(WIP) The Bureau - Chapter 1+

If you want the feedback on what you have so far more than feedback for the fully completed chapter, then a partial update isn’t a bad way to get it. Plenty of others do partial chapter updates if that’s how their writing schedule pans out, though it’s important to recognize that tying yourself to a schedule isn’t always the best/right way to handle things. It works for some, but not everyone likes the “pressure” this puts on them. Your personal choice is more valid than poll results. Those help put feelers out to gauge what others are thinking, but that’s about it.


Results from yesterday’s poll were very, very surprisingly split completely 50/50 (and stayed like that the majority of the time it was open. I wanted to put this out there to make sure the majority of people weren’t abhorrently against it, which seems like they are not!

Let me just give a little bit of solace to all the Sar/Sam and Kris/Kristina romancers out there; this update has content for you too! In the beginning of the scene it’s an MC only interaction, so all’s fair there. Not only that, but when you go talk to Elizabeth/Arthur or Harper/Carter, you will get the option to ask what they think about their team members, and even ask about a specific one! So, depending on who you ask, you could still learn something about your favorite MCT member.

I’m still going through bug testing at the moment, but with any luck, the update will be out later today. I really hope the people who voted against it understand where I’m coming from, and I apologize if I’ve disappointed anyone by releasing it this way. It sucks not having as much content for your LI’s as others do, I totally get that, but just remember the next update that comes out will be strictly focused on your LI’s! There’s also the new extra scenes feature which I have implemented and have three extra scenes available to unlock so far.

I will make one more post here when I officially push out the update, so stay tuned, and thank you all so much for your continued support!


Cant wait to see more of the Sarah romance. Done the Harper one, but still gotta look at the Elizabeth and the Kristina route. Loving this and waiting patiently to see where it goes next.


Hey all, the new update is out! It has the newest parts of Elizabeth/Arthur and Harper/Carter’s stories are out! There’s also the new extra scenes in the options menu! So please make good use of those save slots! The word count is now at 423,568 words (excluding commands). I will be working very hard on Sarah/Samuel and Kris/Kristina’s routes, so please look forward to that! Once again, feel free to leave any and all feedback!


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Tried restarting the game and this came up when choosing sexual orientation.

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Sorry about that, will try to get that sorted right away!

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Sorry about that, should be all fixed now!


Just thought I’d let you know that its working fine now and i love the new scene. There is however one problem now. The save function isn’t working now.

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Glad you like it! Should be working now. Accidentally forgot to put in the command for it

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What does attitude points means in the MCT description menu? :thinking:


Attitude is how much a specific NPC has agreed with your actions/liked your characters choices. You can still romance whoever you want regardless of attitude, but eventually special scenes will unlock due to attitude (they most likely won’t be too demanding to get) and your best friend will be decided via the team’s attitude toward you as well. Hope that accurately answers your question!


Please keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see Kristina’s and Sarah’s scenes. My favorite from Harper’s and Elizabeth’s is Elizabeth because of how shy (i don’t know if that’s the right word, might be reserved) she acts around my MC.


Interesting but seems like some of the choice doesn’t really change the MC personality. You act stoic and professional and the next scene you go out of character. Making me question why even add different type of personality choices.


This is a very valid criticism and something I’m trying to, at the moment, remedy by giving main dialogue options for different personalities. (Example: Smile and shake their hand, politely wave without contact, nervously say hi while looking at the ground, etc.) I am, however, highly considering this to just be the skeleton of the story. Something to give players enough choices for character interactions to where they can have slightly different playthroughs, but once the entire story is completed I’m most likely going to go back and add more dialogue based on higher or lower stats. This way I can write a scene in many different ways, but not get completely demotivated and burnt out by every new scene I write by having to write 10 different versions of it all at once.

I hope this answered as to why the story might be lacking in some of the nuanced changes in dialogue you’d expect from different stats at the moment. Regardless, I hope you’re able to enjoy the demo for what it is so far, and I do thank you for the comment! Criticism always helps me improve!


Well guess what I was going through my bookmarks just the other day and found that I had this story just collecting dust lol. Any realising I hadn’t read this yet (which I have now :rofl:).
Anyways first off love the story, definitely love how the whole team who all seem to have some emotional problems from recent events. And it certainly feels like I’m the guy(MC) that’s there to fix their heartache and romance one of them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:. So love the concept the characters and storyline and writing.
Now that aside I have a few questions;

  1. How strong is our MCs Dampening powers? Also any more details on it would be wonderful!
  2. Do all our team members know what powers we wield?
    3.Lastly when we talk with cute feisty flame girl Sarah and she tells us of her ‘curse’ of a power couldn’t we offer some form of comfort or flirtatious comment that we could help her feel a bit normal, considering our(MCs) power weakens/turns off, other gifted users powers?
    Anyway hope the questions aren’t to bothersome, and keep up the great work. :kissing_heart:
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Hey there, thanks for checking out the story and I’m really glad you’re enjoying it so far!

  1. As of right now the MC just knows that their powers can nullify powers to a certain extent. You will also be able to enhance them at some point as well. That’s all I’ll say for now as next chapter, especially for S. Ryder romancers, will reveal much more about that.
  2. By this latest chapter being released, only Elizabeth/Arthur knows about your powers as they read your file.
  3. With romancing Sarah/Samuel, as seen in the train scene they’re not too into the whole flirtatious remarks thing, and they’re in such a bad spot at the moment that any comforting words would most likely be lost upon deaf ears. They’re less of a “Let’s sit down and talk about this so I can help you feel better” kind of person and more of a “Let me sit with you and be in your presence to show you I’m here for you in case you want to talk about it” kind of person. A very slow to open up, very fragile soul if you will.

Thanks for the reply :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Definitely looking forward to enhancing our powers :smiling_imp:. Thanks for the heads up on Sarah, I’m most certainly going to break through that wall of fire in later chapters​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Here the sentence grammar is messed up it should be;
"but I simply didn’t have the time to get around to it."

Typo: off just missing a f.

had ,not is.

Capital letter needed.


I really love this, and I am genuinely waiting for more. Plus while I haven’t really interacted with Sam, after going through the MC’s background I am oddly excited to see if what I have seen of their demeanour might play a role based on MC’s past with their brother… Or maybe I am just a glutton for punishment​:joy::joy::joy::joy:.

Overall awesome story can’t wait for more