(WIP) Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning (Dark, Eastern Fantasy | 207k words)

Yep that’s what i always do though now that i know about the devil outbreak option i’m gonna have to give it a try :slight_smile:

i love tang ruo. :pleading_face: <3 … it’s clear that romancing him will take more time than the others, but just making sure, did anyone get any … special scenes with him? like you can with tigress :eyes: i think the most points i got with him was 63%

We’re not even mutually friendly with him and you’re here expecting the prince of all the people to give us a hot scene? Lmao

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You can void step and assassinate him instantly if you stealth capture one of his men and interrogate him. Even then you can peacefully negotiate with him and the village is essentially free from his grasp


oh i meant any sort of romantic scene in general. but sure, i’m thirsty af

I mean, it’s easy to explain. Tigress simply doesn’t think much of killing. Sure, she can do it while angry, and is pretty passionate about her way of life, but at the end of the day, the act doesn’t mean much to her. Sure, she probably rakes out demonic karma in the process, but that’s it.

But a Devil’s Breakout seems to be about immerging yourself in the violence, and basically inflicting it for its own sake. It’s picking the most painful and cruel path, not because you think you’ll gain an advantage, but because you really want to.

In that respect, a demonic-aligned martial artist could kill hundreds of persons without suffering from a breakout if he’s the kind to be guided by cold, ruthless pragmatism, while an otherwise decent person could lose oneself if pushed into an extreme circumstance (I imagine the most common situation would be some kind of revenge).

As for Tigress specifically, it’s simply possible she never got the raw, visceral desire to gut someone to the point of being submerged by it yet. She’s probably riding a pretty tight rope on that front - for instance, I could see the fight against her in the Tournament triggering a Devil Breakout in slightly tweeked circumstances - but she hasn’t crossed the line. Yet.


A bit unrelated to everything but last night i dreamed that i was playing Path of Martial Arts, and i was managing an updated version of Jing Guo’s restaurant


Ughhh well u do manage the restaurant if u decide to buy half of the restaurant which will earn u some sweet money

Get the pill from mei


Bruh u know that eating pills are not the only way to become stronger, a true chad lives without pills and also if u keep eating those pills won’t the mc get impurities if they don’t have the trait to resist it

The pill she gives the MC is “supposedly” as good as ascending via natural means and is also perfectly safe (probably).

“Not consuming pills from your adorably harmless uwu kitty waifu martial sister whose family is locked in a conflict spanning hundreds of years with yours is total beta male soyboy virgin incel behavior”
-Musashi but he’s a 43-year-old gamer boy and lives in his grandparent’s basement (he hasn’t seen the light of the sun for almost 15 years ever since his ex-waifu Taiga Aisaka cast his love aside and chose that stupid cunt Ryuji over him, he will never forgive them both. He posts horribly written angry rants about why Ryuji should’ve died in episode 1 on Reddit and 4chan to this day).


The game does say that refusing to use any pills will inevitably stunt your growth as a martial artist however at the same time relying on pills too much especially poorly made ones will fill your body with impurities to the point that you won’t be able to grow as a martial artist either.

However the exception are Jade Transcendental Pills which are the highest grade of pills that dont contain any impurities which is the same kind of pill Mei Mei gives you to advance to middle Houtian

And if you have the pristine body trait which is quickly becoming my favorite trait you dont have to worry about impurities at all even from low grade pills it actually makes a big difference in your training as well not having to go running back to the infirmary every week to get rid of impurities


Agreed it’s becoming my favorite as well my character on my mortal playthrough pops pills like candy now. i like to imagine other people watching him train and thinking that guy has a problem :rofl:

When is the next update ?

let’s try not to ask about this, it’s in the community rules