(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 473k words)

You can kill the twins.


Well I don’t know about you guys but I like it when women try to murder me. I’m going for Mei Mei, her murder attempts only make her hotter.


I feel like you’d enjoy this then
Then again you might already have it :smirk:


Golden Seed is OP asf…I think with this power the MC can finally defeat/kill Tang Ruo or Long Chen


If the Golden Seed is progressive thing.
But there is a chance that the author finds out how op it could actually be and make it limited to the Houtian stage.
E.g let’s say we reach peak xiantian,due to the Golden Seed giving us ability to increase our power level by one stage or more,we might be able to use it to fight a shangtian :joy:


how do you get the golden seed?

It’s part of the story

Eh, potato tomato it’s the same thing (It is very likely that I’m an undiagnosed idiot).

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I killed the twin girls but at the end Lei Xiwen said their Mistress freed them and poisoned the tribe


You killed them or let them suicide?

I don’t know if it’s a mistake but if we execute the twins or if they commit suicide it doesn’t work (them being killed by Ro Hyi doesn’t either but that has an explanation) it only works if we kill them (thank you very much Leonard_Gondola)

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everyone talking about how strong the seed is but no one thinks about what this will cost us in the future


So…the games ends after you deal with the Demon lady or I’m just getting a game over,?*

the demo ends when a beaten up tang ruo comes to us, saying he wants to lend a helping hand to us and lei xiwei against long chen


Because there isn’t really any


Bruh as much as I like to say there is no consequence to having this, but don’t you find it quite strange at all, that

  1. So far we are the only character which the stones have influenced with dreams the most

  2. We suddenly got a power that was invented by someone with the title ancestral blood king, I don’t know about you but for me I have never heard a good guy with title like that, only demonic evil guys get nicknames like that

  3. Don’t you find it strange that power rejects our martial arts that use qi and from experience with games like this I have learned that if you keep using power that is not your own, then that power will consume you


We really don’t know if that guy invented it; he could have just learned it in the same way. Regarding the rejection of the skills, I’m sure it was implemented to change the skill system to something easier to use for the game’s code.

The most likely reason is because we are the only ones with a 100% BP, but we’ll see later on


I don’t think blood purity has a role in that having seed at all, Tang wei had 100% but the lore of the game doesn’t even says or imply if he was enhancing his technique at all and the way that panda told us to not lose the stone, is now making me sus


But the game really hasn’t said anything about the techniques of the first emperor and how strong he really was, so he might have known techniques like the Dao and others that we still don’t know and he erased all of the past history before he appeared, so it suggests that he manipulated the history to his liking.


I don’t think Tang wei is that kind of guy, like bruh dude literally stormed the world and literally proclaimed he was him with a sauce of yujiro hanma