierce the heart of the Dark Champion, bringing light and order back to the land of Koverria.

Your role is to die. You have seen it, clear as day, in the flames of the future: to attain victory, your blood is the price to pay. Will you accept it as your fate? Or will you refuse, turning your back against destiny and plunging the world into the Dark Lady’s shade?


  • Play as Male, Female, or Nonbinary and romance one of three possible RO’s, all of whom are gender-selectable
  • Follow your destiny till its tragic end, or seek out loopholes to save your life
  • Explore the fantasy world Koverria and shape its fate
  • Interact with a cast of interesting NPCs; experience friendship, love, and betrayal
Confirmed ROs
  • Tristan/Trista, the Chosen One: In hindsight, Tristan/Trista being the Chosen of Heptra should not come as a surprise. They are very good-looking, with glimmering golden hair and smooth, marble-white skin. Their eyes, a brilliant shade of blue, are more captivating than the most finely crafted sapphires; their smile is more dazzling than diamonds. Most important of all, Tristan/Trista has a kind, noble soul, a rare gem in such uncertain times.

  • Cassius/Cassia, the Renegade Mage: Cassius/Cassia has always dreamt of becoming the Arch Wizard, but their hope is crushed to dust after failing the Test of Will. Now, they are on the run, for it is illegal to practice magic without passing the Test. Despite the difficulties, the mage is still determined to unravel the secrets of the arcane.

  • Zareb/Zaria, the Lost Sailor: The sailor bears exotic features, with midnight-black hair and rich brown skin, their eyes a warm shade of honey. Many were charmed by their crooked smile and paid the price for it- often in coins, but sometimes in blood, too.

  • Sekhriu/Sekhria: The current Dark Champion of Isferata is always shrouded by a veil of shadows that writhes and dances around their imposing figure. Legends claim that those are souls of their former foes forced to serve as their unwilling aides; others claim that they are favors from the Dark Queen. No one knows what the Dark Champion really looks like, for they dare not even stay within Sekhriu/Sekhria’s proximity- the aura of fear is enough to stop one’s heart.

(Note: This RO’s romance route only triggers after the mid point of the story. Their route also involves lots of angst, so be prepared if you want to romance them.)

Other notable figures
  • Heptra: The God of Order and Light. It appears to Koverrians as a bright, flaming sphere that lights up the dome of the sky.

  • Isferata: The Goddess of Chaos and Darkness. Unlike Heptra, Isferata is not visible most of the time; its appearance often indicates the beginning of an era of strife. Dark and mysterious, its purple-black body is able to absorb all Heptra’s light, dooming the world into eternal night.

  • Akaris: Many Koverrians do not consider Akaris a god, for their power is nothing compared to Heptra and Isferata. The folklores indicate that they often walk the land in many forms, chronicling the events that shape history. Its symbol is a moon, waning and waxing at the same time.


I am open to anything : )


7/5/2024: Full Prologue

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The Catalyst

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We’re gonna be the sacrificial lamb? Interesting


Not we can resist our fate if we play our cards right. It’s actually refreshing not being the main character for once


Love the idea! Excited to see more.


Oooh, I loved what’s available so far ! It’s rather lengthy for a first demo, and it didn’t end on a cliffhanger :clap: !

I like the fact that we play as the sacrifice especially when playing as someone who doesn’t believe in faith, being able to be the cynicism to T’s optimism ( my MC’s whole personality will be built on being the opposite of T’s ), chosen as the catalyst because of Tristan’s affection ( I hope we will be able to resent him for this ).

When it was revealed that Tristan was the chosen one via Radiance, I hoped for a reaction other than jealousy, joy or numbness, for example MC could feel devastated that their friend/lover was the chosen one which will shape the rest of their life with countless trials and tribulations, eventually leading to MC being torn between leaving everything behind or insuring T’s survival ( in addition to the resentment ). Sooo, Tristan can’t even lie even if his or MC’s life is in danger, it’s not boding well for the future…

The scene where the Chosen One’s revelation unfolds seemed hurried when it came to exploring the thoughts and emotions of the characters involved, like it quickly shifted to questioning C, leaving little room for the concerned individuals to process their own feelings. There should also have been more varied reactions upon realizing that we are the catalyst, one of the reactions was characterized by anger stemming from jealousy at not being the chosen one, I think there should also be an anger reaction for the cynical MCs.

Edit : I spotted a little spelling mistake…


I really enjoyed this WIP. It is a nice change of pace not not be the “HERO” and instead being “hero” small letter affecting things by just because the “real hero” fancies you. It was a fun read and I am looking forward to seeing how it continues. And I have to echo what Mumbles said and say I was also hoping for a few more reactions available to T’s attaining the Radiance. Being worried for them or frustrated that someone you care about is now going to be in danger over and over again.


I’m just a bit surprised T didn’t really have a reaction when our role was discovered and what it means. A lot could happen depending on how T feels about Mc especially if they fancy them. That is ripe for drama


This has promise, i like the fact our MC is meant to br the sacrificial lamb and is bring tempted or going to, by the villain (?). Looking forward to test more of this wip


This is a cool concept! Also somebody tell me why I was immediately into the villain: :musical_note: it’s me, hi, I’m the problem :musical_note:

Well you obv know my vote lol but I also know how much work additions like that can take so don’t overextend yourself on account of my unhealthy emotional habits lol


@Mumble thank you for the detailed response! Regarding T’s lack of reaction of MC being the catalyst, I should have made it clearer in my writing that they didn’t know MC will die. In fact, only MC knows they will die when the time comes. All others (so far) know that the Chosen One will triumph over the Dark Champion with the help of the Catalyst, but they don’t know MC’s blood is the price to pay for the victory.

But I do plan to have a dramatic revealTM somewhere down the line!

And thank you for the suggestions of adding more reactions, I will make sure to include them. Thanks for spotting that typo as well!

@levviathan ha, funnily enough, I was debating whether to make the Dark Champion an RO.


Is the Dark Champion male or female? Gonna suck if they’re a RO, but only male.


So far, the Dark Champion is gender-fixed to be male, because I did not plan for them to be one of the ROs at the first place. But if there is enough interest and if he made into the RO list, I will consider make him gender-selectable or add one more female RO to balance it out.


Hoping for this outcome tbh, I love dark side women romance lol.


I have a dark feeling the god had a sense of humor with a dark champion and the worst way possible because I have a theory in my head and it’s not fun if it’s your own child that has to be sacrificed because I hear I used to be loved I just don’t know the age of this character

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Ahhh Such a lovely start. I crave Morree!!

Also, I say ‘Aye’ to Dark Champion RO (it was literally my very first thought into the prologue lol. Please think about it.)


I like what you have so far, playing love interest/sacrifice to the Chosen One or “main character” is very interesting. One thing I noticed is that while I chose C to be a woman, she would sometimes be refered to with male pronouns. Besides that, everything else is fine.


Thank you. I will try to look over my code again and see where the pronoun errors are, but I probably can’t find it all. If you (or anyone) have any screenshot/sentence, please share so I can iron everything out. Again, thanks for the feedback.

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I went back to see if I can find the pronoun errors but now I can’t find them except for this one instance where Casia is referred to as a man. Not sure what happened.


I mean this all happened really quickly, MC didn’t even realize they’d be the Catalyst till C said something, I’m sure it will be brought it up


Well it makes sense to bring it up soon since the chosen one had a reaction but I don’t think T fully understands their role since they just think their a hero without understanding lots of people will die while doing their job