(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 473k words)

Also, a bit of feedback, that scene is kinda weird because in my playthrough, I didn’t interact with Jing Guo at all. Don’t even played the cup game in beginning.

Spoiler image from new update

Yeah, but the same logic can be applied to Tigress and, unlike Jing Guo, I do spend some time with her so it makes way more sense to use her a hostage.


I took this as LC genuinely asking. He has no reason to keep him alive and you guys joined at the same time so he was trying.


Hang on, I think I need some clarification. Does this mean that all future updates until release will be released exclusively on twine?


how do you trigger the Tang ruo romance? i know the ros are playersexual but i seem to only trigger the female ros


Idk if this has been said already but whenever I get to the part in Jin gou’s restaurant and decide that I’m going to help him then an error comes up saying that the achievement wasn’t activated at the start and then the game just won’t let me continue after that


Tang Ruo doesnt have that many romance moments rn. For him it’s going to take awhile the only thing we have right now is him telling you that you can be his Concubine.


right i fail rigger that flag though, and the option is grayed out in the expedition while all the female ros are available.


I think you need a relationship to be above 70 to trigger him as an option in the poem.

There’s a few ways to boost your relationship with him I think:

*Flirt with him in your first meeting (need charisma for this)
*Fight him in the exams
*Send him a gift right after arriving at the academy
*Notice he has the eyes of perfect replication (need perception for this I think, or int)
*Take him with you to the bandit mission and taunt the bandits
*Don’t run away from the bug before the expedition

I may have forgotten one or two but all of them should bring you up to 71 relationship with him.


Same, and even if I try to avoid that by choosing ‘I hope you’ll figure something out’, there is still achievement error when I try to finish the mission about bandit gang.

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No idea what’s causing this yet (especially when most people don’t get these). Turned off all achievements for now, been meaning to redesign them anyway.


He doesn’t just use anyone, Guo is just a eh… convenient target. They had a grudge and LC either settles it/or blackmails MC.

I’m not using twine, it’s the same game in choicescript, just another platform.


Sheeesh!!! Literal Goosebumps, you are really gifted with the pen my friend. The way the story built only to hit a plot twist like that(The Legend was actually a murderer, DAMN)will be buying this once it’s completed.

Tho I need to know, was this the last update to the public Demo?


Of course not. I’ll be releasing public demos until the game is complete


My saves keep going missing and i can’t get them back

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@NickyDicky I keep getting the bug at the final expedition what happened exactly ?

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ngl im hating the switch to itchio the saves are broken asf if im playing the story then something comes up that i have to do so i leave and save and then i come back and im all the way back at the beginning thats so frustrating


Why not port it to Moody instead of itch if Dashingdon getting shutdown was the concern @NickyDicky ?

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I hate that I can’t code-dive anymore.


Will we be getting other characters’ image before the final game?
And are we getting more arena fights and the long Chen’s brothers fight?

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I keep getting these kind of messages when playing the game and it just stops me from continuing

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