(WIP) Scales of Justice - CHAPTER 3 UPDATE (14/09/2021)

Thank you :blush:

Your interactions really motivate me to work harder, so I’m really thankful for all words, compliments and criticism that I get here!!


Oh wow, it’s so detailed! That’s like, really useful!
Thanks for the efforts you put into this!


Thank you!! I’m really happy you liked it, it took a great effort and a lot of love and enthusiasm :blush:

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However, this is Seile. I’ve known him for a long time, and she never gave me reasons not to trust her. Even when I know that she’s hiding something from me, there were never secrets between us that could have harmed our relationship, thus I’ve always respected the intimacy of my old friend as well as I’ve trusted her word when it was given to me.

As the rest of the pronouns show, Seile is female in this playthrough.

“Welcome to my team, mister royal,” I add after we break our handshake, making Seile laugh once more.

I’ve got a 50% in offensive magic, and I’m too incompetent to use the first spell I try, that’s disappointing.

When given the option to study another field, why are the options “Study another field or nothing, and not Study another field or practice your chosen specialty?”

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Wow, thank you for noticing that!! I changed it, so hopefully that won’t be a problem anymore :blush:

Even more thanks FOR THIS. OMG, I don’t know how I MISSED such a big error in my coding order, which created this big-big bug for the first fight!! I’m so sorry, I hope no one else felt disappointed with their first battle - the code was meant to give you an intense fight if you selected the appropriate skills, but I messed up and wrote it in the incorrect order so you didn’t get the correct prompt for 50% skill check!! :sob:
I just fixed it, but please tell me if anyone else notices that the game isn’t giving you a satisfactory win even though you have a 50% skill in something!!

As there’s no actual “study” moment yet in the book, I assume you refer to the moment where you can choose your second speciality? If that’s the case, the reason is that, simply, it’s a moment to choose a second field: you don’t practice it before leaving as you have no time, you just decide to acquire the necessary equipment to make use of your very basic knowledge on the matter. That’s why there’s a completely different writing for 20% and 50% of the skills, which hopefully now you’ll be able to notice (I’m still so embarassed for my bug TvT, I’m highlighting this for people to notice this big change).
Later in the game, you’ll have time to considerably level up your skills outside battles: the 20 and 50 exist to give the readers different levels of challenge, from an easy run through for the first book (so you can enjoy the story or just have a strong adventurer that has satisfactory interactions) to more risky options that may or may not develop in your favour. Thus, in Chapter 2 you decide whether you want to have that second ability and master it, or you want to go for the safe option that you dominate… or maybe you’re ambitious enough to try and master something from 0!!

Again, thank you SO MUCH for noticing this - I don’t know what would I have done if this bug remained there for longer!!


chapter_2 line 2953: bad label pers_check

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Fixed, thank you so much!! :blush:

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Hi everyone, long time no see!! I’m happy to announce that Chapter 3 for Scales of Justice has been finally released for you to read it!! The main post has been updated, so you have all the information there.

I just wanted to tell you that, unlike what I expected, Chapter 3 became something much longer and interesting than it was originally planned. With 60K words, I hope you’ll enjoy a day in the small town of Riam, whose secrets are waiting a price to be paid.

Thank you all so much for all your help, support and feedback - please, feel free to text me here, on my Tumblr or to my feedback email, wherever you prefer. All your support and comments motivate me to continue this story and to improve my skills, so don’t hesitate if you have anything to tell me, as small as it might seem!!

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Should be fixed now, thank you!! :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Wow, thank you so much! Those were all spelling errors in my coding, which I didn’t notice as the code’s quite tricky in this part. Thank you for your scrupulous work and help, I’m very grateful that you help me find the bugs that I can’t see :blush: :blush: :blush:
Everything has to work properly now!


First I wanna start off by saying that I’m loving this story so far.

Then I will follow that up with this one piece that I copied and pasted (because technology wasn’t willing to work with me to just toss in a screenshot of it):

“My plans? Well, getting rid of this annoying pain in my torso and legs is definitely my new priority,” the smile on his lips becomes slightly wider, while his golden eyes shine towards Shoren with hypnotising light. “Although you’ve helped me so much with my wounds back at the camp… I’m very grateful to you, little lord.”

And the reason I followed it up with the spoiler is because my MC (who is NB) is the one who did the healing, but the thanks gets brushed off to S. It’s just a small thing, but I feel like if the MC is the one doing the healing the MC should probably get the thanks for it too?

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Hi!! Wow, it makes me so happy to read that, I’m glad you’re enjoying my game!! :heart_eyes:

Yes, that’s actually something that shouldn’t have happened, for there’s a specific line that thanks you if you did the healing. I’ll assume that your Healer stat was 20? Because checking the code I noticed that I didn’t put an equal on the statement, thus making the line trigger only when you have more than 20% Healing. If that’s the case, it should be fixed now. If it’s not, then please let me know so I can double check what’s wrong!!
I’m also very happy to see an NB MC! I’m always worried to make this game as inclusive and diverse as possible, and I won’t pretend I know everything - so, if there’s any feedback you want to give me on the subject, I’m always so, so happy to get better educated in case there’s anything I missed or misused!!


Hi ! Just wanted to tell you to modify the title so people will know there is a new chapter like update (XX/09/2021). I almost missed yours :scream:

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Hello!! Yes, that’s an issue that I have, as I’m still quite a rookie with this forum :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:. The edit mode doesn’t allow me to modify the title, so I’ll likely write to the forum’s moderators to learn how to do that as someone of a low level account. Thank you for your worry - it’s heartwarming to have people helping you with such things!!
I hope you enjoyed this new update. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

EDIT: All fixed now, thanks for the advice!!



It’s wanderer.

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Oi there @myimaginedcorner

Julia, I have the CRAZIEST of the craziest but a genuine doubt… If the world MC is in and the story takes place in is NOT EARTH? And from what I got so far Earth also exists and came from there, did they got animals from Earth when the portals were open? If not HOW THE HELL ARE THESE HORSES NAMED WITH EARTH BREEDS? They’re either brought from earth somehow and continued with those names.

What I meant to ask is that did the humans brought the horses from Earth and continued with the same names?


Thank you, the bug should be fixed now! As well as the grammar issues - I’m always so grateful when someone helps me get better in my English :blush: :blush:

Oh, that’s actually a very interesting question!! As you said, yes, horses aren’t an autoctonous species from Therania - just like humans, they arrived into this world through the open portal, following the two-leg mortals that tamed them and made them their friends. Many terms were preserved from that ancient time, and many concepts have their roots in alien human history. Earth is one of the oldest human planets, thus many others took their vocabulary as a basis to build their own.
You might have also noticed how your MC has no clue about other types of earthly animals, hahaha.
This is also the case for cats and dogs, actually. However, you might notice later that dogs had a much more natural adaptation to the new, magical world…
Sadly, I can’t go into great detail, for that’s V’s job, not mine hahaha.
Thank you for the question!! I love to talk about the lore that surrounds my game, specially the one that leaves its own planetarian borders.


Wow this got very very interesting! I guess the only secret I found out is that there are going to be more secrets for each of the characters :sweat_smile: But I mean it in a good way, all the mysterious reveals kept it more intriguing! Now I just have to make sure there aren’t any birds near me whenever I need to talk confidentially. They’re very attentive :eyes:


“I’m not sure”

“It took me”

There’s an extra ‘is’


I’m not sure about this one, but I think it should be “huffing”?

Should be “Mine”

Pronoun errors

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