(WIP) The Bureau - Chapters 1-3+ (500k+ Words)



Any updates on this story? Also when will the art of the characters be released? With AI we have so many possibilities.

Before AI all the fanart of the stories and even the big ones like TWC and FH were horrendous but now every WIP with like 2 chapters has AI art/portraits of the main characters.

Also legit question but in mystery fiction which is the best movie/tv show in your opinion aside from Sherlock obviously?

I liked The Mentalist but I felt most cop shows are kind of the same

Also will there be more action combat in the later parts of the story? fighting, getting injuries, getting shot, etc?

I’m currently working on the coding skeleton for the investigation part of the chapter, so I’m shooting for within the next month it’ll be ready for release. However the art for Elizabeth, Samuel, Harper and Kris are done, as well as one of the backdrops for the game, they are Patreon exclusive rewards though. Reason for that is because I personally don’t like using AI art (I won’t get into that here) so I commissioned all of the artwork myself.

Personally, a few of my favorite mystery fiction series are True Detective, The Mare of Eastwood, and Detective Conan, just to name a few. I grew up on things like CSI, Criminal Minds, Detective Conan, NCIS, etc. So I really like the prospect of making something similar if given the chance!

And yeah, there will be parts of action for sure, but not in the next couple of updates yet still.


Bro saw one art he didn’t like and came to this conclusion


Nah I saw a bunch of fanart and most of them were blegh. Then everyone was using AI art and it was a huge difference.

Detective Conan? damn that boomer show still around? Author is double my age damn. Also thanks for the info I appreciate it.

Most of the titles that you listed have good arts imo, none of them were necessarily horrendous hell i prefer hand drawn arts than ai, they’re too clean and perfect. Besides most of them are just cover arts and arts are optional anyways the author don’t have to draw/make an ai draw/commission someone to draw the game’s art if they don’t want to. At the end of the day character arts are like double edged swords, you either like them or not which is why i prefer simple descriptions more than anything else