(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 453k words)

yes who would even go with mei route. Su De is a much better romance option in general, especially if she becomes the new Spear Lord. I guess if someone is going for full Asura bloodthirsty demon son of DQ route they’d romance Mei but besides that :man_shrugging:

edit: also how fucked do you think the MC is if they gave Mei their heart blood but threw away the bomb. World record assassination attempt when??


Mei Mei tells MC after she captures them that she doesn’t have much trust in the heart blood being very effective, given how different MC is and their rapid advancement. So it’s probably not guaranteed game over even if she’s got it.

Only the author knows it, for the time being.


Do you know what heart blood is supposed to do?

My guess is mei’s right in that it wouldn’t do much especially since Tang Wei replaced all the blood in our body and remade it from scratch of course she doesn’t know that but for us the readers it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that the blood she has in her possession came from a different person entirely and would be useless on the current MC.


Heart blood isn’t actually based on the body and blood

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It’s blood drawn from the Mc’s heart so i don’t see how it isn’t.

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I think heart blood is more like the genetics cultivated by countless martial artist bloodline through they skills, experience and proper family pairing for breeding that involve rebirths and status

Is it possible to:

  1. beat LC?
  2. have 120k for the auction?
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1 You can win the battle but lose the War
2Business God Talent


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I had 200k at the auction (talent cheating only) and I’ll just go ahead and tell you:

It doesn’t matter. She’ll drop so much cash you can do nothing and you’ll learn nothing about who the buyer is or what happens to the stone.


Really don’t like the new update and how our dad is now openly hostile and just seems to hate to us, it feel so out of place now instead of him just being aloof or simply uncaring, and the same thing with Uncle Tao having his hatred be so direct throws off his character to me.


Chao’s distance and Tao’s hatred makes more sense now I think it’s better


Chao’s initial hatred towards MC is understandable when you realize that we replaced the soul of his actual child and replaced them. Plus, he eventually gets over his resentment towards us and deeply regrets how he treated us, and expects you to completely hate him.

As for Tao, he blames us for Wu Ya’s death. So, him not masking his hatred towards us isn’t at all surprising, especially since Tao is just a nasty person overall, given he’s from the Havoc Sect.


Fair I forgot Tao was from the Havoc set, and that makes sense I guess for Chao to be weary, but in general I hate the idea we replace the soul of the child, feels convulted for no reason.


That’s fair. Personally, I don’t mind the whole “the MC swapped with the soul of Chao’s original child” thing, but not everyone will feel the same. If anything, I’d say it makes Chao’s reasoning for being neglectful better.


I mean he can always just blame the kid for the death of the mother like the child being the reincarnation drained the mom of her life force and all the Wu Eldars/ moms family noticed it happening.


Tbf it was kinda implied before and some ppl made théories about that but ig now it’s clearer.
Harsher for MC true because nobody wants to be an impostor but that explain things better.


From aloof and uncaring dad to hostile and hatred relation toward our character Is what Chao did In the new prologue, seems like a very reasonable for our character to hate him more


Tao doesn’t have any right to blame the Mc considering he’s the one that volunteered them to go to the market that day.