WIP - That Which Lurks: In the Darkness (Poll on #84)


And it is ferocious.


I can’t handle the cuteness!!


I remember a time, at the dawn of the world, when this was actually a WIP thread! :laughing:


That seems like ages ago.

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@Caspiera @E_RedMark
My brain keeps making everything into innuendo and puns.
I blame the both of you.


I regret nothing :slight_smile: I just can’t wait for you to get to the new monti scenes… /cue evil laughter


If it’s filled with horrible puns, I will find out where you live, and stand outside your windows, pouting at you with a disappointed frown.

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I would never do such a thing…


I feel like you used to respect me more… :disappointed_relieved:


:sob: that never changed!!

So I was thinking about an AU where this all took place in a fantasy world, I was think m!Monti would look some thing similar around this…


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:hugs: :cookie:

@Caspiera I take that cookie back! Your adorableness hide pure, manipulative, evil!




Now if only Jensen had salt and pepper hair, total m!pearson vibes :heart_eyes:

Oh, just for all you lovelies that don’t use Tumblr

Pearson Moodboard


Montgomery Moodboard


wait, what? no!!

(Also, I gave all my hearts away to doggos and kitties, I’m deeply sorry everyone, I have failed you.)

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I think she was just hungry

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Sarcasm: the best way of talking, except for not talking.

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I already followed and saw all your posts and ask you on tumblr!! Now it’s time for me to come here and actually write here too hehehe. I’m not very good at finding errors or criticisms unfortunately, but I’ll fill that up with encouragement and praises if you let me! As I have told you, amazing storyline, beautiful imagination, and hilarious / cute interaction on this thread :joy: although Pearson hasn’t made a lot of appearance or interaction with mc just yet. I still love that Jensen may somewhat fit the m!Pearson face claim. A beautiful choice :smiling_imp: Anywho, I’m looking forward to your update and love to comments on anything needed for opinions! :heart_eyes:tenor

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No worries you will be seeing a lot of them soon :slight_smile:

Aww thank you so much​:sob::sob: I don’t deserve such kindness :sob::sob:

Also love the profile pic, great webtoon♥️

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‘Brows’ I assume.
Edit: Also while ‘eying’ is technically correct, ‘eyeing’ looks better to me at least. But that’s up to you.

Is this supposed to be ‘her’ not ‘there’? Otherwise I’m confused by this.

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Yeas it supposed to be her thanks for the catch :slight_smile:

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