WIP - That Which Lurks: In the Darkness (Rehaul)

you guys gotta learn to edit your post…its the small little crayon-pen :sweat_smile:

Dammit. Why you gotta ruin that now? :joy:

smol hands remember?

They may be small, but from what I’ve read they’re quite talented… for writing… obviously.

Will this be illustrated?

Uh… >//////< caspie.ex has stopped working lolol

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huh? whatta mean?

@ClaimedMinotaur so Subtle…I’m borrowing that !

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Will there be pictures?
Uhhhh, or maybe filmed, or animated, with french music in the background?

We may have gotten a bit carried away… :sweat_smile:

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Oh nooo! We need to fill her up again.:smirk:

With CONFIDENCE guys. Come on, really!? :unamused:

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I feel your pain.

help im stuck and i cant get up.

Also, meet Rhys the Redeemed.


I feel I need to point out that we are not in the adult section. :laughing:

Mine actually just got up, so I have two useable arms again. And I can reach the controller, and change the music me boyfriend put on, before he left.

There’s nothing you can do. Just let it happen…

… I feel like I could do something with that, but I’m going to let it lie.

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Kitties just have so much power over us.

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I deny any innuendo from my side. :neutral_face:

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I’m spiraling. I need to do something else.


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Lolol here we go again.

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Now you’ve awoken the beast.

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