[WiP] Not Your Mother's Shire (c8b: Heart of Dork-ness)

Probably not. Even considering something of that nature would take a degree of trust no one on this wide earth has ever earned from me. Having said that, according to the spectrum, it can be romantic, but just that little description leaves a lot of unknowns about the scenario, and individuals involved.

This is definitely one to be discussed between more than just my one perspective.

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Thank you for sharing; this is helpful. Trying to get it right.

Update: done RO paths for Saz, Yester, Octo/a, and Phill+Melvis. Only Vera/o and Llorick/Llivette remaining for this pass. Total length approaching 390k words; chapter length approaching 40k words. We’re getting there. Preview of c10 heading quote: “Sooner or later, if you keep tempting fate . . . well, fate’s going to put out.” -Phill



Done at just under 50k words, 400k total. Give me a day or two to scrub, and you’ll have your chapter. :turtle: :sloth:

I’m closing the next-chapter poll when I post ch9. So, if you have an opinion, you have until then. :mantelpiece_clock: :no_good_man:

Thank you, everyone, for your patience. :pray: Only three chapters left! :person_fencing: I’ve decided the MC will be stat-locked with perma-death possible.