(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 453k words)

We made dreams come true…just not in the correct way lmfao.



In my playthrough of this game, I chose the gender for Tang Ruo as female, but why is she addressed as a boy.


Ruo started out as male only. You likely came across a section that hadn’t had the pronouns updated. Post it here so Nicky can see and adjust it.


Having issues with playing the game on chrome mobile: every time I save or try to load it closes the demo and I have to start all over again, losing progress.
Edit: also happens on opera.

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>mfw I re-roll a martial artist with 5 talent points and 350 xp because I tapped too fast

p a i n


@NickyDicky if you train in the courtyard, you get the option to do additional training after char creation. The only way to pass the checks for the most extreme options would be to have maxed out stats, at which point passing the checks doesn’t give you additional benefits.


It’s okay, the ceiling is 6 talent points and 350 exp, so keep clicking.

(or just tweak the html file so you always get that max amount /s


I dunno where you got that from? If it was from her introductory scene after the expedition, I don’t see how her behavior reflects “seeking violence at every moment”.

I also don’t get this? She’s very shaken by LC’s actions at the end of the expo, and clearly thinks he’s in the wrong while still struggling to reconcile her feelings of gratitude towards him and the behavior he showcased in the expedition.

Also, why does hating nobles make her “not Good MC” material? Like, for one, she’s clearly fine with nobles who sympathize with commoners as seen by her relationships with LC and MC. So her ire is clearly directed towards the nobles that are fine or apathetic towards the crap commoners have to put up with. Which is absolutely justified on her part.


I’d say it’s rather obvious in that scene:

Ai wipes off the saliva and you see her grin. Smile a smile that both promises and prays for violence.

“I was hoping you’d be an idiot.” – she says, then gestures to the two people behind her – “Don’t interfere.”

Ai got her first taste of being able to impose her will through violence on people weaker than her for a change, and she appears to enjoy it very much.


Apart from her post-exp introduction where she clearly enjoys beating up the noble, I’m referring more to when you enter Chu Aiguo’s route, where she neglects even her student’s training to seek danger to prove herself

The relationship she has with LC is because he saved her and she’s only okay with the MC because he follows her ideology and he can help her liberate the commoners. In other words, risking his life fighting for strangers and her event where she led to all the deaths due to her incompetence because she couldn’t do something as simple as accepting the fact that she’s a poor leader and asking the MC to recruit a decent team to fight against the beasts, she preferred to take an unprepared group solely out of her pride

Her anger is directed at all the nobles because they live much better than the commoners, and how is it justified that she feels anger towards the nobles who are indifferent in these matters? Not everyone has to care about those things when they have to train to stay alive in this world, it’s ridiculous and selfish. I can understand feeling anger towards those who mistreat the commoners, but just for feeling indifference, it’s not justified

A good MC wouldn’t follow her simply because she puts commoners above nobles. It would be more logical for the MC to simply subjugate everyone and change the rules without giving more benefits to one side over the other. Following her route only favors one side completely regardless of the other. Not all nobles are to blame for being born into their position or being indifferent when even they can be easily killed, as seen when Tigress kills several of them after the tournament

And yet she still helps LC even if she thinks he’s wrong because he killed a noble instead of a commoner, to the point of fighting against the MC even if they are friends


Honestly, seeing as fighting and violence is basically the only source of entertainment for “Battle” Martial Artist - I say let girlboss girlbossing in peace.


His is apparently one of minor clans:

However, our opponent this time is not an ordinary top-tier Peak-Houtian. It’s one thing to overpower Long Chen. There are many in our stage who can do it." – Xiwen points to the artifacts – "With this, we’ll force him on the back foot as well. However, to defeat him is another manner altogether. His only weakness is his lack of proper resources, since he comes from an insignificant minor clan.

If he was a commoner he wouldn’t have/flaunt a last name to begin with, like Ai.


I see, I had no idea he came from a minor clan. Thanks for the info

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She can beat up people all she wants, i’m just going to enjoy giving her shit for it after all the moaning she did how tragic it is people don’t try to resolve their differences through talking, but impose their will on others through violence. /s

Next thing we see, she will discover that putting sex on pedestal was pretty stupid too, after she gets a taste.


I don’t think she’ll react to that rn poor conflicted Ai is gone.

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Eh, it makes sense on my end. She was very unsuccessful as a Martial artist before expedition due to the fact she was very pacifistic bout her goals. That’s not something a successful Martial artist would be, so she was able to grew some ego and get a taste for battle during our coma. If she wasn’t able to do that she would end up just like Guo.
So yes, Slay Queen.


At risk of delving too deeply into contentious real-life issues, it’s been pointed out that standing on the sidelines of a fight for social rights and privileges isn’t much better than fighting against it-see Martin Luther King JR’s thoughts on the white moderate, or the joke about having 10 nazis in a room.

Thing is, a purely meritocratic society would still have significant bias towards the (I guess now ex-)Great Clans, since my understanding is that they have stronger blood purities that the minor clans, who have stronger blood purities than the commoners, due to the whole “directly/closely descended from Tang Wei” bit of history.

Besides that though, I’m pretty much on agreement with you re: her incompetence when assembling a team to fight the wolves+anyone looking to fight for commoner rights it going to have to do just that-fight.

In a world where wild beasts can have literally superhuman levels of power, slapping together a hapslash team of disciples to defend a village is at best naive and more realistically self- sabotage levels of reckless. Imagine trying to hunt down Gustav the crocodile and recruiting solely from the elderly and the infirm.

AdditionalIy, in a society where might makes right unless you have Buddah/Jesus Christ levels of enlightenment/charisma you’re not going to be able to change much in society without exerting a lot of force, even if only in self defence. Good luck trying to peacefully protest or strike when Yang Thundercock wipes out half your mob with a single Kung Fu move for disrupting his training.


Ai is not very good because for her if you are not a noble and are not in favor of her when she has more power she will probably kill the nobles who do not support her
and most of the nobles are more concerned with having the strength to survive than worrying about the commoners, besides, if Ai wins, the nobles will be humiliated, in any case there will not be equality

The problem is that when there are so many things in this world that can kill you, Martial Artists don’t have time to fight for social rights for other people. This is what I mean by indifference in this world, using your time to fight for a cause instead of using your time to train is literally suicide because not only do you make more enemies but also neglect your training. And even if you have powerful people behind you, it doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be a lunatic who doesn’t care about that and eliminates you anyway

The thing is, the situation is difficult because of the world they live in. For people who aren’t Martial Artists to live without fear of beasts or the dangers of this world, they need strong Martial Artists, and usually, it’s the noble Martial Artists who have more opportunities to become stronger (whether it’s due to talent, BP, or money to invest in their training). Essentially, even if the current nobles and commoners were to disappear, the strongest Martial Artists would still gain the most privileges as a result of this so, the Martial Artists will always be the ones ruling in this world, it will simply be exchanging one system of oppression for another.

Of course, if Martial Artists at some point can see those who are not Martial Artists as equals, this could change. But that will be difficult when the difference in power is so vast and their lifespan as well