(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 415k words)

So I have to ask cause I feel real fucking stupid, how and where do I access the patreon demo? Cause I got the patreon went to what I thought was it and ended up replaying the public demo like a chump.


scroll down a bit until you see a post about 20th November update, the current pinged link is for testing until next week I think.
Edit: Don’t be afraid to ping mods or niki on the discord if you still having problems.


PMed you. But yeah, text me there or in discord if anything goes wrong.

(it is not btw)

I think I posted a pic above somewhere. Basically, you need to switch from ‘top’ to index/path of martial arts (depending on browser)


I wonder if we don’t use Mei Mei’s evolution pill if we will be able to use it for something else (maybe give it to someone else or use it as evidence against Mei Mei)


When using the downloaded index.html file does anyone know where those files are actually saved to?

As per usual Google seems determined to actively resist my attempts to search up info


I’m sorry, but can you tell me where do i need to make this switch. And wouldn’t it be easier to upload it on dashingdon to view code more easily on the phone.


In the downloads folder, I’d imagine?

Depends on the browser. It should be there somewhere when you open up console.


For certain personal reasons I had to switch from patreon to another platform. and will be posting premium stuff there.

To commemorate the change, I’ll unlock one of the side-stories (about our favorite lizard boi) to the public view =)

Side Story


Unfortunately no.

Dunno where it stores it, it’s definitely not the default path I have set up for downloads, and Windows search function hasn’t worked in like…

Actually I don’t know if it’s ever worked right to find small files like this lol

I run into the same issue/lack of knowledge for the online itch.io version as well


Are you on PC? If yes, then you should have a pop-up when you save a page.

If you don’t, you probably have it set up to automatically save files like this to some folder. You can search the drive for it, I guess?


Sorry I don’t mean to sound pushy and I’m really grateful for your help, but i think you misunderstood me I would like to re-read a particular scene whithout replaying the whole thing and dashingdon is convenient for that you just add “/scenes” to the url and that’s it you can see the whole code ,I don’t want to inpit commands into a console. Another user has suggested a method and while it works it’s a pain to read.


Ahh lmao, my bad


So…Is it possible to update the version on dashingdon aswell ? Because I’d be really grateful.


I think you might be misunderstanding, I’m looking for the save file- the “Quick Save --prologue_1.txt” for example.

Like I said, it’s not saving to the folders I have set-up for that, and the Windows search function didn’t turn anything up.


No matter how many times I have played the patreon version story of the game, my mind is still blown, so u are telling me 1) we beat up our maybe family memeber just for a sect position without knowing in the tourney
2)Our grandfather stopped us unknowingly from receiving that good plot armour that would have made us stronger by now
3)We are learning martial arts which uses inner energy just to keep killing us and is obvious that golden seed can not protect mc from everything and now the only option for us to become stronger is to kill as fast as possible, so basically saying morality is a lie and peace is just bullshit
4)There was no point in this expedition, so who exactly wins in the end if all the tribe got killed by Tang wei to be used as powerboost for the mc and others
5)How on this good earth is long chen still standing, i thought the bomb was just to like maybe cipple him or injure him atleast and didn’t Mei mei say that long chen will use a move second cocoon, throughout the fight he never does it or did i miss something
6)If Ai could shoot water arrows why didn’t she do it during the wolf mission instead of defendng herself like someone that has no idea how to fight, if her arrow can affect a middle houtian why didn’t she use it on the wolves
7)I am still confuse about the fate of the mc’aunt did we get her killed due to us being imprisoned in the he clan or did she got inner energy poison that tang wei was talking about and if so then why does Uncle tao hate us or is there something that i am missing
8)And finally i really just got to ask if jing guo dies by long chen then what happens to the restaurant if we are his business partner, like does the mc become the sole owner of it and still have to fight the propriety or does long chen claim/destroy it as act of retribution against the jing or will jing guo brother take over


I’m a bit concerned about the recent update, author’s vision for the world seems a little bit grand.
I thought the mainstream cultivation ranks would be a next step for the current power system but it completely disregard the latter and establish a new cultivation goals for MC, I’m not saying it will be bad but it kinda reduced the worth and power of the current powerhouses, the mighty no longer seems mighty and the mysterious no longer seems mysterious.
The current setting must also be completely upgraded for the bigger scopes. Our martial arts, which uses Inner Energy, must be modified. New methods of cultivation must appears due to the meridians. New reasons to justify the sheer uselessness of a trash talent MC must also be give out

In short, does the new development excite me ? Yes. Does it also worry me that the author is biting off more than they can chew ? Also yes


Judging from the information we got, the general idea will probably be all the Story will still take place in PoMA’s wasteland. All the threats, enemies and allies will still be the same. Reaching other worlds with different power-levels would be something like a epilogue. I think like that cause Tang Wei said that for MC to be able to travel to other worlds, they will have to kill and consume the entirety of PoMA.
Think of it as a route you can take, not something mandatory.


I don’t think the mc martial arts are gonna be modified like we are already doing that if you consider the option to comprehend them in meditation which I just realized now that all the time comprehending them were useless and from what the author is going with I think they might consider using the golden seed to form our martial arts into a complete set of new ones to learn and practice while learning martial arts from others will also be learned via the seed


I killed long chen using the golden seed I literally made his head explode and he still was alive


I got no idea how to use the golden seed to defeat him, the bomb was what are used but I will play again to try it but is still kinda scary that even the 99999 failures bomb that terrifies people like lei xiwen and tang ruo and killed practically anyone nearby when it is triggered, had no lasting effect on him and he just regenerated and got right up, I blame our grandfather for interfering with Tang wei plans to give us plot armour