WIP - That Which Lurks: In the Darkness




Now I got some questions for you…if you don’t mind .

Do we work for the cops? or some kind of private agency? or the FBI?


this : The Bureau has assigned you and two of their best agents

a team of 3…isn’t that odd ? usually it’s 2 right?

can we choose our teammate ? I want Scully! Ditch mulder…he is booring! come to Mama :rofl:


The Bureau is a separate organization entirely (prolly close to FBI standards)

We’re to “assist” the Dawnbury police force in capturing the perp. (Pearson does not “assist” :joy:)

It’s going to be one big happy family trying to catch them, that’s for sure, the MC is the only person who has encountered the Perp and lived to tell the tale, so it’s a little personal for them.

Also, yes there were be instances where you can bring specific ROs with you, but over all it won’t changes the outcome of the story too much. It’s going to be more for advancing relationships.

I hope that answers your question!


nobody ever do that! ‘assist’ . A nurse assist…a clerk assist…

when it come to cops and agency like FBI or similar…it’s more of a turf war then anything else . I hope they have a good coffee maker…so my mc can drink that while everyone else bicker over jerudiction…

Btw…just wanted to say thanx! for the clothes choice? I cant stand skirt in real life lol…

so a suit…is peeeeeeeerffffffect for my mc :ok_hand:


Considering how Pearson and Grabby were already at each other’s throats, I have to agree with you, being in the coffee!


and croissant!





I looove it!


Interesting :open_mouth: also, i can’t express how much i love and appreciate it when games have non-gendered clothing options. It’s the little simple things I love about these games lol


chapter_one line 348: Non-existent variable ‘pearson_first_name’ at eye choice




I’m already intrigued! I need more!! Haha, but i really like the idea and it seems to be coming on nicely. I look forward to reading more and good luck!


Thank you so much!


Short, but enough to catch my attention. The writing is charming.


Thank you :heart_eyes:


@Caspiera We’ve had a lot of supernatural games where you take an investigative role. It’s a nice change of pace to finally have a game where the real police work doesn’t take a back seat (or worse, get completely overshadowed) to more fantastical elements like it normally does. It also helps that the premise and progress so far are really good.


Im excited to know you think so!


I look forward to future updates and, hopefully, the eventual release. Keep up the good work!