[WIP] Smoke & Velvet: The Gnawing Chronicles UPDATE 07/19/20

Call me Roast or Cela, whatever works.
I’ve wanted to write a choicescript game for years now but hey, quarantine does things to you, like kick your ass into gear and gets you to start writing.

This game updates on the 19th of every month
Play the demo here!
Check out the official tumblr @smokeandvelvet-cog
And the patreon! Where patrons gain early access to art I make for the game and an alpha version that is updated every two weeks, starting 08/07/2020! Patreon

Smoke & Velvet is a cosmic horror story based on a world dissimilar to ours full of monsters and magic.

You play as a monstrous parolee in 1913, forced to work for a company that investigates magical and monstrous phenomena. You’re set on a conundrum of a case with no easy answers, plaguing a town like the mysterious illness that plagues your body and has stolen bits of your memories–that are slowly starting to come back.

Solve the case, survive, get answers.

Right now you can:

  • Play as either a Basilisk, Hellhound, or a creature known as Living Porcelain.
  • Play as non-binary, intersex, or trans. You can also choose to have top surgery or not.
  • Play as any variation of Aromantic or Asexual (including sex comfortable Ace)
  • Choose between four romanceable characters, three of whom you can choose their gender, the fourth being an AMAB trans woman.
  • Deal with the mysterious sickness that’s plagued you and stolen your memories.
  • All the while being forced to work for a company who charged you with a crime you may or may not have committed.
  • Enjoy variable dialogs/flavor text based on your species, friendship levels, and rivalry vs. amiability levels with characters.
  • Experience unique text and dialog based on your developing personality traits. Currently there are eight (8) personality types.

Things in the works:

  • Polyamory!
  • A toggle for particularly triggering scenes so readers can either skip or read watered down versions (IF the scenes I’m thinking of make it into the game to start with)
  • Personality/Stats balancing will be an issue throughout writing, working on it
  • Romance either one of your handlers, your mysterious monstrous counterpart, or the terribly bashful attendant

Please be aware of the content warnings. Some of them sound scarier than they are but I want everyone to, first and foremost, be safe.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, comments, etc!
What is available right now is a first draft that will go through a lot more edits as I write.

As of 07/19/2020
Demo word count w/command lines: 70,625
Demo word count w/o command lines: 62,715
Average word count per playthrough: ~24,400



  • Polished randomized mixed trait bit - shouldn’t get duplicates anymore but let me know if you come upon any weird bits of text that don’t seem to make sense/are repetitive
  • Introduced toggles for flirt and personality choice options, now you can choose to see if choices change your personality or are flirt options.
  • Rewrote basically everything from the last update to accommodate more choices. I feel better about it now.
  • Also learn more about both Nico and Isla with the rewritten updates.
  • Made it so not just basilisks who chose the farm can decide last minute which one they’d like to go to.
  • Rewrote stoic personality trait scenes to be less mean bc they were totally hella mean and that’s not the intention :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Added hair colors!
  • Added a cute stumpy tail and a forked tail for basilisks
  • Adde horn options for basilisks (saw fanart with horns on basilisk!MCs so I had to)
  • Added a curled tail and dual tail for hellhounds
  • Added topsurgery for trans individuals who start off with an AMAB/Intersex body that didn’t develop breasts.
  • Nonbinary individuals can now pick their pronouns between the ‘big three’ she/he/they
  • Personality trait balancing. You should be able to get more charming and stoic options/easier to trigger charming/stoic text.
  • Added a small specific item you can include in your room decorations regardless of initial style choice.

Relatively small update this time :'D
• Added no relationship past to romantic/sexual experience choice
• Introduce new system to handle mixed trait personalities. Now, if your character has multiple personality traits equal to each other, the game will read which of those are dominant and randomly choose which text of those traits you’ll see in game.
• Expanded on character hair (just, there’s text now for when you pick your hair, no big)
• Other small edits and fixes.
The last scene in the demo is REALLY ROUGH imo and so needs a world of polishing but I also didn’t want to leave it out for the update since it’s already a pretty small update as is.

• Revamped the personality system to a pillars of eternity inspired version (numerical personality types). HUGE Thanks to @SpokesWriter for providing the code for this. Mine was an awful awful mess.
• Expanded on the species backstories. Each species option has a unique backstory with different origins and experiences.
• Implemented relationship history, allowing your character to choose between a promiscuous romantic history, one that’s not so much, asexual, aromantic, aroace, and sex comfortable ace.
• Meet the rest of the cast! You can now meet Isla, Fatima, and Nico!
• Implemented tail options for hellhounds and basilisks
• Probably more that I’ve completely forgotten.

Play the demo here!


Not working for me… Keeps loading forever

Edit: as they say, 3 for luck :. Works now


Yeah I noticed that too :confused: I’ll work on it and see if its a problem on my end. Thanks!

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I’m really liking where this is going, I love playing non-human characters. Can’t wait to meet the rest of the characters!


I am liking it so far. The world seems quite deep, and I look forward to learning more about human and monster relations. Especially Fatima and the ERA.

I love the selection of species. I went straight for the living porcelain and the detail with that path was incredible.

Dana is the only character we meet but they were pleasant. I am interested in seeing what María is like.


great so far can’t wait for more keep up the awesome work

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Color me intrigued! Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Also, Danny is adorable so far!


I liked it. Very unique.


Very nice. I like it so far.

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Howdy! I adore this here story. Anyone in which I can be something other than a human already gets points in my book. Splendid species to choose from. And your writing is very clear and concise. Splendid job, and I’ll totally not be stalking this page.


It’s soooo good! I love playing as a living doll. The idea and as well as your story is refreshing. Can’t wait to play it again! :smiley:


It would be hard to make something I’m more interested in. I love it.

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This is really cool! I’m already interested in how living as these three different kinds of monsters works. I’m excited to see more if you decide to keep working on this!


where were you hiding this gem? cose I love it!

Btw…do porcelaine actually sweat ? :thinking:


This is really well-written, especially the opening scene, and the various character branches were intriguing. I also appreciate the smooth way character creation was integrated into the overall narrative.

I wonder if it would be better to hide the unknown variables in the description instead of having them show up as “Unknown.” There’s also a stray period at the end of the description.

I also caught a few minor grammatical errors:

Nitpick City



The first letter should be capitalized.

The apostrophe shouldn’t be there.


@E_RedMark I actually have a post-it note nearby saying ‘Reminder: Porcelain not flesh’ for this reason. So any bodily descriptions are going to be scripted correctly in the future when I have the energy for it. It’s just so easy to put in references to sweat, blood, etc. so that’s on me :'D

That being said, porcelains do ‘bleed’ in a sense and have internal structures that will probably be talked about later in the game.

@EclecticEccentric The description for porcelain is by far the one that needs the most work–you shouldn’t even be seeing all that until all the descriptors are coded in so I need to do some code troubleshooting there. And I totally appreciate nitpick city! I’m much more used to posting second or third drafts but I decided to bite the bullet and post a first draft where all these things are still glaringly visible.


That was an amazing read :smile:


Seems like an interesting concept so far, and I’m looking forward to see where you take it :3


this was a thoroughly enjoyable read so far!! really cool concept and your writing flows exceptionally well!!
more horror is always a welcome treat :eyes:

as a side note, any game that allows me to play as some manner of beast race automatically gets extra cookie points :joy:


I really, really like this! Definitely going to keep a close eye on this. :star_struck:
I got a little curious about the Basilisk race. I was wondering, are there any other special features, aside from the arms and the unique eyes, that they have (like do they have normal legs or…)?

I wish you the best of luck with this and I’ll be anxiously waiting for an update! :grin: