(WIP) Rivers of Blood (Gothic Fantasy) MAJOR UPDATE!


Hello again. It’s been an entire month since I first released the demo, and today I present to you: a new update! Chapter One is now 2/3 done!

What new things I added:

—Banners for the game and the chapters

—Reworked and added some stats

—Completed all three major paths

—Merged all of them together

—A glossary

—Two new fight scenes

—17K words added

This brings the game to 40K total words with code.


I decided to rename my WIP from “Sanguis Malus” to “Rivers of Blood”. Sanguis Malus will remain as the working title, while Rivers of Blood will be the official one. I will keep the old name for a few days, so that people have time to see the update and not get confused. Then I will change it to the new one.

I thank you for playing my game and hope that you enjoy it! Meanwhile, I’m working on the last part of Chapter One. I promise it’s going to be very exciting!


Also, I highly recommend you to play all three major paths and experience the story from different angles. Happy reading!


Looks good so far, not one that get annoyed by typing mistake though I just want to mention it.

It’s intriguing enough for chapter 1.

Can we do poly or is poly possible

Currently, I can’t give a definitive answer. I’m considering it, but it’s too early to tell if it will make sense within the whole story.


A demon dog’s really open for the pieces.Good job!:laughing:

The name is now officially changed. “Sanguis Malus” will remain the game’s name on dashingdon, since I can’t change it there. I hope it won’t be too confusing.


Hi by the way can we instead of creating a whip a sword or a spear made out of blood also are you willing to add cheat mode to the game like MC is overpowered grimblood who have an infinite blood reserve and practically unkillable being basically the mc being an anomaly that should have not existed but it exist and the only reason MC is not ruling the world or going into war for his kind because why bother and the reason MC lives in the village because it’s a quiet life and Maria/Marcus come along and ruin it and MC is going with her because yeah it’s going to be bothersome to kill the inquisitors that will surely bring more inquisitors and paladins and militants after themselves this is why the MC chose to go with them basically what I’m saying the game mode is like the god mod in thousands of us

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The current range of abilities is limited to what the PC already knows. There will be more varied and more powerful things you’ll be able to learn and use in the next chapters.

Haven’t played the game you mentioned, so I’m not sure if I understand your second suggestion correctly. Do you mean a separate game difficulty with its own changes in narrative? If so, then I get where you are coming from, but it’s just not possible. PC being overpowered wouldn’t make sense within the story and lore, on top of me having to add a ton of new code and change a lot of scenes.

However, if you mean just adding a possibility to boost stats with no impact on the story—that’s a reasonable suggestion. I’ll see if the game needs it in the future, since currently it does not.

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You’re correct about the difficulty change changing the narrative where the MC is the apex grimblood it’s okay if it’s going to be too much work I just asked to see if it’s an option but if you don’t want to do it and you don’t want to

I haven’t given this WIP a try yet (I like to wait until there’s more meat on the bones), but I’m glad you’ve decided this already. It might be worth mentioning it in the title post.

There’s an increase in interest, at least on these forums, for cheat modes. People like their power fantasies, and lately several authors have actually integrated cheat mode into the story as its own special thing, even if its just a nod to it in the narrative. POMA, Aura Clash, Kingdoms and Empires, and The thousands of Us are popular WIPs currently that have them integrated. Though K&E is much more of a cheat mode that doesn’t change the story at all. You just win, basically.

So if that’s something you’ve already decided on, it’d be worth letting people know. And no, it’s not an important fan-prerequisite at this point like having some kind of romance option currently is. As the author, always do what is best for your story and yourself. Just keep in mind what’s been popular lately. :slight_smile:


Appreciate the interest and the suggestion. You make a great point, considering the late trends on the forum. I will definitely consider adding it to the main post.

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Of course!

I’m a fan of the premise, so I look forwarding to digging in. Best of luck!

Maybe one day MC can use wicked weapon like blood scythe or something not just whip. Just a thought…


I dunno I like the whip it seems like it would be a vary good weapon it’s not rigid like a sword so you can control it well it’s mid swing and if you wanted it probably could have barbs or something on it as well as turn it into different but not so different weapons like a spear that’s basically just a sharp bloody line nothing fancy

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense it’s like around 12 am when I wrote this

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Its ok i like the idea of the story it’s kind of cool just seems real railroad. And you would think being on the run would of gave the MC a lot of skill guess they did fuck all with there time.

Have you tried all the paths? Mind elaborating on how it’s railroad? It would give me something to think about improving.

MC basically did nothing fighting or survival related for 2 years, and hadn’t used blood powers at all. Naturally, it will take some time to return to the level they were 2 years ago and then improve further. You can’t possibly retain all of your skills after such a long time of idleness.


I can’t imagine that a grimblood in hiding would risk training in secret when anyone could sell them out. It seems pretty natural that they wouldn’t be at the apex of their power considering the circumstances.


It seems MC do train still even when laying low apparently the blood magic also can be used for healing not strictly offensive oriented.

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I might have missed it but I saw no mention of it. I’m not necessarily saying it’s impossible, just a huge risk to take, they do mention “I haven’t done this in a while” about the healing.

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