(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 415k words)

My bad, seems like I’ve missed a few. Should be working alright now, just refresh the page.

Not sure.

Yes to more fights, probably yes for Long Chen’s brother.

You can! Just need to tweak things a bit.

The checkpoint ones or the these ones?

Aren’t they both hosted by the same person/in the similar state of not being maintained? Also, I think moody’s save system is registration-only

When exactly? If it’s after Tang Wei’s stuff, then that is the end of the public demo.

Have you tried clearing cache/browser storage?


End of the demo. Seems like you caught a version where I uploaded the startup scene from patreon version by mistake, that’s why it tries to take you a scene that doesn’t exist.

Thanks for sharing that. I guess it prevents persistent behavior?


Just wanted to ask if since tang ruo was allowed to challenge the top 1000, will we be allowed to challenge that high if it has been integrated in the game at a go?
Like skipping other fights?


Absolutely loved the update and can’t wait for the finished product, also why I feel like this is a possibility with the master I chose?

POV:My mc after his master the Monkey God tells him the only way for him to get stronger is to pants Yang Bohei in front of the entire sect, yell out “Damn Boi You Kinda Thickkkkkk!” and then proceed to spank him on his rear.


i have ben meaning to ask can you add an option to skip to the latest content because i have restarted the game many times before and i know every scene like the face of my brother and i will understand if you dont add it because after all your game has many variables

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Not really an option, because I’m afraid things will break. PoMA has very convoluted code (which probably needs a rewrite), and I’m afraid skipping things may cause unexpected bugs (god knows there are enough of them already)


They are by the same person and both not under active development but they also aren’t being taken down or anything for the time being, they just won’t get any further development. And yeah Moody’s save system requires a user to sign up and make an account.


What is the best way to get the most money in the game without selling out our clan


Go all in on Perception and read the plants book to maximize the amount of points you get from the mission to collect flowers and exchange the points for money.



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is the stone gambling randomized

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Can you elaborate on this, please.


@nickydicky Dashingdon is not shut down. Steel used actively every one.

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If I could ask what are all the masters that we can pick from are I just played through the patreon demo but I had picked yang Bohai way earlier so I didn’t really get to see nun of the rest


Ma Rin and Chu Aiguo. The other one seems like it’s meant to be a suprise option so I’d rather not say on a public forum.


There’s also the finger master dude Uncle Tao suggested right?


Finally, my pretty boy Xiwen design is now canon. No more delusions.


It’s been there since fucking forever, dumbass

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Finger dude isn’t an option. I think he’ll still teach you the technique or fighting style later on he probably just doesn’t want to take on any full on disciples.


Ah, damn it. Here I was, hoping my baby boy could be finger buddies with him.