(WIP) The Bureau - Chapters 1-4 (550k+ Total Words) UPDATED 04/30/2024

So, quick little update with a small poll. The newest text box investigation is officially coded and I’m now onto the confrontation part of the other route with Hawks and Ryder. I’ve got way better at coding the text box investigations and I’m honestly really pleased with that. I think I might actually make it a staple of my games going forward in the future where there will be about 2-3 if not more per game, all varying in different difficulties. None of them will be required to be done perfectly in order to move on with the story, so no worries there.

I’m also wondering, for those of you that have played the newest demo, what ending did you get? There’s a huge variation of them and, for all you Lance romancers, there’s even a very feelsy ending to the chapter you can get where you have a very heartfelt moment with them. I’m very interested where everyone’s PC’s ended up! I like data

Mission Status by the End?
  • Stayed on catwalk - PC finishes the mission
  • Stayed on Catwalk - Lance finishes the mission
  • Falls off catwalk - PC finishes the mission
  • Falls off catwalk - Lance finishes the mission
  • Falls off catwalk - Alvarez finishes the mission
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Status of PC?
  • PC got mildly hurt
  • PC got extremely hurt
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I will get to that but not tonight.

Before sleeping wanted to say, the emotional river is awesomesauce. Horrible of course but it put this WIP into my favored lists instead of liked lists.


I needed this today. Appreciate you.


One error comes up, first one I remember seeing at that.

Scene with Lauren and Kristina, Lauren said, old man, but it was italics so maybe was making fun of her? Was expecting old woman. It could been a bigger dig using man? Uncertain on it, it was little confusing. My first I came across anyway.

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What scene is that one in? I might’ve accidentally not put in the gender variable for it

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There was two more errors.

That one was in the coroners office.

There was another in the warehouse with Kristina and Harper after fight with Peter.

Also, something about the puncture wound, Sarah says would instead of wound. Cant recall exact location now, sorry.

I ended up being closed off from going with Sarah and Elizabeth, only choice was Kristina and Harper. Those two are not stealthy type are they? Harper seemed like a frontal assault type. I didnt think I was.

Guess I have to ask, how do I not go onto catwalk? I really did not want to go up there.


The other scene is not written yet and will be released in the next update. The SWAT team will always go up on the catwalk!


Ok. I wasn’t certain, and having speed as primary, catwalk isn’t a good one. Those poor SWATs. :disappointed:

I felt bad for them, knowing they were to be fodder.

It’s interesting how it changes some depending on what we chose, too. Very nice! Can’t wait for more!

The replayability of that scene is quite varied. That is a lot of work your doing. Love it!


In the elevator, after Dennis explains what R&D means it says of Carter that, “no can ever say she’s a pushover,” when Carter is the male version of Agent Lance.

It also calls Carter her in the SWAT fight the page after Alvarez has been freed.

Hawks states of Peter Lambda that, “They mind as well be two entirely different people.” rather than might as well.


Hey everyone, it’s me again. No chapter update yet, but I am here to say that there’s a POV extra story that you can get an early look at that’s available on my Patreon.

Samuel Ryder - The Morning of the Funeral POV

This is a special extra story because it not only shows you Ryder’s struggle with their mutation, but also the struggle with their mental health. I think it’s also important for people to read because, for people who don’t suffer from these issues or haven’t known people who suffer from these issues, spirals like this can happen. Especially if they’re born from something so cataclysmic as what Ryder and the rest of the team has been through.

The next update is well in the works, still shooting for it to be out by the end of this month if I can swing it. Thank you all for being patient, and thank you all for supporting. I’m going to take a nice long break for the rest of the day after writing that POV.

Just remember; please remember: you are not alone. No matter what you’re going through. You are not alone.

Stay Brilliant,



I can’t help be reminded of the Federal Bureau of Control even though there isn’t much similarity between the 2 agencies :woozy_face:


I will have to consider this when I get the chance. I suffer from my own PTSD, and it comes from more than one source, yay. My favorite types are those that know of it or usually have it too.

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Well everyone, only one more sub-route to go and that’ll be Chapter 4 completed! These routes have a bit less variation to them in terms of combat, something I may go back to later to rectify if I feel it’s necessary, but that’s because this one specifically was supposed to be a route that was less about combat and more focused on the mental stats of PC’s, should they want to choose that instead. I’m looking forward to getting it to everyone, and to seeing people play through this chapter in its entirety. It’s one of the biggest chapters since the after funeral scenes and all of their variation.

At the start of next month, I’ll have the next 4 months to get this final chapter done, plus all the extra stories to fill in the time skip, and hopefully get everything cleaned up in time for submission before school starts back up. To be honest, I’m nervous. I’m not sure I’ll reach my deadline, but I’m definitely going to try. I’ll be honest, this scene I’m finishing up had me stumped multiple times. There were a lot of times where I felt bad for cutting back content, like choices for this current path. But I knew this was a daunting task going into it. I just… may have bitten off a bit more than most people can chew during my first game.

Everyone writing a game for the first time, do yourself a favor; go small first. Seriously, it’ll give you some confidence to know you actually released a game already. That’s my advice at least. Though I can say, seeing the finish line is a little cathartic. I’m not going to sprint to it. I’m not going to rush things. But it’s nice to finally see it. And also still scary, because that means book two and Fears of Leslie Thoughton are next too.

That being said, Fears of Leslie Thoughton probably won’t take all too long to write because, hell, I wrote the demo for it in 3 months, one of those months I didn’t really work on it because it was mid terms, and I had to come up with the code for the game from scratch. And it was relatively complex coding (for me at least). And I’m planning for that game to come out in the middle of the development of Book 2 of The Bureau.

I’m hoping after Book 1 releases that maybe the Patreon picks up a bit as well, because then I could have polls more frequently, hold Q&A’s, etc. etc. As of right now, a lot of community interaction stuff isn’t quite worth it as there isn’t enough community to interact with. But that aside, I’ve always wanted to work on something like this, and no matter what, this story (while opening up the story for the second book a little at the end) will be a completed story that someone can pick up, read, and not have to worry about extremely stress inducing cliff hangers.

EDIT: Also, for the Patreon, since people like getting content early as a reward (at least from what I’ve seen) I’ll be starting to upload some of the extra scenes that are going to be available in the game early on Patreon, like I did for the Samuel PoV scene recently. It’s a good way to keep Patreon content rolling, as well as work on the book at the same time. I was personally trying to avoid early release stuff for my Patreon but hey, it seems to be what people are kinda into. So, that’s going to be a new reward for (at this point) all subscribers to the Patreon.

Thanks everyone for sticking around and supporting.

Stay Brilliant,


Also, thought I’d reply to this here as to not go off topic on the Wayhaven thread; if you haven’t played the newest part of Chapter 4 there’s more Lance in there for you! There’s even a nice heartfelt moment if you make certain choices and stats fall in place correctly.


Yay! More Lance! <3


Had to go check the ROs because I couldn’t figure out who Lance was. For some reason, I have Carter in my head as just Carter. Like Madonna, or Cher.


Pardon me, it feels like i’ve just pulled you off the podium mid speech just to ask about this one thing but does that mean book 1 will be just 5 chapters? You might have talked about this before in fact you probably have but this thread is monstrous;;

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Yup! 5, maybe 6 chapters depending on how I split up these next couple of parts. Keep in mind, when the next update comes out, Chapter 4 will be finished with somewhere around 580k-600k words. So the chapters for this book are pretty substantial.


I don’t post much, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love these characters and can’t wait for the full game. This is easily my most anticipated game. Keep up the great work.

I’ve only played it a few times but I am already willing to do anything to protect Harper, my muscular queen :rofl:


The Final Part of Chapter 4 Mostly Is Now Live!

So, you guys are probably wondering what the mostly is about. Simply put, there’s a subroute in the final part that I still need to write. Not very long, it won’t be too big of a deal later on, but this scene was blocking me hard. After working on it for 2 months straight I just wanted to move on. Needless to say, if I had to write one more set of variations for how the PC fights the suspect, I was going to go insane. That being said, it is all mostly there. There’s simply one greyed out option is all. I’m going to come revisit this scene when it’s more fresh to me again and when I don’t have to push myself so damn hard and force myself to write it. Along with the final part, I’ll probably be adding a bit more variation to it in general. But, now that that’s out of the way, let me get to the patch notes!

Patch Notes:

  • Added most of the rest of Chapter 4, which includes another Text Box Investigation Scene!
  • Added an unlockable extra story of Ryder’s PoV before the after funeral scene.
  • Multiple gender variable mistakes have been fixed.
  • Fixed a mistake where Alvarez and Ryder were being referred to as ‘mommy’.
  • Added a small dialogue variation to Ryder’s train scene where, if you’ve already talked to Alvarez, the PC won’t ask Ryder to clarify details about Alvarez’s age.
  • Added a small dialogue variation to the talk with Hawks in Dennis’ Office where, if the PC didn’t answer the phone for their brother in Chapter 2, it will reflect that choice.
  • Fixed the error on my part where the hoplite in the painting in Hawks’ office was being referred to as ‘Roman’ instead of ‘Greek’.
  • Fixed a bug where, if you chose to talk to Lance first on the train, it wouldn’t give you the option to talk to a second person.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me while I’m pumping this stuff out! It feels like such a weight off my shoulders to be able to just moved on from this scene, and to give myself the room to just come back to it later. Expect the Patreon to pick back up to two posts a week again as I get to start writing all the in between stuff for Chapter 4.5! If you like this story, and you want to support either me or this story, head on over to my Patreon where you can get an early look at extra stories, audiobook readings of this story and other IF’s, original short stories with original characters, and so on.

Patreon Link

We’re getting close for sure everyone. Hopefully, bare minimum, by the end of the year, this story will be completed. I’m excited, scared, and worried all at the same time.

Thank you all again so much for sticking with me.

Stay Brilliant,