(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 453k words)

Am I crazy? I did spoiler it. Does it not show up as blurry for you guys?

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Ah sorry about that, I have short term memory loss and forgot I clicked on it.

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Yeah but you aren’t supposed to talk about it

How long do the pills Yang Bohai give us last? While they’re supposed to tie us to the Yang clan, I can’t help but feel as if there’s at least one loyal Yang martial artist who got trapped somewhere and ran out of pills.

Also, anyone else taking bets on having a future mission to either defend the facilities/personnel that produce the pills, or sabotage/steal the recipe for the pills depending on who we side with?

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Does anyone know the stat amount to get magnanimous?

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How to get mei mei event ?

If you want mei mei events you have to choose her as ro & have a good relationship with her.

I found out it’s 80-89 any higher and you’re virtuous

If it’s for the Paragon trait, you can go above magnanimous and the trait will still work (same for the Demonic Overlord)

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Ah good to know

Can i survive mei mei poison without anybody help, and dont cut black hole?

Yes with regeneration trait, In that way you can have poison resistance trait but your relation with Mei mei would be bad

Technically your relationship with her will be okay so long as you don’t accuse her of poisoning you. If you just turn down her offer to “help” she’s still willing to try and rope you in her later schemes.


i accused her of poison whilst in the infirmary and she still asked me to kill long chen iirc. also im pretty sure you dont lose relationship points for accusing her the first time, but rejecting her help does.


I meant accusing her in public afterwards, which is enabled if you’ve done it in private when she came to offer her “help”.

	*elsif (mei_accuse_poison)
		#"Get the fuck away from me. You already poisoned me once, I won't let you do it for the second time."
			*gosub_scene sbr opinion "mei" "-" 100
			*set meet_with_meimei false
			*set mei_status "Enemies"
			*set opinion_mei 0
			"Get the fuck away from me." -- you hiss -- "You already poisoned me once, I won't let you do it for the second time!"

If you just do it privately during the initial meeting then you’re right, it doesn’t carry a penalty.

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Funny enough, I’m pretty sure it used to give a solid hit to the relationship. A long time ago. Now you lose relationship if you let start the test but then say no.

Min-max is to actually accuse her then be friendly. That threw me a for a loop, but I really appreciate it. I love the dynamic of playing along with MeiMei in an attempt to benefit ourselves. My favorite alchemist indeed, thanks for the poison resistance!

Imagine if there was a “secret yandere” among the ROs(which is half confirmed smhing unless it’s trolling😑)
Who would you bet on?

  • Caihong
  • Ruo
  • Tigress
  • Ai
  • Xiwen
  • Mei
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Seriously no one voted the “PEASANT”

Mei is easy choice. I can see her getting you addicted to qi-crack so you become dependant on her while she kills off or socially destroys everyone related to you who might act as a connection to the outside world outside of her.

Just Monika-- I mean, just Mei Mei


They even got the same eyes

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