WIP - That Which Lurks: In the Darkness (Rehaul)

and I quote : Yay for tiny hands!

now thats just karma…I say…:sweat_smile:

found: Mordecai almost seems to have mirrored my thoughts as she closely examines a nearby, staring at it wide eyed. (nearby…golden basket ? statue ? desk? chandellier?)

Ok Mr.:


that too is legendary thing about meh :rofl:

found: I shake my head, walking passed her toward the windows.

found: “Harper,” I reach out my arm resting it gently on her shoulder “I amso sorry.”

found: Taking a deep calming sigh, she finally retracts her gaze from the portrait to meet mine fully. “Like I’ve told you, Maria was a friend; but I have lost contact with her for decades. I didn’t even know she was back in Dawnbury.” “But you said she was ‘One of Dawnbury’s finest when we first me.”(Met)

so that was the last ones . still seeing ‘‘Talk to beth’’ after I talked to her , so you gotta check that option . Last time it was on a loop and then give an error .

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Yeah I am working on that bit right now :slight_smile: takes a while you know, smol hands and all

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still rubbing it in…are you ? forever stuck with sausage fingers

I just keep blurring stuff…since you know…you seem to enjoy it so much :smirk:

Hmm, i think i can use that in the story somewhere :thinking::laughing:

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well can’t be beth . That cheater! :rofl:

how about the Doc ? can use scalpel with deadly precision but fumble with a vibrator (aka phone) …

I was thinking a long the lines of Jordan, the doc is too tech savy and good with their hands.

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just cose you are good with your hands , doesnt mean you are good with technology . Then again , she probably get used to it…being called in middle of the night and such .

Ok…I’m sold…lol

The Doc doesn’t tend to leave the lab much, and their apartment is really close to the districts local hub, they are all work and no play :frowning:

shrug doesnt matter to me , I smooche anyone who doesnt have asshole personality :sweat_smile:

if she has a desk…smooche will happen regardless :rofl:

they most certainly have a desk lol

That is some really low standards! :laughing:

how dare you! Smoochies are sacred! I would kill anyone who get in the way of mah Smoochie . Low standar…plz…all that matter is Smoochie . I don’t care how or where…:kissing_smiling_eyes:

I hope those are consentual smoochies…

Also, I feel as if there is a pun there somewhere…

Depends on the height of the desk. :wink:

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well Doh . :wink:

not funny! and for your information…all my mc travel with a Box…to stand on! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What in the hell did I just walk into? At this rate we’ll be headed for the adult section in no time.:joy:


Honestly, I think your right ahaha, seeing how things in the story do eventually lead to more adult content.

Silly question, if this gets moved to the adult section, will it lose the potential to be published one day?

Oh gosh, that really WAS a silly question huh ; ;