(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 453k words)

Ah thank you and sorry that it is hard to receive money


LGBTQ+ is now considered an extremist organization in Russia, and the author doesn’t want to risk prison.

“Under Russian criminal law, participating in or financing an extremist organization is punishable by up to 12 years in prison. A person found guilty of displaying such groups’ symbols faces up to 15 days in detention for the first offense and up to four years in prison for a repeat offense. The authorities may include individuals suspected of involvement with an extremist organization in the countrywide “list of extremists” and freeze their bank accounts. People deemed to be involved with an extremist organization are barred from running for public office.”

So yeah. Fun stuff…


Hey, it’s me again, I don’t mind the restriction of not being able to raise multiple limits at once with QI, but can you make it so that we can continue the free roam? Cause after limit breaking, I want to use my exp points, or to take Money from Guo restaurant for the auction in next update :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s a reason why Long Chen wants to erase the Jings from the face of the planet…

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What second trait? Is the something other than Poison Resistance that she helps you gain?

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No, I was talking about the poison resistente, second one, as the second thing I mentioned, not a second trait XD


What is the cause of “ai_realizes_mc_evil”:true"? I replayed the game making only minor different choices like joining He clan and telling Ma Rin the truth. Last time this didn’t happen so I’m not sure what exactly caused it. Another change was Long Chen hated me and refused to talk even before I blew him up which also didn’t happen prior. All conversation choices I took were positive with both of them

It happens when your demonic goes above 65% i think


Thanks that explains it. But how does she know though… I wanted to be lowkey like MeiMei only to stab them all in the back

Nothing MC does is secret, the word spreads about their deeds, both the kind ones and the opposite. So your reputation is pretty much public.


Is that map to scale? The rebel clans are closer than I expected.

Keep in mind that close is still hundreds of thousands of square kilometers.

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Distances work different when sea travel is involved. You don’t need to be far to stay relatively safe.

Yes, but that’s just a handful of people, and even for them i doubt such trip is an effortless affair.


But xiantians can fly on their own power-we mention this during the waterfall scene with mei mei

This game is great so far. Awesome to have a cultivation novel! Some questions: when do we get a master? Are some checks impossible bc it’s asking for 20 above the attribute cap? Or is it a situation where I need some sort of equipment to buff me above the max?

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You get your master after the expedition. It’s towards the very end of the current demo. I believe the current public demo has one mission/training scene with your master.


Energy infusion (toggled in stats) auto burns inner energy or qi whenever you fail a stat check to boost your stat by 10. (Check your stats )If you have the energy trait (set during char creation) the boost is 20, so it’ll let you pass if you have max attribute.

Alternatively, you can use talismans for a temporary and stackable boost of 20 to the corresponding stat for the rest of the fight (when the option labeled item/skill pops up check it out). Winning against Tang Ruo in the sect entry fight also gives you an artifact that reduces difficulty of stat checks by ten.


Thanks for the info/tips everyone. Loving the game. Seems like best trait is regeneration bc Jesus Christ being wounded sucks lol.

The romance options are tough btw…I went for Tigress but the Princess is very alluring in a domme sort of way. I still can’t tell if Mei Mei is evil or not…

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Minor correction: this is accurate for inner energy, but the spoiler resource is used at rate of 1 unit per encounter.


Let’s say someone doesn’t accept the Panda’s offer or take the pill given by Mei to ascend to Middle-Houtian. Will I be fucked going forward?