(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 453k words)

Yes, Xiwen will explain things to MC as long as your relationship is sufficient (65+ points) and you ask him Who are you, really? on the way to the volcano at the end of expedition. It doesn’t matter if you’ve accepted Ma Rin’s task or not.

IIRC the Demon Queen is more of a reverse harem type of gal. The guy in question might’ve very well had little choice in that matter.


The panda? I couldn’t find it. Though I’m bad at finding stuff lol

Wdym you couldn’t find the panda? Did you not finish the expedition?


It would be pretty funny if there was a 10% chance for Ro Hui to legitimately be a completely different person unrelated to the Mistress

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just fell to my knees wdym i can’t flirt with ruo anymore what did i miss


If I’m not mistaken…the author is from Russia and they recently made it against the law for same sex works to be made so he had to make ruo gender selectable in order to avoid legal trouble.


The author has decided there is too much legal risk to include homosexual romance options due to circumstances in Russia. They have not, however, removed the ability to mod the game. When playing if you use CTR+SHIFT+i and go to the console and enter the code stats.ruo_ro=true then this will allow you to romance Ruo regardless of gender.

Not sure if it works on the browser version hosted on Itch, I’ve had some trouble getting the commands to work on itch for some reason but it definitely works if you download it and run it direct from your browser.


Dudes a bum. He gets tons of action, but doesn’t send any women our way


The Wu at peak of their power vs the Wu now.



wow that’s insane. thanks man


You can use the console on itch.io by changing top to index though this method doesn’t work on mobile.


Not yet, no. I wanted to know if I should look for something before going into the update that I didn’t play cause the game is very big. I remember the old version we could advance twice, and thought I lost something along the way.

Another poll about Ai bahahahaha.
What do y’all think about Ai post expédition

  • Slay Queen go get some nobles.
  • Something changed🤨?
  • Long hair or short hair I’m packing her up the same and smoke her for qi
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Man I didn’t care at all about how my clan was but seeing this comparison awakened some family pride and makes me want to beat some He faces.


Ohh is that official realm map? Would be cool to have it included in the game.


Yes it is made by Niki.


I love the game can’t wait for it to come out and I stumbled upon it through a email and I have to say I always was interested in martial Arts since Bruce Lee. The Flesh scorching kick art reminds me of a one piece character move but is still one of my favorites. And Lighting flicker makes me feel like copy ninja from Naruto and void step is another I used. I thought using repetition would level them up but that didn’t happen hahaha. How do you get access to the premium demo I wanted to see how that experience is. Thank you for this game been a long time since I been excited and interested in one lately very highly appreciated

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When not much was known about the monkey king, i had the theory that maybe he was from the Wu clan, you know… WU-kong, idk this only crossed my mind a couple of times

In order to get access to the premium demo you have to pay for patreon and he’ll give you the password. The password changes with every update.

The only thing I would add is it isn’t Patreon, it’s a site called Boosty (the author is in Russia and it has become very difficult for Russian people to receive payments through sites like Patreon with sanctions against Russia). Many banks will flag Boosty as a potential scam and you may have to contact your bank to confirm it is a legitimate transaction and you want it to go through.

I have used Boosty to get access to the premium demo and had no issues (though please do your own research).