(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 473k words)

Ai slander is always welcome.

All hail the Tangs!


Dude, sorry about this, but I think it’s just your reading skills aren’t that good, and you can’t understand Niki’s meaning


I just want a gay romance :sob:


Don’t we all. Unfortunately, autocracies seem to disagree.


1. Ai isnt “poor” she gets a stipend for being a core disciple like we do and most of her money probably does go to training and stuff, plus her master is literally the sect leader so i doubt she has no resources.
2. Her physique isnt exclusive to her and there is seemingly common info on it inside the sects since alot of martial artists knows she has it and spread rumors.
3. Her being Late houtian in two years isnt that much of a feat since she has decent BP for a commoner plus she has aiguo as a master to help her out, and her physique gives a passive cultivating bonus and we have no clue how long it took long chen to become late houtian and Ruo is actively choosing to stay in late houtian many of these are easy to explain.

in summary ai isnt a fraud shes just not a monster like genius.


Understandable but we need to respect the author’s choice and their current situation.


Yes i understand, but im still gonna be sad about it.


I am pretty sure most of us wants to save the kid not because we like him but for completely different reason :smirk:


Which kid?

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If it helps they are still in the game you just have to change some of the variables surrounding romance around so it’s not like their completely removed.


How do you all deal with the rebels in Wu City event

  • Kill them
  • Imprison them
  • Let them in power
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To be honest whenever I go to that scenario I always choose to kill the corrupt guy that the rebel overthrew for reason that is simple he is weak like how earth do you let someone to go on a training arc and come back just to torture you and also if I had let him stayed in that position he would have eventually bankrupt the Wu clan due to him embezzling the wealth of that place


I’m not sure how to do stuff like that tbh. I still enjoy the game I just want be romancing anyone.

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use a save editor and change the values for romance to true when it’s false

can someone help me? im playing as demonic and when i try to tough out the poisen, i die without warning, even though im on heavenly mode, this did not happen when i was good, someone plz help- i had to accept rins offer…

You need regeneration to survive on your own as well high enough stats , I would assume that was your issue.

You need Regen + 800 vitality

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