(WIP) Sent to Erodania

Sent to Erodania - (WIP)

What's the story about?

Sent to Erodania is a Fantasy / Rom-Com interactive novel game, where you, the MC, got reincarnated to a place called Erodania. A place where its citizens are required to celebrate weird festivals just to prevent a war from breaking out.

  • Play as a Male or Female
  • Romance an archmage, a knight, a thief, a maid / butler, and a noble.
  • Join Guilds to play side quests and stories.

To play the demo, go here: Sent to Erodania (dashingdon.com)


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Holy fkn Devils!!! This is a gender locked male story? Throughout the short demo I 100% thought the playable character/MC is a female and the vibes are strong in that direction… It did NOT felt like I was playing a male character at all.

i do love me some romcom although its kinda moving way too fast. also, gender locked to male? are all the ros on a gender locked too? it seems like a nice light hearted story


Although it’s too little too fast to come to a decision, this is not for me. I don’t think I’ll be interestedin anyway. G’Luck with this project though @beebavel.

Is this finally an isekai CYoA with a possible harem? Boss!


I can’t get passed this point.

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It’s a good start but you might wanna make a post talking a bit about the RO’s (nothing too spoilery, just gender, who’s able to romance them and appearance is already good to go) since it’s advertised as a Rom-Com game.


It’s too short to judge sadly so I don’t have a proper feeling for this story. The bread scene was funny through. I really wanted to see the priceless reaction to my choice

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