[WIP] Such Happy Campers (DEMO UPDATED May 12th, 4 chapters, 105.725 words)

Mostly intact… at least the MC wouldn’t be locked in a mental hospital after it all ends, right? Right???

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No prison can hold ME.


Hello, forum! Here’s a small update since you guys most likely aren’t hanging around on my tumblr:

Chapter 5 is still in its writing stage, it’s currently sitting at around 28.700 words. Progress is picking up speed again after a little slump I had due to real life events. Anyway, the branchier parts are practically done, and those were likely the most expansive, so I expect the going to be smoother from here on out. I’d say we’re almost halfway done :slight_smile:

Chapter 5 is going to be huge, and it’s very eventful already. Coding this is going to be a nightmare, but eh, I think it’s gonna be worth it. Also, it’ll be introducing a sub-RO whom those who aren’t on tumblr won’t know about at this stage, so I hope that’s cause for some excitement. Thanks for staying tuned! :smiling_face:


Just want to say that your writing style and the general spread of choices makes this game so much fun to play! I recently got into playing a horror-mystery centric ttrpg with my friends, and seems like I really got into one giant rabbithole with my recent readings lol

Thanks for your hard work!


Wow, thank you so much!! This is my first ever attempt at an IF so the kind words go a very long way. I really hope you keep enjoying this :blush:


A small progress report: Chapter 5 has entered the coding stage :slight_smile: :blush:


Always a thrill playing camp horror