(WIP) The Bureau - Chapters 1-4 (550k+ Total Words) UPDATED 04/30/2024

I have books 2 and 3 of the Wayhaven Chronicles, and I have to have maybe more than a dozen different read-throughs, because I wanted to experience every little thing.

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It’s the holiday season~

So my gift to you all is a new update of 17k new words and some tweaks that were recommended/asked for.

  • Chapter 4 Part 3 is now out as you and the MCT go to investigate your new lead.
  • A segue has been implemented in order to make the F to C conversion part of Ryder’s conversation sound less weird.
  • You can now choose to only interact with one person on the train
  • You can now choose to simply sit by yourself on the train and not approach anyone (Alvarez will still come up and approach you though).
  • Multiple Pronoun Errors in Chapter 1 were fixed
  • The text box investigation section of Chapter 4 at the victim’s house is now not case sensitive. This means you can type in “Bed Frame”, “Bed frame”, or “bed frame” and they will all be right. However, “bed Frame” and “bEd FrAmE” still won’t work, and I will never make them work, you little chaos gremlins.

So, as you can see, I’ve been a little busy since school ended. 17k honestly doesn’t feel like all that much in comparison to some of the other chapters, but then I have to remind myself, those chapters had literally four different scenes that were all completely different that needed to feel similar in length to one another. So, I’ll give myself a bit of a break.

For those of you that have been waiting to get into some action, you won’t have to wait too much longer. Next Chapter is certainly going to be your chance to show off what you’ve got in a high intensive situation in the field. Thanks everyone for sticking with it for this long, and I hope you continue to stick with it, and I hope you enjoy the newest addition to the story!


sTIll wOn’T WorK :stuck_out_tongue:





So proud…love The Bureau so much, we thank u for all your work.


Hii!! I noticed when you choose sociable and charismatic, the shy stat goes up


I will have a look at that for sure!

Also, a general request to everybody, as always, please let me know if there are any bugs! I’ve heard about one where the laptop is unable to be accessed, but haven’t been able to replicate it on my end. If anyone else is having this issue, please mention it along with the specifics of what led to it. It would be much appreciated!


The silence is suddenly broken when Samuel goes over to a bag that is underneath the table. She haphazardly empties some of the contents onto the floor. Eventually, she pulls out a white plastic medication bottle and twists off the top.

Kris, without lifting her head, speaks up with a calm and steady tone. “You took some this morning-”

Samuel barks back in interruption, “Yeah, I did!” Kris closes her eyes and lets out a heavy sigh as Samuel takes out a single pill and pops it in her mouth, dry swallowing it. The pill bottle is tossed down to the ground with everything else and Samuel speaks up in a croaked tone. “I need a few minutes.”

Without another word, she walks through the exit of the room.

Found another thing, Both Kris and Samuel are males, yet it refers to them both with she/her pronouns

I crack a half smile and look over to Kris in appreciation for her words.

Elizabeth spoke up. “She’s right, Agent. Honestly, I can’t believe they didn’t inform you of the situation and reasoning behind assigning you to this team.”

I open my mouth to say something, but I hear a scoff from behind me and Kris mumbles “Why would they? Not like they tell us anything…” The words are said with an obvious disdain as she places the bag back on the table.

Elizabeth glares at her for a moment, then looks back to me. “Special Agent… Katherine Moore was killed in the line of duty one week ago.” She pauses and let’s the words sink in. My eyes go wide in realization.

Samuel enters the room again. She doesn’t speak a word, and not a word is spoken to her, but she looks at the bag on the table before sitting down in a chair opposite of Kris. Samuel nods her head towards the casually dressed special agent, giving her an appreciative look, and Kris simply nods back in understanding.

Yeah, idk what happened, the pronoun issue wasn’t occurring at first, but then I restarted and now it seems to be a lot of it lol.

Samuel speaks up while propping herself up with a hand while her elbow rests on the table. “That’s if they were even killed near the dump location. Could’ve been killed in another city for all we know.”

Kris raises her brows and nods in approval of the criticism.

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That’s really strange. Are you playing with bi or asexual preference for your character, or a strictly male preference for your character (it matters for coding).

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I also know the only two things I did differently was choose Speed and Reserved with a slim tall body at the beginning Vs the Strength and Charismatic with a muscular tall body.

( :slightly_smiling_face: not sure if that helps at all. But I don’t recall seeing the pronoun issue when my MCs was the latter; unless I missed it)

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Okay, so I just picked slim and tall build, with speed and reserved, and I couldn’t seem to replicate the bug. If you restart the game, and pick the exact same choices, does it do the same thing? Also, I know it’s a pain, but if it is happening, could you tell me the exact choices you pick up to that point. It doesn’t even have to be what the choices say, just a list will do.

(Example: 3, 1, 1, 2, 4, etc. in order with the choices that appear)

Okay so I just tried it out, and the pronouns change right after choosing the 5th option: The wave and nod- during the Kris introduction.

Oh and My choices before that were:

Option 3, unsure - when asked why I joined
Option 3, awkwardly nod- when meeting Jacky
Option 2, use analytic skills- when speaking with Hawks
Option 1, having read most of the books- still speaking with Hawks
Option 1, are you related to Jacqueline- when being introduced to Samuel

I’m playing as a Male btw, just in case that’s important

I’m going to replay some other choices to see if it’s the same. But these are the ones I made up until we get to the briefing room,

Thank you so much, I think I found it! I will for sure push this update out soon! I accidentally had that specific choice goto the option for a different preference.

EDIT: Should be working now!


Oh okay!! Thanks!! I’m about to refresh and check it out.

Edit: :sweat_smile: Yeahh, sorry, they’re both still being referred to as she/her. I wouldn’t worry too much about it now, maybe look deeper into it another time before your next update (unless you just feel like it, i’m not sure what time it is where you are)


I found Carter and Arthur being periodically being referred to as females this afternoon. My MC is female and likes men. It started after the funeral as far as I remember, and happened once or twice with Samuel as well. Even Dr Howard became a she!
But, apart from things like that and a few spelling errors, this has got off to a great start and I want to know what happens next! This is just teething problems, you have the makings of a great game.


Okay, so I noticed another instance where it rerouted to the same path the other one did with a couple of the agent Lance intro choices. I’m hoping that fixes the problem of them being genderswapped constantly

I don’t know if the laptop isn’t working or if i don’t know the password,but after fully searching the room i can’t leave.

In order to leave a room, you just type “leave” in the text box. In order to have a text box appear for the password in the when investigating the laptop, you need to have investigated a different clue in the other room first. Hope this helps! If you are stuck on the password and you’d like the answer to it, that is on post 567 of this forum page, blurred in spoiler text.


If only you had said this in the game itself… :roll_eyes: /s

I did type leave, could only leave the room after getting the right password.