[WIP] Specter: An explorer's tale (4/10/2022)

You play as a draftee who was recruited to investigate the Deadlands. A cursed zone full of ravenous and ruthless creatures that caused the near extinction of humanity many generations ago.

Fight your way through hell itself and discover the secrets of The Deadlands, the specters and the real reason for why the draft was issued in the first place, all while trying to survive the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

About stats and customization


Customization: You can choose your gender, name, last name, appearance and your profession before the draft. The profession you choose will affect the stats you start with and one of the possible endings in the game. Choosing a custom profession will allow you to name said profession and set stats to your liking.

Skills & Traits: These will affect choices and the outcome of some of them. Having higher stats will help you solve certain situations. Lower stats will serve the same purpose, where you’ll be able to solve a problem through a lower stat if given the opportunity and if you choose to do so.

Affection: This is your “friendship” bar, where outcomes will change depending on the level of affection with certain characters. The affection bar will not decrease regardless of the choices you make, but a certain level will be required to start a romance.



Explorer: Stripped of your normal life by the military, you are dropped into the Deadlands to investigate reports of specters lurking around the area.

Alek Zima: Usually mistaken for a younger person thanks to his looks and shy demeanor. Alek is a clumsy young man with spiky black hair, almond colored eyes and a very slim constitution. He wears the military uniform issued to the draftees and a pair of square glasses.

Kate Foster (RO): An outgoing journalist from the DDN (Dekyst Daily News), who ventured into the Deadlands on her own free will. Kate is a young woman with emerald colored eyes and dark brown hair. She wears a brown leather jacket with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of blue jeans.

Petra Meyer: Leader of a rescue sent into The Deadlands. She is comforting and levelheaded, with all the diligence you would expect from someone in her position. Petra has short black hair and coffee colored eyes with a scar across her nose.

Finn Hauer (RO): Private first class from the Dekyst military and member of Petra’s rescue team. Serious and unapproachable for the most part, Finn is a young man with icy blue eyes and light blond hair.

Astrid Fehrman: A medic from Petra’s rescue team. Astrid is a presumptuous and experienced young woman with great confidence in her life saving skills. Her eyes are like almonds and wears the red cross armband with a cap over her brown hair.

Cole Paddison: A specialist from Petra’s rescue team. Cole is a bright and energetic tall man with a strong attraction towards sweets and snacks. He buries himself under many layers of protective gear that cover his entire body.



-Updated with more story after the branching paths of the first demo.
-Added new entries to the codex.
-Replaced Programmer profession with Tattoo artist.
-Added save system


-Continued story since last update
-Reworked stats and other variables
-Added player’s custom profession
-Added player customization

Test the demo here: Specter: An explorer’s tale (dashingdon.com)

And that should be it, any feedback and opinions you may have about the game are appreciated so feel free to leave a comment.


Um I think you meant “that humanity has ever FACED” cause the way the original post currently ends make it sound like they are just starting a new phase (stage) of the war?

Very consistent throughout the game except for the medic Astrid being replaced by the reporter Kate.


This is quite long and really good for a hobby project. I like how the narration goes smoothly. Even tho it was a big cast, I had no issue understanding who was talking as each character already has their own voice.

Keep on the good work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think you definitely have something there.

Also, love the specters and Deadlands names it’s catchy.


Oh, you are right. Thank you for telling me, will correct it right away

Thank you very much, it’s very encouraging to hear that.

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Good stuff, playing Clear sky in the background on repeat while reading was good, only complaint is minor. It’s that I know that the career choices have to be limited on account of not having time for 12 trillion stats. I don’t understand why out of 3 programmer was the best for creativity. If there was a skill for problem solving, then yes that would be perfect, but something like artist would probably work better for creativity.

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Yeah I have to agree with you there

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yeah, the jobs are subject to change so I’ll probably replace programmer to something that makes more sense.

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Hey, just wanted to say I really liked the demo and hope you keep it up

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I really like the story, it really good. Keep it up

My only complaint is: I killed the Spector, but Lionheart says I failed the mission, I don’t get it

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You can end the fight with the specter almost intact or you can severly wound it. I assume your outcome was the latter, but maybe it wasn’t too clear so I will revise the scene again. Thanks for the report.

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Thank you, glad you liked it.

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