WIP - That Which Lurks: In the Darkness (Rehaul)

Progress!! Thanks I’ll take a look at that now!


Demo is back up! :smiley:



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Thanks for the catch!

For some reason, my brain didn’t translate “demo back up” to “demo is updated”. :sweat_smile:

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“Agent steel has survived an attack from suspect before,” she flips open the dossier stopping at a newspaper article before turning it toward the agent; (the missing)

After a moment they sigh, “There has been a murder and they want your opinion on it.” Kyleigh’s mood grows serious as they continue.(if we are getting the case then , it should be ‘they need you there’’ ) .

The two of us just stand there in awkward silence before the blonde hair woman beaks the tension. (break instead of beaks)

“I can understand,” nodding in understanding “Dealing with people in a communicative level is what my specialty, field work doesn’t suite me much either.”(remove the what)

other then that…you are a tease lol I want MOAR! :wink:

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I’m sorry I should of been more specific!

Thank you so much for the catches!! I will get to fixing it right away!


Hi, this is interesting. I love detective story and for once this is not supernatural; I hope that means it will give the spotlight to the actual detective works. I caught a bug here:

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found : “That is my fault, how?” I give him a stern look

“I-it isn’t,” Beth fumbles. “I was just worried about you is all.” “Well…” Officer Daniels coughs “It is a pleasure to meet you…”

I though Beth was a female…right?

Found: “The names steel, alexa {surname}.” I give her a growing smile biting back the laughter that grows deep within my chest.

found: “It is very nice to meet your acquaintance Ms steel.” Mordecai gently grasps my hand smiling brightly as the joke flies over his head. (not meet , it’s Make )

found: Beth coughs awkwardly, hiding her amusement, before slinging fher arms around the both of us “The more the merrier! Let’s go find ourselves a sheriff, yeah?”

found: Last thing…is the scene ‘Talk to Beth’ seem to be in a Loop . Its repeating itself…

found: error : line 1085: No selectable options

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Yeah Beth is female sorry, I’ll get that fixed :sob: thanks as always :heart::heart:

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Ah!!! Thanks so much for the find!

Yeah, it’s not supernatural :slight_smile: the antagonist has been named the Dawnbury Demon, but they are not actually a demon :sweat_smile:

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I love it! Looking forward to your update :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much I am so happy to hear that!!

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you are also missing alot of ‘’ between dialogues .

Like here for exemple: "It is a pleasure to meet you Agent steel she beams brightly at me. Officer Daniels flicks her attention towards Harper,

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:sob: grr I’m sorry I’m going through the code as we speak, I’ll get that fixed :sob:

Your the best Red♥️

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Aw don’t worry about this stuff , the purpose of a WIP is to find these kind of errors early on before a game become full .


Yeah, very few WIPs, if any, doesn’t have those little issues. :blush:

And remenber, it’s more important to get it written, than to get it perfect.


I’m a bit confused at this part

> “Oh, but I must apologize for my manners.” Mordecai turns towards Officer Daniels and I, holding out his hand “My name is Doctor Mordecai Parker, you must be Agent Tillian Solis, Bastian has spoken so fondly about.
highly about.” <–(Is this another dialogue or the continuation of the previous paragraph?)

Also I don’t understand why the MC reacts so upset in this scene :confused:

> “I see that, and with such beautiful company!” Bastian gives Officer Daniels a wink. A pang of jealousy worms it’s way into my chest, “Officer Daniels is attractive too,” I jest, hiding the sudden sensation behind a forced smile.