(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 473k words)

That’s very interesting


Are there any new scenes for having the monkey god as a mentor besides him throwing feces at you?


Damn I was hoping for more of him as most of the mentors have training scenes.

I have a feeling the old man’s scenes are more sparse and later on… considering he’s basically one of the strongest you can have teach you. If he actually taught in earnest, we probably wouldn’t be able to go through the actual rest of the story. The freak.

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Hey I wouldn’t necessarily be against that personally I love games where the mc is incredibly powerful but i understand that some people don’t and might find it boring.


Is the Monkey God like Wukong?

Nah he’s just a shit-throwing spacemancer in this one.


More like Happosai from Ranma 1/2.


Don’t forget panty-thief, one-hit killer, and downright pain in the ass.



So basically master Roshi from dbz

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Might get in trouble for this but screw it

Which is the stronger universe?

  • Aura Clash
  • Path of Martial Arts
  • IDK but both are goated
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chose both but honestly people are going to say poma which is fair, but our mc in poma have met and are actively around the strongest people in the world and aura clash mc is a country bumpkin so we don’t know how strong they are at the top of that world.


PoMA world is a place for people who literally can’t even harness qi because there isn’t any. Those who can and go through few basic stages get ejected from there because they are too strong god-like beings to the rest of them.

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POMA lore itself state their world is weak. Playing the POMA mc after time skip the enemies are breeze to defeat. You have to wait until POMA mc transcend to a stronger world and AC mc arrived at the inner kingdom.


Just finished my fight with Tang Ruo and I was given the option to see Tang Ruo’s POV but it was greyed out so I’m just wondering why that would be?

The POVs are paid content, not part of public demo.


I did think that was it but wasn’t sure so thank you.


POMA literally has single guys kill millions and multiple planets.

Meanwhile Aura Clash is literally the weakest part of their own world with no real clue as to how strong the actual big shots are.

Aura Clash could be stronger if you ignore the other planets and people who come from them tho since Archons in Aura Clash can stop Earthquakes with relative ease apparently and outside your own previous self, nobody in POMA really does stuff like that yet.

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The issue with comparing cultivation worlds is that rules are just so… wonky. Like, we could easily pretend POMA and AC are in the same “universe” but separate planets or dimensions. That’s just how all the different rules and powerups are done in these stories, right? But its at the point where cultivation on one world could be SO WILDLY DIFFERENT from another. The methods, techniques, styles, and philosophies…

Now add the fact that the POMA world we’re in is basically a powerless and “disconnected” world from qi that the heavens used as a trap/prison for Uncle God and it just seems… a little unfair currently to try and compare them. POMA only “wins” because we don’t know enough in AC yet.

I think this will be an incredibly fun conversation when they’re both closer to release.