(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 473k words)

I mean, that hundred thousand belongs to the cities she razed to the ground, the and the population of Poma world Is much larger.

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you mean the tribesmen? or jing guo? cause you can save guo but the tribesmen are just golems and not real people so they dont matter much other than that no one else dies.


Making enemies wherever you go is not smart


Well, yeah…if you’re a weak little BIT-

Jokes asides, you won’t have too much trouble in the demon run if you play your cards right


I don’t know if anyone else noticed but at the end of the day, the Celestial Empire is no different from the sect’s elevator slaves, their entire world specifically constructed to serve someone else’s purpose, completely unaware of the world beyond their cave and inner energy crippling you and reducing your lifespan in the long run just like the pills and elixirs they give to the elevator slaves.

They’re not much different from the golems either since both were just seeded to be reaped later.

Ironically that mean that AI’s difficulty with comprehending techniques is the one with the most potential since she used the least inner energy overall.

Also the ‘leave the planet’ path is basically suicide, your previous self terrorized the cosmos for 6 millions years, made a ton of enemies and only disappear a mere 6 thousand years ago, popping up on any civilized world as a mere Nascent Soul is gonna get 20 Transcendent dropped on your ass instantly.


I had just blown up his head with my fist and still had a nuke in my pocket, I could very much kill him if I really wanted.


I understand the author will not include polygamy, but how would a relationship with Tigres work? Monogamy is not a thing for her.
Or is the mc only one restricted with monogamy while their partner is free for all. It’s already a thing with mei mei too with her side men.


Lmfao this is looking more like a non romance type of game. Being forced into a weird one sided relationship sucks. I didn’t know about Mei Mei. I didn’t think she would have dudes on the side. She seems too psychotic for that lol

Fairly sure Mei Mei is just leading the idiots on without anything actually happening.


That’s more in character of how I see Mei Mei. Super manipulative. The better the looks the crazier they are lol.


Yea Mei is just leading them on,she prolly never let Jing Yong close.


Ok, first, I’m with you. I wanna collect them all.

BUT, hear me out. Mei Mei doesn’t have side men. She has men chasing after her. A beautiful, quiet, and shy girl that is great at what she does? The way I see it, she plays them whenever possible and the MC is literally the only person she lets in on everything in the background of her true self. Other than maybe Long Chen, of course… but they’re not exactly on friendly terms anymore. Her “public self” is very modest and traditionalist, so it’d be scandalous if she even hugged those guys. Don’t worry there.

And Mei Mei knows she can’t control MC in anyway, at least not for long. It kills me that we’re locked into relationship paths. I’d love to have an agreement with Mei Mei while still chasing others. Caihong and Tigress are too interesting to back off from.

Also, where is it said that monogamy isn’t a thing for Tigress? The intial relationship is purely FWB, but that never lead me into believing she never just chooses one partner. She did have a husband, after all, and denied every person who tried to court her according to the rumors.


Well according to recent development, spoilers spoiler

The husband title is changed to lover, most likely to drive the point of Tigres not being interested in marriage.


Things have certainly changed


Honestly given the rather lengthy ‘free roam’ part of the game, I’m not sure the ‘locking in’ mechanic was the wisest choice.

Especially since basically all characters are interacted with individually so pursuing all their romances at once wouldn’t really change anything. Like there’s not a single scene so far where romancing two ROs at once or more would require the scene to chance.

I would know, I messed around with the flags to get everyone’s romance scenes every time and it created no issue with the game.


I mean how would you know monogamy isnt a thing for her? i highly doubt tigress is gonna still be fooling around with others while with MC. to her MC was just a guy shes met like a couple of times and seemingly didn’t want to get close to why would she bang us once and seemingly drop everything for us?.

as for mei smh the “side men” she has aren’t her lovers theyre more like her simps she’s actively using for her own agenda and has no plans on being intimate with them…she even admits at the auction that shes only been intimate with us.


Yea leaving the world is hella problematic,unless TW has a contingency plan or MC. is under the protection of a sect.
Also if Lady butterfly is truly an outside cultivator maybe WE have a chance.


Looking forward towards the next part

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I never seen Mei Mei at auction. How do you meet her there? I know Caihong can come.

you need to use the bomb discover her true personality then she’ll invite u for a mission. when u lock in her romance she‘ll meet up with u before the auction.