(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 372k words)

Fixed :joy:

Yeah, it’s definitely possible, though requires you to know a bit how to distribute your stats/plan around your build.


It does. Well, it works a bit differently now: in the beginning, the values are as you see them (adding 10/20% to 10s does not really change much), but bodytype will help with increasing those attributes after you get to the sect


Is it possible to have weapons and learn weapon styles?

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Main plan is just invest heavily in either strength or agility, then mess around with con and vit to be able to survive tang ruos final burst of damage

Mortal is a thing that requires heavy min maxing


That is unfortunate, gonna have to rethink my build quite a bit then

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Weapons are a no-go, sadly. All the different things/stat checks already make the fights very complicated to write haha.

Actually, from what I seen of @Kungoru playtesting, Intelligence is very important for mortal runs now, as it increases training exp. Then again, I feel like more builds have become viable after this update, esp with the reworked con.

Oh, there’s also super mega ultra broken mortal build (tho I’m not sure whether you can win the tourney with it), but I won’t say what it is :grin:


Bah I’ve forsaken Intelligence since the first post of this game, I shall not waver in my ways of bonk! Pure strength, vitality, and con with regenerator all the way to just straight up be the hulk


Fair :joy:
Well the vit+con build is very good now, I don’t think you can die with it at all - except for insta-death failed stat checks, but those are rare


Lol the Ways of the Bonk!
R (11)


Is con back to helping negate damage by percentage? If so then that probably just means I can go back to ignoring all mental stats again lol (usually used perception to help lower some caps I couldn’t reach in previous runs)

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Since we can’t use weapons, it makes me think of what Damien Wayne said to Blue Beetle in Teen Titans the Judas Contact. Damien “That’s the difference between you and me. You wear a weapon, I am a weapon.”

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Every 10 points in CON reduce all incoming damage by 1. Most things damage you by like 3-5, so 10 CON would reduce that to 2-4, 20 Con to 1-3 etc.

It can’t go below 1 though

Vit works like before, 1 point = 1 hp. So 20 VIT = 30 HP. Couple that with high con, I don’t think there’s damage in the game that kill that (again, except for stat-checks that insta-kill when failed. But the only one I remember is from the patreon demo lol)

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Yep, that’s it haha

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Minor thing I noticed while going through, don’t think that’s the description the failed check is meant to give lol

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Will say I am a bit concerned about some of the stat checks with how exp works now and how mortal players can survive. Because since everything costs way more but some checks are the same, like with getting poison resistance you’d have to find a way to get 1k exp even if you maxed out vit while as a mortal. It’s only possible to get on one of the easier modes


Oh yeah, I’m definitely open to balancing things. Either through lowering check difficulties / increasing EXP.

Would really appreciate feedback from people playing on mortal - the desired difficulty of this mode is to make players think about their builds, use various skills / talents / items, but not restrict them into one or two viable builds.

I’ll think what to do with Mei’s check. Though it’s supposed to be very high / only passable for those who all-in vitality


Honestly, even outside Mortal Difficulty, I’d give a few more days where nothing happens so you get more time to work on your build, in my last few playthrough, there was basically an event almost every day.



That can be arranged


Don’t get me wrong, having a lot of content is great but still need some space in between events IMO.

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Thing with that, I would need to balance it with the overlord mod somehow as I imagine people with peak stats are not really interested in the free roam. Hmm, maybe make them a toggle? ‘Enable more free roam opportunities?’

Idk, need to think about it