(WIP) The Bureau - Chapters 1-3+ (600k+ Words) UPDATED 12/22/2023

Unfortunately the unofficial updates will most likely not be implemented until the second chapter is done. However, I will most likely put a poll out to see if people want an update to the game after every scene is done, rather than chapter, since the scenes are longer than I had anticipated. (20,000 words into the first scene of chapter two and only about one and a half one-on-one character scenes are done so far). I will be releasing that poll closer to the end of scene one of chapter two!


Okay, thanks!
And that’s no issue, really! I just wanted to know!


Everyone, Chapter Two - Scene One is officially LIVE! Thank you all so much for your patience, and I hope you’ll all get to know each and every one of the MCT a little better! As always, feedback is very much welcome, and if you have any questions that arise feel free to head on over to the tumblr and ask away! Can’t wait to see what everyone thinks and I hope everyone enjoys it! I will give this a couple of days in case there are any major bugs that I missed, but after that it’s on to Scene Two, where you get to work with a couple of the Special Agents out in the field!


I got an error in this scene and froze it won’t let me continue.

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Thank you, should be fixed now!

Ok nice thanks for the quick fix and respond.

The error is still there.

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Hello! Thank you for the update! I got an error that keeps me from moving forward. Here:


@Mei_Hiroshi @Sakura_Higanbana28 Really sorry about the errors! I triple checked this time and those specific ones should all be fixed now.

Hello seems like there is still a problem in this part.

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Thank you for the bug report, all those particular bugs have now been fixed as well. I’m really sorry for all the bugs guys, I swear I play tested this multiple times before putting it up. Guess I should learn how to actually use quicktest.


I hope I don’t bother you :sweat_smile: but it seems Like another new bug came up again. Here.

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Hey really enjoying the WiP, found this while playing through

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@Iam_Senpai @Myrkur Those should be fixed now. (For Harper/Carter’s error it’s my first time using that particular type of *if command in a choice, so I’m hoping that fixed it. If not, keep me updated please)


I don’t know if someone already asked, or not ^^’, but will there be saves implemented?


Honestly, I’m seriously thinking about implementing them. The only downside, and I’ll bring this up again if I ever do it, will be that for sure every update will render the previous updates saves moot, because I am constantly adding new variables. But I will most likely be making them a thing. Thank you for your interest!


also this; when I went to find Carter in the kitchen- flirted too

Sorry, yes, that one has been fixed now! I’m just going through a series of quicktests trying to get all the bugs fixed. My apologies, I’ll do this before updating it officially from now on. I just figured out how to quicktest today.


Okay, so I am REALLY sorry about that choppy update. After five hours and numerous numbers of quicktests, it finally completely passed the quicktest. Everything should be good now. Everything should be working. Still feel free to comment about spelling/grammar errors, and please let me know what you think of it now that everything is good to go. Again, I’m so sorry about that, and now that I know how to use quicktest I will do so every single time before putting out an update. Lesson very much learned.

Thank you for your patience, you're all the best.

I’m gonna go cry in the shower now

Also, fun little game; there are references to two other WiP games on this sight in Chapter 2. Specifically their names. So there’s a little scavenger hunt for you.

Also also, poll will be going up in the next couple of days. Keep an eye out for that.


Really loving this. Like the romantic interactions also. Keep up the good work.

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