(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 453k words)

A particularly cynical soul might argue that the amount of life or death fights you’d get in a day fighting for a cause are worth more than a hundred years of training :v
…Although, that’d be an interesting character. Someone who joins/opposes a cause not because he agrees/disagrees with it, but because he thinks he can get better fights out of doing so… If we didn’t already have a rival in the form of Tang ruo I’d suggest this as a new character.

But the new Martial artists would (presumably) not be grouping themselves into one of nine clans ( ten if you count ‘unafilliated’ ) to gang up on their ‘lessers’. Though realistically they’d establish their own clans, and in a few generations it’s back to the current society.

Yeah, this the biggest roadblock. The best outcome I could see is a form of noblesse oblige, where the mortals are seen as something like sheep or dogs-domesticated animals that are considered lesser but have their uses and should not be abused by Martial Artists, as opposed to the current standards that state they should be protected as a population but individual lives are worthless ( see: the book on conduct in the library )

This point is all good until that person who thinks fighting so many battles is more important than training comes up against a Xiantian or Shangtian while they’re just Houtian and gets killed in one blow

Even if they don’t join in groups, even a single MA who ascends to S can pretty much do as they please, so they don’t need numerical power when the difference in power can be so vast

I think the nobles who follow this example would be those from the Jing clan, and if they all have the same personality as the one who fought against Ruo in the arena, I don’t see much hope in this path either


I’m under the impression that it’s dishonorable for someone of a higher rank to be too aggressive towards the lower ranks(revealed in one of the dialogue options with the guy who arranges the 2v1/3v1 if you provoke him enough), which is partially why Shangtians aren’t running around assassinating promising Houtians from rival factions. Though, this assumes they can’t find a honourable reason to do so (preventing social upheaval, is, admittedly not a bad reason on the face of it) and there’s the demonic cultivators who do what they like as they like, and He Jun does try to kill you before you’re even inducted.

Jing Guo himself isn’t all that good either, someone pointed out above in this thread that you can see his contempt for commoners if you buy out an entire floor of an inn (though an optimist could argue that he might’ve been trying to suck up to an arrogant mc.)


It’s true that it’s dishonorable, but this would apply more if the current system of Martial Artists is maintained. If there is a revolution of commoners and nobles, all these honorable/dishonorable behaviors would surely change, so effectively there would no longer be honorable norms, or at least I don’t know if the Martial Artists would follow them since essentially going against the noble system is dishonorable. An example of this is when you meet with AI and tell her that nobles and commoners are equal, your honor bar decreases

I’ve always stayed in the cheapest inn to save gold, so I didn’t know about this.


An rpg protagonist?


Martial artists seeing commoners as something other than to oppress is not something that is unheard of in the POMA world. See the rogue clans for that which has equality between martial artists and commoners so there is precedent for that.


That’s just propaganda, we don’t even know if what they’re saying is entirely true. My MC will believe it when he sees it

As far as I understand, the Jings work with mortals, which is why they have grown so much economically, but how they treat them, I’m not sure


Jing Clan isn’t really better than most other clans.

It is true though. They also don’t have slavery since it is unethical, goes against people freedom and they found out that paying people and giving them food make them much more enthusiastic. Also at the very least
everyone has personal freedom so commoners can leave there land without getting killed.

The Jing Clan is rich because of commissions. But I highly doubt that these artisans and craftsmans aren’t Martial Artists.

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they didn’t treat long clan better what do you think they will do to commoners ?


Does anyone has a guide on all the possible advancement methods so far? Besides the ones with the main story I could only find Mei Mei’s pill.

The only other way to advance to M-H is by the panda. Although Niki will add a way to advance without doing either of these in the expedition next update.


What your opinion on Chao y’all

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Important question to ponder: if you got the Demon Queen as your new mom, does it mean she and your dad are an item now with all it entails.

Hmm but isn’t he on the run only if you don’t have the bald master to protect your clan from mommy’s wrath?

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Smhing given Chao is on the run rn.
I think they divorced

Honestly, Mei Mei is RO with best profit atm, we get healed, a new trait (the second one unintentionally, but still thanks to her) and early advancement, by just saying that we’re going to help her, and honestly, if not for Guo, I would explode Long Chen without any worries in the world.


Hey @NickyDicky, could tang ruo beat a early xiantian if he used his lizard/dragon form along side his sword dao?


Wait a minute…DQ is our mom? Our biological MOTHER??? Oh gosh, I just took a (1.5 mon) break for my end-sems, and it seems a lot has went down while I was away!

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No, she forcibly adopts you if you kill her son.

You learn more about your biological mother if you investigate Xiwen as per Ma Rin’s request (or maybe just having a good relationship with him is enough idk).


When I found out that I fought against the demon queen’s son, the only thing I thought about was that he was the INSANE, CRAZY, BRAVE AND VERY Badass guy who managed to fuck this woman