(WIP) The Bureau - Chapters 1-4 (550k+ Total Words) UPDATED 06/04/2024

There’s a text meme that I can’t find right now that is basically someone arguing with their dad about “painful things make you stronger” and going “no, fuck that” and them reaching the conclusion that HEALING makes you stronger. Hurting just makes you hurt.


You did a really good job, especially with the second victim. I had such a visceral reaction when I found out about what the boyfriend did to her that I wanted to punch him through my screen, and even that wouldn’t have been enough.

I did and I’ve all my notes with the clues, heheh. I know many aren’t fan of the text box investigation but I’m looking forward to more of them.

Makes perfect sense, I just didn’t see it from that angle, for me it was more of ‘MC seeking comfort after a heavy conversation with the brother’ kind of situation, hence my hesitation of going because they’re not that close to Hawkins. JBento gave a similar reasoning and made me think about the scene for a while because I honestly didn’t consider it :sweat_smile: I like the option to talk about the case, I can see my MC wanting to talk about work to distract themselves from the phone call. And when given the option to be honest with Hawkins about the brother I told the truth. I think it puts everything in perspective, since I believe Hawkins did pick up that something was going on with the MC when they showed up at their door.

I know, and love Lance’s reaction :relieved:

Good to know but I need to make sure they’re okay in person :pleading_face: We’ll have more moments with our chosen RO, that moment is reserved to Ryder.


How many chapters will this IF have?

Will there be action or just drama

Have you played the full demo? Because it currently ends pretty much right after much action.


Not yet I’m about to just needed to know if it had action

I’m planning for there to be 5 Chapters, including an interim chapter 4.5 that will add a lot of extra stories the player can choose to have their PC participate in for hangout sessions with different members of the MCT, or the MCT as a whole as a team.

The demo currently ends after an action heavy sequence!


In more ways than one. :howarethereTHREEcalendaremojisbutnoweightone?:


I would like to investigate the discolored wall but I don’t know what words to write in the investigation box to make that happen. What’s the extra scene that I get if I talk to Elizabeth about the case? Also I’m not sure if you noticed or not but you never implied what ours dad or moms or even our brothers or even mc mutation even is or even how the mutation even affects our mom dad or brother or mc emotionally or mentally or if our mom is dead or not in the demo also if you want to or have a chance to could you add an childhood to the demo for the mc & his family.


For that clue, you can type in one of the following once it takes you back to the text box screen:

paint, locker, lockers


@JBento thanks so much for recommending it bc it’s so good? These people are capable and good at their job?? Their powers are relevant all the time and not just in one on one hangout scenes??? There’s an actual investigation I get to play a part at??? This is phenomenal, I feel like a rescue from youtube shorts, feel-good music and all.



But you should thank ViIsBae for writing it instead.

ISN’T IT?! :smiley:


Yep! I love this story!

It’s on favored list already.

Can’t wait to buy this and add to my favs!


New Update is Out!


Clears throat

So, like stated above, the update is out! I’ll leave a list of patch notes, but this is majorly a bigger one for Alzarez and Lance romancers. The Lance extra story “Movie and Dessert” is being released with this update. You will need to replay the game. I’m sorry about that. BUT it’s because I added in new variables to the train scene so that stuff said there could possibly be brought up in this new scene! Reactivity, yay!

Along with that, you’ll get to read Alvarez’s flashback scene which is the actual end of Chapter 4. Along with a lot of little goodies. All in all, there was about… 44k-45k words added into this update? 40k of them are entirely optional and only happen if you choose to hang out with Lance after Alvarez’s flashback scene scene.

Not gonna lie, 1 variation in I was confident it would take two weeks. 8 variations in I was a bit tired but still energized to get this scene done. 16 variations in I had to step away for a couple of days to not let my brain melt. By the time I hit mid-twenties in variation for this scene, I was finding myself thinking that it just. wasn’t. worth it.

I have no idea if I’ll make the other intimate scenes this branching. It was honestly a lot of work. Like, a lot, it it was so fatiguing after a while, but I knew I had to get it done. IT’s also the reason I paused my patreon this month, because it wouldn’t be fair to charge people for something that they’re not getting early as promised in the rewards. This took way longer than I thought, so I wanted to just release it to everyone at once.

I do hope you guys enjoy it, and without further ado, here are the patch notes for this update.

Stay Brilliant,

Patch Notes:

  • “Movie and Dessert” Lance Extra Scene is finished.
  • Alvarez Flashback scene is finished.
  • Added a Text Box Investigation Tab in the Stats Screen.
  • You are now able to toggle between Text Box Investigations and regular choice script gameplay for TBI sequences.
  • You can now view the Text Box Investigation tutorial at any time via the stats screen.
  • Removed the Text Box Investigation Tutorial from chapter 4.
  • Added an option in the beginning of the game to Fade To Black during intimate scenes.
  • You can now pick asexual and aromantic as separate options, and they are not tied to each other.
  • Grammar edits and fixes (thank you to all who report them).

Congrats on the update.

I seem to be getting an error. I’ve restarted the game, and after I’m welcomed to the unit the next page has us pulling up in the SUV outside the victims house.


It goes straight from this page…

To this page


Thank you for the bug report, I fixed it! I accidentally left my dev shortcut in there lol

Click here for things

I’d have to check the other flashbacks to check if it’s working as intended, but this might be a case of wrong locator, as this specific bit takes place in Cullen’s office.

I keep forgetting to ask: is Marcus JAREAU a reference to JJ?

“passing”? “seeping”?

Amateur hour. :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be “reached”, to keep tense consistent with the rest of the scene.

Somewhat weirdly-phrased sentence.

“the”? maybe?


Either this should be “he” (referring to Cullen himself) or this sentence needs rewording for clarification.

I want to say I LOVE the concept of this extra scene, so we can move away from this notion that the job should be all about gung-hoing around finding people to shoot and then doing so.

No, no, Harper, let’s do this trade. I deal with your share of this sort of paperwork and you attend all my administrative meetings for me.




Crashed on preferences

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What a great update!

Alvarez’s flashback solidified my love for the character. The way they kept the team together, how bittersweet it was reading them reminisce about Kate and Ryder group up, the “I’ll keep your secret Kate” :sob:, how honest they are during the therapy session, it was all peak.

Alvarez has this grounding personality that I love and they would have been a great team leader if they didn’t hate all the bureaucracy that comes with it.

Carter’s extra scene :fire: I wasn’t ready, that was really really good. I was already a fan of the MC’s mutation before but now, uff… great stuff.

A question on the extra scenes. Are they part of the main story or more like something that happened behind the scenes? I’m asking because I think I would want the option to commit to Carter further along in the story, it felt a bit sudden there (ofc we are given options not to but I’m just wondering).

As for the clues on the victim’s house, @ViIsBae you said they were 10, does it include the password?


That bug should be fixed! It appeared only very briefly when I was fixing the sexual/romantic preferences.

Oh for sure, they could definitely be a good team leader if they actually wanted to. They’d just be good for it in completely different ways, and have troubles in ways Hawks excels.

I am glad to hear it be well received! I spent way too much time on it It was, however, C.C. Approved :tm: (@CC_Hill ) so I felt pretty confident in releasing it.

It’s kind of a mixture of the two. So, anything that might be felt as interrupting the pacing of the story, or not relevant to the main story, is thrown in the Extra Story section. The extra stories that are going to be unlocked by completing chapter 4 are a little different, however. Because those stories are all going to be things that happen in between the few months of Chapter 4 and 5 (hence why I call it chapter 4.5). I think I’m going to make it so those ones aren’t accessed through the extra scenes menu, and instead are their own thing. But for right now, that Lance extra story lives in the stats menu.

But to answer your question: you do not have to lock in Lance’s romance during that scene, it’s simply an optional way to start it earlier if the player wanted to and has at least 10 attitude with Lance. There will be a point later in the story where you’ll be able to lock in a romance with them as well. In fact, I think I’ll make multiple points in the series where it’s possible to lock in romances with characters. At least that’s the plan right now

By ten clues, I guess what I meant was that there are ten things you can investigate. Not everything will be super important to the investigation in some way, mind you, but they are there.