(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 453k words)

Of course he wouldn’t let him and his family, and he doesn’t let him have anything to do with her killing all the tangs

Tang Ruo will have plot armor so you will probably have to choose a side


And yet she stands proud, resolute in her convictions. Truly and admirable woman.

To those who refuse to accept a freer world: the chi gallows welcome you all.


Yeah makes sense choosing your maternal family side or choosing the dragon’s side or choose the tangs who are stuck inthe past and failing and filled with egomaniacs.

she would never achieve this without the help of the mc, since she is not at the level of the s of the tangs and when she is the tr will already be an s, and I don’t even need to say how much he’s going to eat her in the punch

She might also get stronger right obviously not as strong as Tang Ruo but atleast Shangitan level

In my case, at least, I’m going to help Caihong, I don’t even have to think about it twice, she deserves her revenge for what the Tangs did to her


They can all thank the head of their clan, who has decided to kill every dragon simply because they’re dragons. Even though he most likely haven’t meet most of them.

They’re effectively getting the same treatment back.


i will help her as well.i want throne anyway.i will kill their main shangtians.she can take care of other tangs.


Caihong Book 3 will be strong enough to rival book 3 Ruo tho yea she will ultimately loses according to the author in a straight 1v1.

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I mean rn MC has a dragon in his bedroom.She’s just so sweet.


I’d hate it if we won’t be able to get with Rou if we side on Caihong’s side on this fight because I don’t want morals of revenge get in the way of bedding Rou.


you’ll also have to kill a bunch of commoners (rogue clan) for Ruo’s route, so be prepared to have enemies everywhere if you want to follow his/her route


Idk why but that seems like an easier choice for me (sorry Ai)

@Leonard_Gondola Never met 'em, its fine

I don’t speak only for Ai, your maternal family is also among the rogue clan

So the decision is really easy for you, you just have to go against Caihong and that’s it

yes, that YB just wants to manipulate the MC

No idea, I think the reason you lose the good-looking isn’t because you lose your hair, but rather because your body becomes extremely muscular and grows in size. I think if you choose the longest body size from the beginning and muscular build, you become a mutant xD


Oh yeah, do you lose good looking trait from the Yang pill because it makes you bald?

What if you’re already bald from the character customization while having good looking?

I’m gonna headcanon it as the pill makes you bald and turns your face average. Not even disfiguring it up just makes it a bit ugly if you’re too good looking.


The game is pretty explicit about the changes:

You’re bigger. Taller. Your robes don’t fit anymore, your shoes feel far too small to walk around in. Your face have changed as well: nose grew larger, jaw more protruding and defined, forehead widened at the sides.

I’d imagine you effectively get oni-like face, as befitting of someone tapping into demonic powers.


Sorry, memory ain’t the best and I’m too lazy for another playthrough

I can make her worse

Violence is the fix

Demon queen makes us ugly? As someone who hasn’t gotten to it yet.

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