(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 453k words)

That he said, but there’s no mention of that reincarnation being random, is there? So this part is pure conjecture.

If this is stuff that is only available in premium, let me know and I’ll delete this… but…

Doesn’t Grand daddy know about Tang Wei? I think that’s going to be one of the big twists: the “rogues” know about inner energy and the old goals of an old and evil god. The new beginning all but screams that at us, especially if you reload to see the flavor text for all of the difficulty options. It’s my guess that the rogue clans are aware of the truth and they shared the truth with Wu daddy. He knows Tang killed/replaced his child which is why he despises us, he knows inner energy is a lie which is why he stopped cultivating completely, and he’s torn between loving his his child’s innocent replacement and despising the fact that the replacement is what/who it is.

With that all in mind, it all makes a lot more sense to me.


Xiwen explicitly tells you the rogues are aware of all this in the current public build. (after the auction, if you got his letter during the expedition, and maybe even if you didn’t)

Dunno about sharing the knowledge though. Like, i don’t think they view daddy Wu as “one of them” as opposed to a guy who took their princess from them and should diaf.


Pretty sure they were thankful that Wu daddy didn’t kill her like he was supposed to. It’s the only answer I can come up with as to why the “last hope of the Wu” abandoned his cultivation…


What if he can’t continue working on his cultivation? Iirc Nicky said on tumblr that his blood purity is in the upper 80s. Blood purity, especially for those who have Inner Energy, means everything for martial advancement— it’s what determines if one can transcend past the Three Rebirths. Chao is a Peak Xiantian, and a very talented one at that. So this + him potentially knowing that Inner Energy is the off-brand version of Qi could be what makes him give up on himself.


And also let’s not forget that IE breaks the user’s body while seeming like it’s actually bettering it. If Chao really knows the truth, it make sense that he would stop cultivating to prevent further damage. In a way, the truly unlucky ones are the Shangtians. Tho IE only limits your development to three stages so without TW to gooble up the culvitators, IE is harmless imo


gives more reason why all the shangtians are batshit insane and physically weak without inner energy.

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This is confirmed in the rewritten scenes after the expo and during the coma if you choose the first option Wu Chao talks about mc not being his and Wu Ya says the old man who i assume is mc’s maternal grandfather could be lying.


Dear author I’ve found many errors in your game which is after choosing imperial princess ‘‘she’’ instead of previously imperial prince’‘he’’ Tang Ruo after going deeper somewhere in game I can’t remember easily where exactly but when describing about imperial princess instead of imperial prince the pronouns used are he/him/his instead of she/her/hers somewhere like when MC female dragoness friend Cai hong attack imperial princess at bidding ground after which monkey king came to dispel MC female dragon friend Cai hong flame attack and charge MC 30,000 gold coin for damage that occurs here imperial princess pronoun change from she to totally he like imperial princess is a male instead of female which which confuses me alot, infact after founding that my MC R.O gender is male I thought that I’ve mistakenly chosen royal imperial prince instead of princess so I restarted game from beginning because whenever I got started playing COG WIP I always forget to save my game periodically in between playing thus forcing myself to start from beginning. After repeating such exhausting process 12 - 15 times I found out that this is game error and not an error of wrongly choosing male gender for my MC R.O hence such exhausting repetitive process fed up me alot and forces me to end the game immediately thus I request you author to please fix this grave error.

Now I’ve found one flaw in your game which is during bidding a stone as a item came out on which someone announces that this stone is of no value and this stone is of sentimental value to that person mentor hence no one should bid except that person but MC knows that the stone is infact the same relic from which MC absorb qi to become powerful so MC even after bidding that stone relic is won by that person at exorbitant price of 500,000 gold coin but here even after having more gold than that person you made it impossible for MC to participate in bid and win that stone relic so I request you to please give us chance to win that stone relic by bidding more gold coin than that person so that our MC can became even more powerful by bidding more gold coin than that person if our MC have more gold than that person.

My last request is that you give our mc to choose two option from three given option on using stone relic which is either body & elemental or elemental & space/void or void/space & body instead to choose all three option space/void, elemental and body to make a very powerful OP MC so I request you to give our MC all three option of SPACE , ELEMENTAL and BODY like how you give our MC all five sprit option(cat-sprit, bull-sprit, elephant-sprit, rhino-sprit, falcon-sprit) in later updates on choosing story mode option for legendary body talent.

I mean, I’m pretty sure the message is “you don’t have more gold than that person”. If you had 10 millions gold, your rival would have 20. Pretty sure you can’t have more than 500k without rewriting your save anyway. And frankly speaking, it makes perfect sense that the heir of a somewhat destitute house is far from being the richest person around, no matter their business acumen. Tang Ruo’s the one who richer than God, probably.


story mode mc is already strong u have all the talents u need and u don’t even have stat checks.


The Tang are not that rich, they are slowly going bankrupt from what I read.


Yep. The Tangs are on the decline. It’s only a matter of time before there’s another rebellion.


So the our new cultivation will enable us to became strong as shangtian but will not damage our body like IE?

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Yea basically the way of cultivation we have is the one that is the real one,but what handicaps us here,it IS that there is no Qi to take from the world.


In my opinion, the rogue clan is divided into several factions, some of which will accept the MC and some will kill the MC

So, author can our MC don’t have all three power option elemental, space & body ,if yes then can you author tell us which power(elemental or space or body) will make our MC strongest or give our MC most possibilities for offence and defence.
Also can our MC will not be able to win qi stone relic in bidding regardless of how much gold our MC have ,since I uses kiwi browser to mod and increase the amount of gold to 99 billion gold hence I thought that by modding and increasing the amount of gold to 99 billion gold our MC is able to participate and win qi relic stone.
Also even without modding in previous version I somehow able to acquire large amount of gold & since it’s been some time , I kinda have forgotten so here are the few things which I’m able to remember:-
Before participating in bid I was able to collect 200,000 gold by collecting all of my sect contribution point , choosing least pricey mortal inn to stay before participating in sect entry tournament after arriving in Jianhgu with MC uncle tao to save gold, increase my sect contribution point as much as possible by going to collect flower and accepting all 4 mission given to our MC, accepting Bao proposal and getting sect contribution point from him.
Also dear author is there no way for our MC to gain qi and become strong enough to reach Nascent Soul realm without following the psychopathic blood path proposed by Tang Wei to murder and suck qi from living people because I don’t want our MC to go down demon Tang Wei path and become isolated and sadistic bloody demon like murderer Tang Wei, If yes then I request you dear author for the love of Lucifer to give our MC a different path or option to become strong enough to reach Nascent Soul realm instead of murdering everyone in cold blood.
Also dear author since our MC has to become strong enough to reach Nascent Soul realm thus becoming super OP I thought wouldn’t it would also be good if our MC start his journey to become strong enough to be able to reach Nascent Soul realm by getting all 3 power(Elemental, Space & Body) instead of just getting either 1 power out of all 3 power and this is just my suggestion and I’m not pressing you or ordering you to go for all 3 power, and since it is suggestion I’m requesting you to just think about my suggestion whether my suggestion is possible or not depend upon you.
Also first two paragraph are my question regarding your game and only the last paragraph is my suggestion or request not forceful order or aggressive demand.



even if you get the choice of choosing all the paths you still wouldnt be able to use them to their fullest potential since a master is needed to get the Dao Path to level 3 anyways and you cant choose more than one master. its mostly because of replayability i assume so youre not just going through the exact same route every time you replay the game.


What martial stage is the mc? I can’t see it anymore after dead zone. I think the stats screen still need an indication of how powerful mc is lore wise . Having just " Qi" in the screen does not really explain how they would do against other opponents. Blood hunter for example confuse me. Is he xiantian or peak houtian. Martial stage really need to be more clear.