[WiP] Not Your Mother's Shire (Ch. 7b: Chalice in Plunderland)

Again, depends- some ROs it takes me one millisecond to fall in love with lol, but with others, maybe a bit longer? I actually don’t know why myself, but it could be because the character does not relate enough to me, or that there isn’t enough time to get to know the character? lol

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Both were interesting in their own ways. With Myrna, I was hook, line and sinker so went along with things. There was also a part of me interested to see if the budding romance with Vera would have any consequences. Vera being visibly disappointed was a nice touch, I’m wondering if this will be addressed any further at any point?

Whereas with Dorsa, I don’t know. Maybe I just like drama, so if there were some stakes to it with the main potential RO then probably, haha. Overall, Dorsa is a cool character, she could kick my ass and I’d love that for her.

Quick question, do you have an idea at what stage of the story different ROs will progress into a deeper/acknowledged romance (if that’s possible)? If that’s spoilery, I will happily wait to find out in-story.

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Guess if you examine the magic too closely it stops working. Can’t have all the data meters and human plugins I want. Drat. @Mistyleaf123

Bet on it. P.S. she had to be working for someone. I felt actual joy writing her, so I’m glad someone enjoyed her, however short-lived.

I don’t think I’ll have to try too hard to convince you that, on reappearance, she comes with an appropriate amount of trouble. Stay tuned.

Hmm? Point of no return? Ch9: so, after c7c, 8a, 8b. Maybe that seems like a long while. Too slow burn? That will be about midpoint, which for story is actually about 60% of the way through. At that point, you’ll have a complete crew. But there will be open overtures, some in this next chapter. And physical opportunities beforehand, but non-committal. Believe it or not, I’ve been tracking a lot of decisions for later: Myrna sex, threaten Saz on waking, . . . they will all count. In a way, you’re already deciding. @jamelikename

EDIT: Just under 10k words into Ch7c: Polar Hex-press.


I’ve spent the weekend mostly beta-testing Vampire the Masquerade: Out for Blood. I’m trying to do a good job for them, so it’s delaying progress. Just being transparent.

Flipside, I woke up at 4am and realized that Ch.6: Face-Spit Savior? should be The Wizard of "Nah"s. So, that’s what it is now.


Hit 18k words today w Ch7: Polar Express. Hope to finish it by the end of this week or the beginning of next. This will finish the 1st tier of duchy missions.

2nd tier (8a, 8b) will complete the PC voyage across all five duchies. In Ch9, there’s something of a party crisis. In the next 5 chapters (10, 11a, 11b, 11c, and 12), you revisit each duchy, choosing a side and having a final conflict in each. 10 = Coastal. 11a, b, c = Blizzard, Desert, Swamp. 12 = Jungle) Before each, there is a mid-chapter (vacation day) you can spend doing climate specific activities with whichever of the 6 ROs you have around. These will be short (aiming for 5kwords/each) and optional.

Which chapter do you want me to write first?
  • 8a: Hairy Pater. Octo/a, Fogbeard, and Hazmek in the Desert Duchy. Vera/o past.
  • 8b: War-ld of Orc-craft. Zale, Megdura, and Tzob in the Swamp Duchy. Saz past.

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How should I write the second half?
  • Write all the plot chapters first: 10,11a,11b,11c,12 then 10.5,11.5a,11.5b,11.5c,12.5
  • Alternate vacation days with ROs: 10,10.5,11a,11.5a,11b,11.5b,11c,11.5c,12,12.5
  • Finish the whole thing and then circle back for vacation days: 10-12, 13abc, .5s

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13a,b,c will encompass the 5-ish endings. You will only see one of those chapters/playthrough.

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Update: maybe 25k+ words into Ch7c. Barring the unforeseeable, I expect to finish tomorrow or Saturday. Progress slowed midway due to my dividing some time into beta testing.

When I post the chapter, I will close the 8a vs. 8b poll in the previous post but leave the second-half poll up until I’ve either started or finished Ch9, where you start to choose your alignment.

Here is the structure of Ch7c, for those who want it. Cheers!

-Travel to Blizzard Duchy w Saz and Vera
-Arrive at base camp of the Ice Wall which surrounds the duchy
-Overnight stay where you choose a jacket and have an opportunity to barter for an ice dagger @Mistyleaf123 or a pocket goat as an accessory.
-Climb the wall.
-Interrupt Ursal (bear people) manhunt.
-Assist in exchange for directions.
-Separate from Ursal at the border of Yeti territory.
-Discover Trudy is the subject of the manhunt.
-Battle Yeti on a frozen Lake.
-Recover in Cold-ville, reuniting with Willa (elf woman from Ch1)
From here, there are 3 side quests

  1. Deliver the letter to Brr-Brr-a w Saz across dangerous terrain laden w dragon hunters
  2. Negotiate a treaty with a necromancer imprisoned in Elf-catraz to join the Dragonfall with Vera
  3. Deliver stolen goods to the Headmaster of the Citad-elf with Trudy for reward

-Retrieve the armageddon kazoo from an ice pyramid at the behest of Dumbledwarf and decide what to do with it
-Atomic wtf chapter ending
-Establish new base of operations at New Applebrook where Trudy and Llorick become party mainstays, and Phill self-elects as strategic commander of great, no grand, import.


Ok so there’s Phil. Then the horse is Phil 2, MC can be Phil 3 and Phil’s kid will be Phil 4 :joy::ok_hand:

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It’s my favorite that you noticed! Reassures me that people are actually reading. Thanks so much! :horse: :baby: :heart: @Frieza

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