[WIP] Space captain (Working Title)

I was looking through some old files of games I started, but never finished and saw I had worked on a sci-fi adventure game. I normally write medieval stories, but at the time I felt like trying my hand at something different. I had forgotten all about it, until finding the project today.

It is more than likely riddled with bugs, since it was an old project when I first started coding, but if you like the premise of the game / story, I may continue it working on it.





I’ve really liked the story. Loved the AI.
I’ll play it again to give more appropriate feedback but I wanted to tell you my first opinion of your wip. :smile:


Please tell me the Android is a RO


I have some ideas on how I can make that work.


Found this. :slight_smile:


When searching the supply room in the mine there isn’t an option to go back. The only way I managed to get back was falling back into the main room while exploring the duct. Also, after searching the dead guard it takes you back to the main room instead of taking you back to the choice to either search the guard or the room.


Thank you for finding that.

Thank you for finding these.

Are you still working on the War For Magincia

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I was having problems with the ‘startup line: 380’ error, then my phone refused to open the link at all.

Sounds like a great story idea!

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It is currently being reviewed by COG.

Will there be a demo for it?

There was a beta test, and Patreons already have access to it.

Oh okay, I can’t wait for the game to come out! Is there an expected release date for the game?

COG gave a June estimate, but that could change.

pair of typos


wanting to earn more credits

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Thank you.

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I really like it would love to see it worked on in the future. Though it is pretty buggy right now.

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