(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 473k words)

TW: extreme violence, harsh language, very dark/grim world, slavery,

Heya! Some of you may already be familiar with this wip from another thread, but, since I don’t plan on including any NSFW content, it felt appropriate to move it here. Unless something changes, this would be the main thread for PoMA going forward.

About the game

You play as an heir of an old and noble, but decadent family of Martial Artists. The sole descendant of your clan, it’s fate within your hands: whether you will restore its previous glory or will let it collapse under turbulent tides of the Martial World is up to you.

  • Attend a sect full of noble scions. Forge friendships, establish connections and make enemies.
  • Shape your character and their morality: decide how to treat commoners and mortals and see how far are you willing to go to achieve your own goals.
  • Practice Martial Arts, gaining abilities far surpassing ordinary humans. Enter tournaments, take part in duels and fight in a brutal war.
  • Navigate the cutthroat politics hiding underneath the martial honor and bravado — or don’t and submit them all with brute force.
  • Help the reigning Dynasty maintain order — or be the spark that ignites the civil war.

Do take note, all of these things are simply unrealized plans inside my head. Check Demo to see the current state of the game.


The current demo is 473k words without code.

Premium Demo is 553k.
Boosty (only cards, much better for me fee-wise)

Last updated: June 5th 2024

NOTE: Saves may get lost/wiped due to cache/cookies stuff, so it’s more reliable to save them on disk. Also, new updates may break saves if I bugfix/add things, so to avoid that try to save in the Free Roam - Protected Save option.


All ROs are heterosexual.

Prince/Princess Ruo - a heavenly genius, with both talent and backing to afford his/her overwhelming arrogance and unyielding pride. Respects those confident in themselves and dislikes modest/low-key people.

The Tigress - a savage woman that comes from the uncivilized tribes of the West. Brutal, ruthless and with a thirst for blood. Respects the strong and the brave, lusts for muscle-bound hunks.

Mei Mei - a very innocent and cute alchemist that tries to get by in the cruel Martial World… at least, that’s what she appears to be.

Ai - a stubborn, headstrong commoner with a strong sense of justice and a compassionate heart.

Lei Xiwen - a pretty, beautiful even, young man with a picture-perfect face and a love for poetry and music.

Caihong - a bubbly dragon girl. Enough said.

Fan Art

Known Bugs

Prisoner path in the expo may be bugged
BH fight, route where you lose to BH is not finished

Have fun!

Tumblr Page
Discord Server (I’m very active on there, so don’t hesitate to join!)

If you liked the game, I’d appreciate it if you check out my Boosty/Patreon. I post regular sneak-peaks, host Q/As and publish side-stories. Not to mention, that sweet-sweet early access =)
Boosty (573k words, MUCH better for me fee-wise)

P.S. Thanks @Gno_Nguyen for the beautiful art.


Random sugestion: I think it would be funny if you changed the cup Jing Guo puts the coins in some updates just to mess with some “speedruns”


I could make it randomized :grin:


Looks good! Do wanna say tho the cheat level upon entering godhood level dosent seem to work with new xp system? Wasn’t able to get more than 2 levels on attributes starting up. Might not have the XP modifier working on some of the new stuff?

Regardless super fun, keep up the good work


:eyes: Taking a looksie-loo




Eh, it’s kind of intended so that other difficulties may be balanced correctly. You can use Random Rolls + blessed for the ultimate ‘cheater’ experience, though I’ll think about raising the overlord exp multiplier


Is the restaurant currently functioning? I feel like it may be bugged.


Yeah it’s bugged a bit. I’ll rework it completely come the next update. Should probably mention that in the thread, my bad


Love the stat rework, especially with it telling you how much exp is needed for each increase! Although I’ve been encountering a problem during the inn murder mission, where I have a strength stat of 20 and fail a strength check of 16 during the fight. And yeah, cheat mode does get nerfed after the tourney. Love the story as always tho!


Added a Fan-Art summary in the thread, with all of the wonderful drawings @Gno_Nguyen did of PoMA :wink:


Thanks =)

Mind telling me when that happens exactly? I’ll take a look


Just noticed the ai scene is not happening in my game. Is it also getting reworked?


It was during the fight in the inn mission where my mc was fighting against the dude, and I think it was after doing the front kick that I failed the strength check of 16 despite having a strength of 20. I’m replaying it rn to make sure, as I died during the fight after his transformation. Sorry, I have a bad memory lmao


It’s not, you just need good relationship (>55) with her. You probably got it before because relationship scores were bugged with high charisma.

Alright :joy:
I think it may have happened with the spin-kick option. It’s actually a ‘double’ check, which looks for both str/agi. May just be displaying wrongly.


So I need to be very pro-commons in our first encounter then? And also not defend her, because she doesnt like that if I remember.

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Yep, though I don’t think it’s very difficult to reach. Especially if you have high charisma as it directly influences your relationship scores (every 10 points increase ‘positive’ gains by 1 and reduce ‘negatives’ by 1 as well)


Given some rather gruesome scenes, I’d still say that game still qualify as an adult game regardless of having smut or not.

Guess it’s on the mods to say though.


Is that so? Mei mei must then be a very resentful person as I ended the update with 13% rel with her, even tho I was decently nice to her and had 15 char. She must really want me to kill that guy uh


Oh yeah, you can completely destroy you relationship with her during that event lol

Don’t send me back to the purgatory :pensive:
But yeah, I especially made a disclaimer and everything, but mods said make a thread and see what happens haha