[WIP] Smoke & Velvet: The Gnawing Chronicles UPDATE 01/15/21

@Dragongodess Lol nope! Not Batman, its a separate thing entirely, the only similarity is the name ‘Arkham’ I think they did that bc that name has spooky connotations?

Lol I have some plans for racists getting their comeuppance!
It is cliche to have monster racism and I wrestled with it for awhile before ending up where it is right now–it used to be worse then flipped to not at all and back and forth a bit since then. But hey, this thing is still in it’s early days so stay tuned!


Great what you have so far but I’m having trouble picturing what you would look like as the different species- for hellhound would you look like the werewolves from underworld just more hellhound? As for basilisk I’m kinda imagining a lamia?


@wolf666 I totally see where you’re getting those images! I’ll throw in more description in the future. Basically all monsters, unless noted otherwise, are humanoid in size and shape with additional monster characteristics. For hellhounds think more like Anubis looking, body of a human, feet and head of a canine. As for how much the lower half is canine, I leave that up to the players.

And basilisks are humanoid bipedal! Both of my inspiration sources for basilisks tend to paint them more lizard like (think komodo dragon, gila monster, ish) than snake like too.

These were my first workings to try and figure out basilisk anatomy (and an attempt at multiple eyes that didn’t pan out). As a creature with multiple arms you do have an extra set of pecs (not mammary glands, but if you want extra nipples be my guest), collarbone, and some extra ribs and vertebrae to support the secondary arms–is it feasible? I’m not an anatomy expert but I tried :'D

I also played with the idea of different arm placements, lower on the torso, at the hips, etc. but they looked too weird. Tertiary arms were also an idea and might be a thing for some subspecies of basilisks but I felt that it’d be too busy for the MC and distracting to the story.

I’ll be sure to make that clearer when I next update! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Ah so for the lamia you would kinda look like the lizard guy from spider man just with an extra pair of arms and no tail?

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@wolf666 You know, I’ve never envisioned (these) basilisks with scales? Same with tails but as per some people’s mentioning I am writing a tail/no tail option in to both basilisks and hellhounds.

These basilisks are VERY adjacent to the mythology, I suppose hellhounds too since they’re typically non-sentient and quadrupeds. :thinking: But I’m also not specifying certain details (like scales, tongue, ears, the level of canine-ness for hellhounds lower halves, etc.) to leave the reader up to their own interpretations, so envision to your heart’s content!

Basically any monsters in here are only taking bits of inspiration from the original mythology and where the mythology falls short I make something up myself. :slight_smile:

If you’re familiar with World of Darkness’ tabletop games, their changelings are kind of what I’m going for. Humans with different characteristics and abilities if that’s not too drab :'D
But I’d also totally want anyone to headcanon to whatever they want tbh.

This is a character I did for a dnd game that didn’t end up happening last year but is a good example of what unicorns look like in this world–I think I prefer the idea of forked hoofs for the ones in this world/let it be sub-species dictated, but that’s the gist.

That being said, there are lamias around too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can you be or become evil?

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@Epic I do have a route planned that’s kind of a ‘destroy everything out of spite/vengeance’ route. You can be an asshole to everyone and face the consequences of having low friendship ratings with characters.

This is a route I’ll probably develop more the more I have written and go back and edit things to match up.


Why humanoid? Basalicks… just don’t redgester has humanoid in my head.

I mean, neither is hell hounds. It’s an interesting take on monsters that’s for sure, and I’m personally looking forward to exploring it.

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@Dragongodess like @Cyphr said, it’s a different take. And tbh, I wouldn’t be able to write the story I want to write without them being humanoid.

I come upon this problem a lot being DM for my d&d group. When you have a non-human non-humanoid characters it severely detracts from what it is they can do. I had a centaur NPC once and just the merit of her being herself meant she physically could not continue on the mission as it was beyond her abilities being half horse (she couldn’t jump down a narrow chasm safely nor would she be able to be hoisted back up without a lot of outside help) and that’s just not a hampering I want for the MC of this story.

I’d probably blame a lot of influence on the movie The Last Unicorn for this take on monsters as it was a childhood fave. The personifying of monsters has always been low key on my radar??

I also didn’t want to limit myself to monsters that were already humanoid and, by proxy, already have a large media presence like vampires, werewolves, demons, etc.

And if this isn’t me being longwinded for a simple answer idk what is! But I’m glad for the input and discussion :smiley:


I played though this a few times and it’s quickly become one of my favorite WIPs. The different types of monsters and all the worldbuilding seem really interesting, and I love cosmic horror, so I’m super excited to see where it goes!


Could you get Your other power back if you are a basilisk? I mean it would be prety cool to petrify people.


Also does the basilisk scale color mater?

I LOVE THIS STORY! i really hope you’ll be able to finish this. The hellhound and living porcelain storyline is so original and exciting. Love your work,roast :grin:


@Epic I don’t see why not! Probably not at the beginning of the story but, if it works, I could put in something on the asshole path that involves washing the film off :thinking:

The film for basilisks is just my solution to contact lenses since contacts back then were the entire size of your eye and made of glass and caused a whole host of problems so I went the more medicinal track instead of making the basilisk MC deal with those awful awful contacts :'D

As for the scales, I assume you’re talking about the patterning on your back? That’s mostly flavor text that is pretty much on par with the hellhound’s circle and the porcelain’s paintings–helps you dictate what your character looks like, and allows me to code flavor text easily, but ultimately won’t have any big effects on the story.


It would be awesome if you could code that into the game😄

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WoW, this is good… I really hope it’s not like every other good one that would be abandoned for a LONG long time…

hey! i drew my mc!

forever torn between making a feral bastard of a man and Not Doing That.

i barely know him but i’m really excited to :eyes: his placeholder name is Jimmy :]


:open_mouth: He looks GREAT!!

I’m playing around with the personality stats right now so there are gonna be some feral choices in the future! But you can totally be diplomatic/courteous about it too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I love this so much and I’m excited for more!!

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