(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 453k words)

Pretty sure Ai is unhinged enough to snap like that. /s

But more realistically, it’d align the most with dragon possessiveness so it’s probably Caihong.


How many qi strands will mei mei drop when i kill her?

First of all, I apologize for the excessive number of questions recently (3 already), well I liked the game ;). And here’s the question: can I repair my relationship with mei mei if I gave her bomb to long chen?(i cant go to alchemy;/) Thanks guys and, good day to u:)

No you’re locked into an enemy state which put your rel at 0.

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… All of them. None of them are trustworthy.


What is “yandere”?

Ok I went back to this game after a long time and played the demo. I like the characters, I do have some criticisms / questions though, correct me if I’m wrong:

It feels like a lot of the legendary talents are useless. For example, martial sovereign. I’ve never run out of inner energy before without it, then it gets replaced with qi anyways, which is btw inferior to inner energy reserves because its a limited resource that doesn’t self replenish, and martial sovereign doesn’t save you any qi points. Qi doesn’t even let you do things others can’t, I know this because there are users of elemental powers suddenly all over the place using fire and water abilities, which is weird, because aren’t you supposed to be the only qi user in existence? I thought that was the whole point of the golden seed


Martial Sovereign does work with Qi strands though. These stupid betas are sweating their brows trying to roll it. Meanwhile, we chad sigma console manipulators can freely change reality to our liking.

Qi is better because it won’t cripple your cultivation in the long run, infinite hardship baby. Qi doesn’t replenish because this stupid world is dead and barren. If you were in a normal qi-rich world, each breath of air would make you stronger due to the physique you inherited from Daddy Tang Wei. And what do you mean Qi doesn’t let you do anything others can’t? Did you even read the thing bro? You can literally use almost every martial art/technique/skill with a snap of your fingers. They’re limited to their clan arts and those they find while traveling the Jianghu. You on the other hand can just pull whatever you need with the help of the almighty GOLDEN SEED. Need a big freaking hammer because your enemy can turn into a rock? The GOLDEN SEED got yo back, smash that fool. Need a bit of water to counteract the fire of a psychotic lady who sacrificed her entire lifespan to burn you alive because you may or may not have “accidentally” murdered her also kind of unhinged brother? The GOLDEN SEED once again clutches and saves you from your demise. If your skills aren’t up to par, the GOLDEN SEED will take you far!


Technically speaking while it doesn’t replenish, thanks to Daddy Tang Wei it now comes in very much replenishable juice boxes. You just need to be a bit of a murderhobo.


Nothing wrong with extreme easter egg hunting.


im coming back to this demo now that there’s a lot more content, and i gotta ask because i got surprised ruo is now gender selectable. is he/she straight? i wanted to romance fem ruo but if not then i’ll go with either mei or tigress

True that. I wouldn’t call them replenishable juice boxes though, cuz they unfortunately don’t replenish and are an extremely rare resource :sob:. It’s like being addicted to some hardcore drugs that somehow make you stronger but unfortunately, you’re already in prison (The stupid barren world), and all those hardcore goodies are out in the open world (The rest of the universe).

Everyone is straight now, Russia hates the homos and those who ally with them. Father Nicky had to comply otherwise he’d get jailed.


oh dear😭 well i just won’t romance anybody i guess LMAO and focus on beating everybody up

you get me bro


Romance is for losers anyways (like me), focus on cultivation.


Hold on, does this mean that at some point killing martial artists won’t give qi?

I’m a bit confused, rereading the part where Tang Wei explained what he did. He refined a million mortals into qi stones, so that implies that you can get qi from dead places by killing a bunch of nobodies. It doesn’t mention anything that says qi he refined from said mortals came from a non renewable source, so it feels like constantly farming mortals should yield infinite qi.


Notice something?
Out of all the above…
Only cultivation has no END.


made me cackle, this just made my day lol


Ah shit, I thought earlier you meant the Qi stones. I just woke up from my slumber, turns out sleep deprivation really messes with your reading comprehension.


Qi stone can be found in story in many chapter, you just need to be conservative with it, invest in the stats something like fortitude will serve you in the long run rather than use it for fancy one time skill.

You doesn’t need to be murder hobo to get strong just kill bunch of lunatic and criminal this world have no short supply of those.

Word of Daddy Tang Wei:

This world is your playground, your toy, your kindergarten, your sandbox use it, mold it as you see fit, being murder hobo is not helpful, you will run out of creature in the long run its unsustainable, conservative option seems more viable, remember you are immortal be patience, play nicely with your toy and don’t break it.

I miss having a signature technique like the extreme demonic finger poke