(WIP) The Bureau - Chapters 1-4 (550k+ Total Words) UPDATED 04/30/2024

Everyone, I have officially finished my short 20k game demo for the Halloween Jam; “Golden Eyes”! It was fun (and frustrating at times) to figure out all the different coding involved with a redirect_scene checkpoint based system, but definitely a really good learning experience. If you like my writing, and you like horror, and you like explicit content; go check it out!

School is still in full force, and I’m still focusing primarily on my studies, but this was a fun thing to do in the off time, and it has made me SO EXCITED to keep working on The Bureau. Honestly, doing a game jam and completing a project; knowing and having the experience of completing something even as small as this, makes you so much more confident. I know The Bureau is going to be a million word behemoth by the time it’s finished, but knowing that nothing I code in this game will ever be as intensive or thought provoking as what I coded in Golden Eyes is a huge boost as well.

Thank you all for sticking around and supporting my writing!