(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 453k words)

All you just said is based on the story,they are talking about gameplay wise, everything about qi just seems flashy but doesn’t really do anything effective,it doesn’t provide the worth that it should provide with how rare and how hard it is to find,you take just a little less damage than a person would usually take with a stat check and still give you a hard time getting it.
It just looks special story wise,it needs to be improved on gamewise for people that don’t cheat.
Doesn’t need to be rare but a qi strand should definitely have a way more significant use in battle than it has now considering we still need them to ascend to a new realm.


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Hi. I would like to know if it is possible to beat Tang Ruo with mortal talent or if it is just an impossible dream?

You’ll need at least 80 in strength and agility to pass the three main fight checks (when he asks you to show him what you can do). Otherwise you’ll need one of the traits that give you significant amount of health. Passing the constitution check (70 or 80 I think) is very important (the one that breaks your leg if you fail) but I believe with enough health you don’t need it either. The perception check (70 or so?) directly before that helps with the con check, but if you don’t pass it it’s fine as long as you pass the con check or you have enough health.

If health is an issue, ask the He guy for an hour to rest. You’ll need to explain what happened and to hear him out in the sect for him to allow you to do it. If you agreed to take the paste, this takes you to full health, but in my playthroughs I avoid the paste and still survive the final beating by thanks to the 20 something points it gives.

My advice is to roll until you get about 320+ stats and dump vitality and charisma. Before the sect, the only vit check that matters is the one where you chug the wine, and the only char checks are the ones where you try to get a cheap room, convincing Ai you really didn’t mean to hurt your first opponent(assuming you hit him in…I think it’s the jaw or the neck) and flirting with Mei if she gives you the paste. Being willing to sacrifice these opportunities is pretty much the only way to eke out a win, baring some really good rolls in chargen.

Honestly, I like how tough it is to beat Tang Ruo. This is the heir to the strongest Clan in the Celestial Empire, and one who’s already had their heir assassinated before. Frankly the fact that the MC can pull out a win is incredible. These days I like trying to make the victory as close as possible. Winning with just 2 HP left really gives off that. Main Character energy.


Unfathomable dream


Martial Sovereign help you save qi for refining your stats, basically it only works with skills that use qi like Elemental/body/Void.
You’re thé only qi user in existence but for now you need more insights into the path you have to do more flashy and useful thing,it’s true that the qi system now is a bit frustrating gameplay wise but hopefully it’ll get reworked a bit.
But are talking gameplay wise or story wise?

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Both, I swear I had martial sovereign and it didn’t reduce qi, but maybe I got confused, perhaps I should play again to see if it was my imagination

Are you sure?
It only for combat skills not other qi relying activities.

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Makes sense, it isn’t very balanced as of now. There really should be two qi “parts” as someone mentioned earlier in the discussion, one for increasing the stat threshold and one for combat. Qi points for stats and Qi strands for combat maybe?


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At that point you might as well put inner reserves back in. Come to think of it, one of the last things that happens before inner reserves goes away is you get a tattoo that lowers it. Not getting a tattoo is a trap. Trap options are ok and all but I think its still kinda weird especially with a game with so much replayability.

I’m not saying that the qi for combat should regenerate every time you fight someone. I’m saying that whenever you consume a qi stone, the qi should be split into two, one for increasing the stat threshold and one for combat. The qi would still be a rare resource. I don’t think wasting a qi strand (Much less two wtf) for a single move is worth it when you could have used those to increase your stats instead.


Yandere is a type of character (mainly from Japanese media) that is romantically obssesed with another character, going to the point of stalking/murdering/kidnapping, etc. Like Raven, from the Triaina Academy WIP, or Ulyssa, from Whiskey-4.


The situation with Jing Guo becomes quite funny when you have a Business trait. He gets his shit pushed in for running the wrong kind of restaurant, meanwhile you’re just casually raking in an income with no problems whatsoever


Guo will prolly be useful for that fling with one of the Spear twins.

How? What that piggy can do with that ?Those twin’s men beat guo down and shut his restaurant. I don’t want his help and he is already dead in my playthrough.

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He dead dead in all my playthroughs


He’s still alive in every play through except any mei based ones for me. That man makes me way too much money and I feel bad for him

Now that I think about it, depending on how you play Jing Guo s life in the sect can be really depressing.

He’s well aware that he can’t hack it as a battlejunkie cultivator, so instead he plans to fill a niche, namely a wine tavern, to make his way in the sect. He’s so confident in his plan that he borrows a huge amount of money, and judging by the betting trio and the two drunkards that lead you to his restaurant in the first place, it’s a niche with high demand, so his confidence isn’t entirely misplaced.

Unfortunately for him, he soon discovers that the niche is unfulfilled because a group of impressively strong disciples are enforcing its unfulfillment, and he discovers this firsthand when they beat his ass and wreck his restaurant. Adding salt to the wound, the MC, who is either one of his first friends or a stick-in-the-mud he hates waltzes in, all but eating popcorn as he cheers on the proprietary legion beating Jing Guo, before mocking him and leaving him to wallow in failure amongst the tattered remains of his dreams. Remember, this isnt even a year into the game. Fast forwards a few more months, Jing Guo ends up in a competition over the danger zone-remember, this is a guy that’s shit at fighting-and while we know he doesn’t get eaten by Havoc Sect members, he doesn’t, so I imagine his days there were filled with terror. The finally, he gets captured by Long Chen, gets his ass beaten again, becomes a hostage against the MC(remember, in this timeline the MC and him end up hostile to each other) so he knows he’s screwed, and the last thing he hears is the MC cheerfully telling Long Chen to kill him, which LC does with equal amounts of glee, thanks to some Jing clansman Jing Guo probably doesn’t even know or like.

Edit:holy fuck, after replaying the expo and talking with the mistress, nevermind “his days there were filled with terror” dude was fucking captured by the mistress.


Don’t forget the part where his plans for the restaurant are effectively ruined because his own brother has set him up.