(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 435k words)

Don’t forget the part where his plans for the restaurant are effectively ruined because his own brother has set him up.


I think you need him alive for the fling.Tho I’m not sure it was a discussion on thé discord

Did @NickyDicky actually confirm that there will be a fling?


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Ain’t there’s an option if we have long che favor we can save him , how t get that favor , gu dude was my piggy bank after his death money only comes from bandits sht only sigh :pensive::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

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Snitch on Mei (Take the Bomb,give it to LC)


Jing Guo always dead in my play through long chen smash his head. I plan to make long chen die excruciating death.

Nobody smack/murder my underling other than me.

Nice, seems my belief in Jing guos restaurant is going to go to waste.

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Romance Mei Mei so you can get top grade pills for cultivation. You’re not truly dedicated unless you’re emotionally manipulative.

Given that a possible goal is to move out of the world I think it is. Use up all the sand in the sandbox to make a sand castle tower of babel.


Imo it’s always nice to have own playground rather than burn it out.

Aa sht looks like no other way , let him die again then :joy:

It’s funny how Aiguo went from pimp to Chad.


Can someone tell me how to get mei mei bodyguard job

When Mei Mei fights LC you need a high enough rel to check on her, and to respect her enough to trust her to handle the situation when you intervene. Then ask wasn’t this what she wanted all along, then pick any option, but the one praising her performance gets you the most points. With a high enough rel shell approach you before the auction to do the fight.

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Because the Spear Twins might only interact with you if you’re Guo’s protector, otherwise ig not.
But it’s just speculation ig we will see how the fling goes.

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Wasnt there supposed to be a scene with Mei Mei if your her enemy? I didnt get it in my game.

Wait I am Guo’s protector but didnt got conversation of the twin, Is It because I let Guo died In battle against LC or I missed something?

Haven’t this spears flings in all my playthrough hmm :face_with_monocle::thinking: might be cause gou piggy bank died :bank::atm:

It’s not implemented in the game yet.
It’s the fling that will Côme after some time.

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