(WIP) The Bureau - Chapters 1-4 (550k+ Total Words) UPDATED 06/04/2024

So I just started playing this story (reallyyyy good btw) but seem to be stuck in a loop on chapter 3 when you visit Angelica’s bf.

Went into the second room with the massage parlour and put quite a few words into the text box now- massage table, shelves, window, candles, massage oil, cards, towel, dresser, lotion, makeup and still cannot move on from said room??

Help me plz I’m such a noob with stuff like this :woman_facepalming: :laughing:


You need to type leave to leave the room.


Glad you are enjoying it so far! But yes, as notapretzel said, type ‘leave’ and you’ll be able to choose to go to another room. There’s also a TBI tutorial in the stats page you can access at anytime to read more up on them if you ever need a refresher!


Im in the part where you examine a room and have to type stuff to find them. I did everything I could find that worked (makeup, drawers, shelves, table etc) and it still won’t let me out. After a few failed attempts you really should add a tip or something, to tell me what I’m missing. Seeing as now I’m stuck with no way to continue the story.

Write the word “leave” and it will allow you to continue. It was also said that in the settings you can switch the mode to search room not by typing words. (I didn’t check it myself)


Small Flash Patch:

  • Added a small author’s note at the end of every Text Box Investigation that says how to leave TBI’s once you’re finished investigating.

Seems like it was causing a bit of frustration while playing, so instead of leaving it in the tutorial accessed through the Stats Screen, I figured I’d just put it at the end of each TBI passage instead. Hope that helps people enjoy the game more!


So the MC can neutralize other mutations? Is that their mutation or everyone can do it? I don’t remember MC has mutation or somehow i miss it.
If so why they still get burned by sarah when they can just neutralize for a bit?


For the first part, yes that is MC’s mutation. They neutralize others. For the last part, I don’t exactly remember. I believe S has an extreme mutation they can’t exactly control. Maybe MC can neutralize some of it but it’s still stronger (more dangerous) than the average mutation. I think the author talked about it earlier on the thread.


I need to replay because I’m not 100% sure but I thought MC’s mutation is to dampen others mutations, not completely neutralise it.

I assumed the reason they still get burned is because it takes time for their mutation to kick in, as it did with Peter. They have to actually make physical contact and with S being super hot it’s gonna hurt, until MC’s mutation kicks in and either dampens or neutralises S’s.

Edit: just replayed and it says of MC’s mutation “to nullify or lessen the effects of other Gifted’s mutations by touch” so it’s a little of both. Probably depends on the other person’s mutation and the strength of it.


This was what I assumed as well. Nothing happens immediately, it works over time (even just a small amount of time.) So you still get burned.


Little bit disappointed by the test.

The text and the story are really good, but everything is taint by the long,…, long text between choices. Even if choices don’t hold munch in the change of the story, give choices to the player.

Didn’t like the laptop password thing. Didn’t understand the logic behind (that scene break the four wall for me, how do the player know there are no space in the password or special character ? why the book about money is in another place really close to the secret hide ? Two character that hate each other hide precious things together ???).

The search block text is an original thing i didn’t see elsewhere. kudos.

Part from that unique point with long text, its a good game.


Thank you for checking out the demo!

I’m assuming here you mean the flashback scenes, which is a fair opinion to have. I know that the flashback scenes aren’t going to be everyone’s favorites, but alas, they’re still important to what my vision of the final product looks like. Mainly because:

I personally disagree woth this sentiment, and it’s really one of those things where different people have different expectations from the genre they’re playing. I’ve seen people complain on other forums about choices not mattering, and others say that there should be choices literally every other page. Sometimes the same people make both of these remarks.

I essentially have to choose what gives in that scenario, as it can’t be both. Well, I suppose it can, but I should say I know my own limitations. I enjoy putting in slightly less choices than maybe others would, but making most of those choices either effect a stat or have a reocurring effect later on. It allows me to write more detailed scenes.

Completely valid, and I have just the idea to make it so there’s a reason the character knows in character, which I’ll stick into the text and see how it flows!

This is a very inferred type of thing, so I honestly don’t blame anyone for not getting it. It’s lightly implied that, because the book, which is presumably the abusers, is in a drawer in the one space that the victim had in the house, that she stole the book and hid it in the drawer. They were most definitely not keeping those things in the same space.


" This is a very inferred type of thing, so I honestly don’t blame anyone for not getting it. It’s lightly implied that, because the book, which is presumably the abusers, is in a drawer in the one space that the victim had in the house, that she stole the book and hid it in the drawer. They were most definitely not keeping those things in the same space."

As always with clues in investigation story, the writers can’t go wild with them.
A clue need to let the reader/player follows a simple path. As a reader i didn’t even question what happen before.
A clue is found in particluar place that it, no reveal is done to hint where this clue was and why is in this place (note write in journal could tell the story of this… but again it will make more long descriptions of event :grinning:). Maybe an interogation can hint on this particular event, to catch those that don’t event question the why or are lost in this search.

ex : “The detective find a key on the floor. He doesn’t know why and what door it open in this manor. The key hold a number 5 on it. He then put the key in his pocket maybe it will open a door later.”

This is a suggestion.

@ViIsBae I noticed in chapter 2 after inspecting the alley with Arthur and Samuel. After clicking the option ‘I flinch at the sound of the door. I’m not good at handling signs of aggression.’ There is one page of text with Samuel’s reaction then on the next page the words ‘coming at a later date!’ pop up. The next page after that goes straight to Chapter Two: One week later - Arthur’s Hotel Room. Did you leave it like that because your branching into different paths or is it not supposed to be like that?

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That is there because there’s going to be a debrief scene inside of the police station after the investogation scenes, but it probably won’t be implemented until the game releases. This scene will be the one where the PC learns about the team’s mutations. The ones they don’t know about, at least.


Okay, thank you!

Screenshot_20240619_064020_Chrome|224x500, 100%
Is this the end of the demo?

Hmm i don’t understand why it won’t let me post screenshots all of a sudden…

That is the current end of the demo, yes! But be sure to check the stats page and extra story tab to see if you have any extras, as you wouldn’t want to muss out on content!


What are the contents in the Patreon?